Why you should not be in any hurry?

Why you should not be in any hurry?

Life is BIG. It is not a sprint race but marathon so you should focus on building a strong foundational base.

## Short-sightedness.

Many a times in order to generate results in short-term we compromise with our learnings. And hence, we do not become very exceptional at something  (*it soon becomes a habit to give only your 60%-70% & not 100%). Many businesses which could have been successful but failed due to lack of patience.

Sustained success is not possible with concrete work. Short-cuts do not yield results in the long-term.

So, work extremely hard with a vision.

## Enjoy the Life.

It is frightening to wake up one day & suddenly realise that we are very close to death, the time for “it” has come . We usually ignore our end almost all the time.

So, don’t chase anything madly. Why should one be in so hurry? Everything will happen at it’s own pace, give time to life~ live it & life will reward you with the most precious intangible gifts.

## Success must be effortless.

Changes in Nature are big but takes place at a very slow rate & hence are noticeable only when observed very carefully. 

Same should be your path to success. It should be effortless, slow but steady, and above all BIG.

P.S. If you will work each single day with passion, overwhelming results will be obtained within few years. Think what could be achieved if it were your part of lifestyle? MASSIVE SUCCESS.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav



Meet the Superman of IIM-A.

Meet the Superman of IIM-A.

IITs & IIMs are the places where passionate folks are shaped into global corporate leaders, visionaries & entrepreneurs.

Some might argue that institutions like IITs & IIMs don’t play any dominant role in moulding the new entrants as they are already talented & hard-working (*hence would anyway succeed without going there). But what people often don’t take into account is “IIMs facilitate a platform whereby these talented people can interact & learn from each other & further their learnings”.

It is the ecosystem in the college that is vital for its students. Rest all is secondary. 

Today, we have, Rohan Jain from IIM- A with us. He is exceptional & knows the art to perfectly strike a balance between his academics, social life & co-curricular activities. He likes to travel & explore the world. Not only this, he is also champion in Badminton. 

Let’s have a closer look to his life:

After Badminton tournament.

Rohan Jain being awarded with Academic Excellence Award at IIT-K.

The story doesn’t ends here. He is quite active on Quora. His answers have so far crossed over 2.5M views.

Rohan Jain on Quora.

So, what’s the secret behind his success? 

Quite often we sugar-coat the secret behind success but it is pure hard-work over a sustained period of time.

The Secret.

So, the message from Rohan Jain to all the youngsters is to never compromise with studies & time left can be utilised to give life to one’s passion.

P.S.1. Never forget your roots, where you come from, the expectations of your family members & close friends, may be, all hope is on you.

P.S.2. I know, there might be many more Supermen at IIMs :))))))

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


3 Best one-time investments for fresh graduates?

3 Best one-time investments for fresh graduates?

Here is a list of 3 one-time best investments that you can make. It will surely help you in your career. The great thing about them is that they would not cost you more than 2000 INR.

#1 Professional Photo.

Professional Pic ~ a must.

It just takes in between 500 INR to 1500 INR to get a professional photo of you from any good studio. 

It is one-time investment. You can use the same photo in your CV, LinkedIn  (& other social networking websites) & even on your blog & your personal website.

#2. Your Personal Blog.

Have your own blog.

If you will look closely you will surely find at least one thing that you love to do. It could be photography, writing, sketching, etc.

What you need to do is to upload all of them on your blog. Who knows someone may visit your blog & may offer you a new job based on your passion? 

#3. Your own Visiting Card.

Visiting Card ~ a must.

It is a must. May not take more than 200-300 INR. It is very useful when you go to events or attend meetings & conferences. It is vital in creating new connections. It will be very useful to you in your mid-career.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


Why entrepreneurship is the ONLY way ahead?

Why entrepreneurship is the ONLY way ahead?

Entrepreneurship is risky but jobs are no longer secure & safe due to technological disruptions, automation, labour market dynamics, etc.

Then why not entrepreneurship?

थोड़ा रिस्क ही सही।

To retain your job you will be have to keep yourself on toes. Equal amount of hard-work may lead to success of your venture.

With the collapse of Socialism, the economies are becoming more Capitalistic. Hence, there will be more inequality & concentration of power & money among the “few”. Few will be the entrepreneurs so you are left with no other choice.

{All around the world the gap between rich & poor is getting wider}.

How can you 3x/4x or 10x your income?

The fastest & the best way is entrepreneurship to multiple your income.

Hence, entrepreneurship is the only way ahead.

##What to do?

There is very little risk in online businesses as the amount of money invested is not very huge. You can easily start an online business in & around 3L INR (1L for initial capital & 2L as working capital for next 1-1.5 years).

So, just learn & start building your online business.


Sooner or later you will develop the traits of entrepreneurs:

Risk-taking (you will no longer be risk-averse & hence your growth will be exponential as it will require you to step outside your comfort zone frequently)

Great Communication Skills: most entrepreneurs are very great at propagating their ideas.

Fear of Rejection: you will never be fearful of rejections. Entrepreneurs try more & hence are rejected more than others. So, you become very good at handling it.

Fear of Failure: you will fail each day in something or the other, so, you will no longer be afraid of failures. All entrepreneurs believe that failures don’t matter but only the successes. So, they only focus on success.

Most people fail in life because of fear of failure & fear of rejection. You will shine because “you are no longer” restricted by these fears.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


Risk-free strategy to get extremely rich.

Risk-free strategy to get extremely rich.

This is going to be a very detailed post & will be keeping it simple so that every reader can grasp it to the fullest.

At the core of the strategy is the idea of building “Assets” so that one can keep the cash flowing in.


Scale up “whatever you do”.

I have been blogging since past 2 years & have written over 1250+ blogs since then. So, it is now very close to a full-fledged website.

Now, next step for me will be to refine, edit & re-edit, add cool pics, etc. to the blog i.e. to give it the final touch.

{I have partnered with NewsDog & UC News, so money will keep flowing even if the traffic on my individual blogs fall}.

{Requires at max. 1 L INR }


Will be re-investing massively in SEO & SMM to increase the traffic on my blog.

Will simultaneously be learning SEO & SMM.

{Requires at max. 1 L INR}

》 Novel.

Novel “She is Not Sister” by Er. Amit Yadav & Er. Renu Chauhan is almost complete. Will be re-editing & refining it for next 1 year. It will be launched by end of 2018.

{Requires at max. 2 Lac}

》Motivational Speaking.

Will be very specifically focusing on Personal Finance as there is no Robert Kiyosaki/Tony Robbins in India. Will occupy this space as there is vacuum.

{I will just need to teach how I created assets & charge for it}

》Campaign for Anti-Suicide.

I have already Self-published my e-book on Amazon Kindle with title “The Ultimate Suicide Guide- 27 Principles to Beat Suicide”.

I’ll just get it re-published with a nice cover & some editing. Will use this to run a campaign on Anti-Suicide in India. If successful, I’ll have sole authority to speak on this subject  (*such things have already been done in the West).

{At max. 25K INR investment}

So, total investment = 4, 25, 000 INR only (no risk at all in monetary terms).

## Returns.

Top bloggers in the country earn 20L per month & even more. So, even if one fails to occupy the top positions one can earn at least 15-20 LPA (*not bad!)

From novel one can earn substantial if it sells well (Passive Income).

If one attains the celebrity status in Personal Finance then one can earn in Crore easily.

So, returns will be very unbelievable! 

## Worst-case-scenario.

I’m also working on start-up India Shouts.

Back-up 1: Even if nothing favourable takes place one can easily get a job in range of 5-10 LPA based on blogging, SEO & SMM experience.

Back-up 2: I am already done with the coaching of Civil Services & I’m an avid reader too. So, in worst-case scenario, I’ll switch to Govt. Sector. I can do so because I’m just 22 right now. And I have another 2-3 years to implement the above strategy.

One can also keep the option of MBA open if one wishes to go in Corporate Sector.

P.S. In this strategy you only need to be very consistent, focused & hard-working. Monetary investment is low but it requires quite a lot efforts from your side.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


What is the best investment you can make @ first job?

What is the best investment you can make @ first job?

## Hire a Personal Assistant.

It is a MUST irrespective of whether you take home 20K p.m. or 2L p.m.

Preferably look for college students & offer in between 3K-5K p.m.

Assign these tasks:

Direct him/her to dig out the details (e-mail, what they are interested in, media reports about them, etc.) of prominent & key-people in your industry.

Assign the Personal Assistant (PA) with the task of “making a proposal” that you can use to pitch for business deals.

Ask the PA to make very impressive ppts.

■ PA’s work should also involve calling for fixing meetings for you with key people in the industry.


#1. You can also delegate some of your office work

#2. The returns would be overwhelming & unbelievable.

#3. You will become an expert on how to direct PA (*must if you wish to hold key positions in any industry)

## What you need to do?

Figure out a service that you can offer to the companies/key peoples as a freelancer or a start-up.

Once you get deals, register a company (*not a big issue).

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


The best advice for fresh graduates.

The best advice for fresh graduates.

The Best Advice.

In this post, I will press on the “importance of cultivating relationships in corporate sector” & how it will help you to grow very rapidly in career.

》 Connections.

The one good news for fresh graduates is that the employees in corporate sector haven’t much invested in the time & money in cultivating relationships across industries.

This is also true for Training & Placement officers in majority of the colleges. They don’t have relevant links in the industry & hence struggle hard to attract companies for campus placements. That is why “consultancy firms” have mushroomed.

So, what’s the lesson?

It shall provide you with great learning opportunities as meeting with folks from diverse industries will enhance your knowledge & broaden your exposure.

Other benefits:

■ It will help you in job change

■ It opens up the avenue to you to work as a consultant (which is quite lucrative)

■ It may give you insights on “what to do next” to succeed.

P.S. 1. No matter if you are a coder, designer, manager or investor ~ cultivate relationships.

P.S.2. There are only two good ways to learn. First is from people & second is reading books (*to learn from people you cannot meet in real).

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


Don’t eulogize tier-3 colleges.

Don’t eulogize tier-3 colleges.

Fact: “Success rate is very-low there”.

Whether the course is engineering, management or any other professional course, the fact is, top colleges offer better opportunities. 

No exposure in tier-3 colleges.

Many newspapers & folks eulogize successful people coming out from tier-3 colleges (nothing bad about it as it inspires the majority of the students in tier-3 colleges to work-hard & realise their dreams).

The point to be noted here is that “those people are self-made” (negligible role of  the college in their success).

Without an exception, they have to go through series of failures. Reasons:

■ No relevant connections

■ No industry exposure

■ No special treatment (“tag” works at many places)

■ Poor faculty & infrastructure at majority of the tier-3 colleges

■ No proper guidance

The another thing to be taken into account is that “no culture of dream”. Folks are very much comfortable with the idea of “just a job” & “just a modest life”.

Life is hard & the only way to realise your dreams is extreme hard-work. May be no other way!

The only good thing ~ you can take risk.

P.S. The only good thing about studying at tier-3 college is that “society expects less from you” & you have not very much to lose & hence you can take adequate risk.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


How to win someone’s confidence?

How to win someone’s confidence?

#1. Show Results.

Show results.

{this is real-stuff}

Anyone is the world will start trusting you once you establish a symmetry between “what you say” & “what you do”.

If you say something & put your 100% efforts in it then slowly & gradually people start to take you seriously. They will begin to depend upon you. That’s how one gets the most responsible position in an organisation or the best-of-the-best deals.

#2. Keep sending personalised messages.

{this is emotional stuff}

Keep sending personalised messages.

You might be working till late night or waking up early. That’s a good sign. But it would be far more better if you could keep your co-runners/partners

/investors/family/friend informed about it. They will know that you are working hard & sooner or later they will support you to the fullest. 

It will also help you in creating a very positive environment around you.

Personalised messages could be:

“We are not going to quit, until we are there!”Or

“At no cost, we are going to quit”.

Never forget that when we are going through the darkness, it’s the connectedness that we feel with others helps us to come out of it. We do need “positive support” in times of our hardships.
So, keep producing results & do not miss out sending personalised messages.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


Why degrees lose shine?

Why degrees lose shine?

Why degrees lose shine?

In real-life degrees can only help you to get to the interview table & at maximum a job.

## Used as a Filter.

Once you are in the job & looking for a change, no one usually cares much about your graduation college & degree because by this time the expectations are in terms of your experience, skill & expertise

So, degrees after few years work as a filter for the recruiters. 

## Poor Back-up.

Degrees are poor back-up.

Degrees do act as a back-up. But that is never a good choice. You can also opt for distance-learning mode. Why should one spend too much efforts & money on things that are very ephemeral? Hence, full-time degree after graduation may be a poor choice.

Degrees lose shine because a business doesn’t runs on “degrees”. Here, the employees & managers are expected to learn & grow as per the industries demand else they are left out. Why would a company hire someone who just has a degree? 

Therefore, be job- ready & not degree ready because you can acquire degrees anytime in life.

P.S.1. Invest heavily on acquiring new skills.

P.S.2. Incentives & promotions in private sector are performance-based so you need to show results.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav