10 time-tested ways to win over your enemies diplomatically?

10 ways to win over your enemies diplomatically?

In life one always has a fair idea of one’s foes. They are the people who are in search of opportunities to knock you down.

Here are few ways to deal with them diplomatically:

Win Over Enemies.

1. Never disclose your intentions.

Keep it exclusively to yourself your next move. Even don’t engage in back-biting your enemies. Let them have no idea of the fact that you know that they are acting against you.

2. Never act spontaneously.

Just as in life every moment we have a choice to take an action immediately, postpone it or even drop the idea of taking the action itself. Same goes with diplomacy. Whatever decision you take it must be a pre-thought action.

The incitements are often part of the diplomacy to incite you & your reaction to it may only harm you.

3. Become Superman.

The best way to beat your enemies is by becoming extremely stronger than them i.e Superman- undisputed winner.

You can achieve the same in the form of alliances or joining and becoming an active part of the influential groups.

Alternatively, you can also focus on becoming stronger individually.

“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting”. – Sun Tzu , The Art of War

You can only make the above quote by Sun Tzu a reality when you are way stronger than your enemies.

So, improve yourself. Become stronger with each passing day. One day you will reach a state where your enemies will discontinue being hostile towards you.

4. Act as if you are unaffected.

When your enemies try to harm you or malign your reputation then act as if you are unaffected by the incident.

Use symbol of power in your favour. Acting as if you don’t care often keeps your enemies at bay.

Acting in dissent or showing displeasure over their actions only motivates them to repeat such acts.

Try to focus on your work. Work-hard with focus for 14 hours each day. It helps you to negate the effects of your enemies acts against you. As long as you keep delivering overwhelming results your enemies stay demoralised.

5. When to attack?

As Guru Chanakya advices, “Till the enemy’s weakness is known, he should be kept on friendly terms”.

So, the best time to attack your enemies is when you are sure of their defeat & you know their weaknesses.

When you finally decide to attack then don’t be lenient in any way. Close the chapter of your enemy once & for all.

6. Be vigilant.

You must keep yourself updated about happenings in your enemies domain. It will be beneficial to you to reduce the damages and losses due to their lethal attack.

7. Use of meditator.

Some people who may come to sympathise you might in reality have a nexus with your enemies. So, be careful of the sympathisers. They are the sweet-poisons.

8. Use 3Ws against enemy.

Almost all men have the weakness of 3Ws i.e. Wine, Wealth & Women.

So, never hesitate to reap the benefits of these instruments to curb an attack on you by your enemies.

9. Never trust anyone blindly.

Often you must cross-check the people you are surrounded with. They live with you most of the times so they inherently have the potential to harm you the most.

Words never reveal true intentions. So, keep an eye on them. Let this process remain in continuation as usage of “wealth” by your enemy may even turn your close friends into conspirators.

10. Interact rarely.

You must avoid your enemies. Do not interact with them. They must never get an idea of how you think & act, your core philosophies, your close acquaintances, etc.

The best habit to inculcate is to talk about others in normal conversations. Try to exclude mentioning anything about yourself. Remember, less information about you means less lethal the attack & greater  possibility of your victory.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav



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