How to overcome anxiety?

I don’t worry about anything in my life any longer. Initially, I was worried about failing in relationships, grades going down & not making it into any GREAT COLLEGE to do my graduation.
When I was in 10th class, I was worried how I’ll perform in board examinations. Probably that’s the first time we are afraid in life to take exam.

It all started before the examination. By then I didn’t knew how to “score well” in examinations. The only way I knew was to read more as anything could be asked. That’s certainly not the right way to prepare. 

Always remember whenever you are preparing for any examination – if you don’t know “what everyone else know” then you are in great trouble. The first step must be to know & understand what’s “common”. Then the next step is to scale the level of your knowledge & learning. 

What grave mistake I did was ignoring completely “what was common” in order to learn “something” that will give me a sense that I have prepared beyond syllabus. So, my preparation is full-fledged now.

Nothing is in control.


I scored far below my expectations. It was a complete shatter. 

Another idiotic thing I did was NOT GETTING INTO A GREAT COLLEGE. Call it luck, karma, destiny or whatever! 

Yet another mistake was believing heavily in relationships. Always remember, relationships are like strings. They remain intact as long as both parties in relationships wish to keep it tight. Else it shatters apart.

So, in front of my eyes I witnessed everything that I was afraid of & always wanted to avoid. 

That made me let go off the anxiety. That helped me to overcome fear of failure. That made me more humble & embrace the fact that failure is inevitable. You cannot always win.

FORTUNATELY, I had to take the harsh pills of life. They are there for a reason. They made me strong.

I changed my attitude & philosophy towards life.

》I shifted from being wishing an easy life to committing myself to work-hard for the rest of my life. I wake up each day to DO SOMETHING WORTHWHILE. 

》I value time more than anything else now.

》Nothing is in CONTROL. 

I no longer try to control things. They are beyond out controls. Anxiety starts to develop when we begin to force ourselves for results. They are pretty much not in our control. So, better let the things happen the way they would & adjust your sails.

So, now I like to flow with life. Hardly, matters if successes are coming along the way or failures – I don’t lose my calm.

Because I know when I’ll look back at my life 20-30 years from now it will hardly matter.

Just as now it hardly matters how much I scored in 10th, the people who left me when I needed them, the people who betrayed me & the failures I had.

The only thing that remains is what you become. I can here lay emphasis on the fact that I WOULDN’T HAVE GROWN & CHANGED IF I WASN’T FORCED TOO. We hardly embrace 👿 change. So, let the devastating situations help us to take a step back to mend our ways.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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