Life lessons @ My mother at 66 by Kamala Das

I have always stepped back for a moment when I get reminded about this poem – My mother at 66″ by Kamala Das.

“I saw my mother, beside me,

Doze, open mouthed, 

her face ashen like that 

Of a corpse”- Kamala Das

I always wondered if only people who could read & comprehend could only become wise. But then I realised that that need not to be the case.

We can learn a lot more by simply observing closely. 

Kamala Das_wiki

“My mother at 66” is such a proof. Was it Kamala Das first to pained to see her mother aging?

Of course, not. We all feel that. We all go through that pain sometimes.

So, Kamala Das just put in words her feelings on paper. May be she thought about it deeply. May be it was difficult for her to let go off the imprint of her mother aging. 

I’m no different. I too feel such pain sometimes. May be that’s human nature. But it inspires me sometimes.

Nature loves renewal & replacement. One day I’ll get replaced & that’s how we give place to younger generations.

There is lot more to learn from nature. It is mysterious & to understand how it works is possible only through deep observations. 

How often do you take out time to observe nature & your surroundings?

In fact, all the life lessons you read in books are derived from nature. Why shouldn’t we observe it if it can change our life completely? 

Don’t read the books if you hate doing that. Don’t listen to anybody if you loathe it.

But observe nature. She is the ultimate teacher.
With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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