Keep your phone aside.

If you wish to be highly productive & super successful in life then keep your phone aside for at least 6 hours (besides sleeping) each day.
Smartphones have become a source of massive distractions.


As you turn on the internet, there are lots of notifications from WhatsApp & from various social media’s.
It becomes irresistible to stop oneself from looking to them.
The better strategy could be checking them at a particular fixed time. Let’s say you fix 7 pm. So, you will reply to all queries & messages at 7 pm. You will not only save lots of your time but your productivity shall enhance greatly.

》Involve in Real-life conversations

There is no replacement to real-life conversations. So, instead of chatting on social networks choose to engage in real-life.

》Energy loss

Most of the energy & time is lost by just surfing from one website to another. So, avoid surfing over internet without a list of “what you shall search for”.

If your phone is becoming an obstacle in your success then keep it aside for major portion of your day. Feel & experience the real life….it’s amazing!

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


Be exemplary.

Apply the rule of 10x in your life.

》10x Rule

Each year increase your performance in every aspect of your life by 10 times.
1 year is sufficient to scale up your performance by factor of 10.

》How to do that?

– First of all get into habit of working-hard.

– If you haven’t yet started working on your dreams then first start writing your daily goals. The next step is to work diligently for 2 hours. Enhance the time you can sit & work with focus for longer hours.

-Slowly & steadily develop the habit of working hard upto 10 hours each day.

》Increase your productivity

Once you have got into habit of working hard for 10 hours each day. Work on improving your productivity. It’s a bad idea to merely increase the time you devote to studies. The much better strategy is to enhance your productivity.
Remember, life is not a sprint but it a Marathon.
So, don’t let go off any day without an ounce of efforts in the direction of your dreams.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺

There is always another chance.

You may get disappointed in life due to setbacks & failures.
In low-moments of your life remind yourself that “You have another chance”.

》 Never regret

That’s one of the basic principles of life. If you fail don’t repent. Instead focus on “what could be done to grab the next opportunity”.
Never be afraid to fail. Sometimes situations will be against you. Wait for the right time. Be patient. Hard-work pays.

》Make a new beginning

Each time you fail show the courage to make a fresh start. Imagine yourself granted a new life. How will you design it? What changes will you make to it? What new would you add to it?
Just make the requisite changes & your life will change incredibly.

》Are you prepared for next chance?

It is of no use if you don’t learn from failures. You will fail again. Success comes only through “incremental changes over a long period of time”.
Work incredibly hard this time in order to grab “the another chance”.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺

“Once” is the reality.

“Once” is the most motivating word you would ever discover.
“Once” signifies the glorious past. When we say India was once “the World Leader” it points to its golden past & may not represent the present conditions.
How often do you encounter people saying- “My grandfather was this…..”? Or “I was once the….”. “Once” is a word that mostly portays a sorry figure for the present situations.
So, the catch here is that ” You don’t wish your past to be golden but PRESENT”.

》Talk about the PRESENT

How well did you do today?
No matter what your past depicts success or failure- it should not come into your way to change your present in order to achieve your dreams in the near future.

》”Once”: Never forget it!

Everything changes. So, don’t get stuck. Don’t get attached to success. Don’t take failures by heart. “Once” reminds us that even stronghold industries can be seen on the verge of extinction.
And on the other hand you can witness new start-ups becoming stronghold in their field.

There are ample opportunities available for you. Just develop & harbour the capabilities that shall allow you to seize them.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺

Entrepreneurial lifestyle of UPSC Aspirants

If you look closely at the lifestyle of UPSC aspirants it matches with that of entrepreneurs.
UPSC aspirants don’t just have to mug up the facts, History,  Geography & allied subjects but have to prepare meticulously for the current affairs.

》Current Affairs

You go to bed & sleep at night & when you wake up in the morning there is a newspaper awaiting for you.
You jump to it to find out what’s there in it for you.
(You don’t read it for amusement but to critically analyse the burning & vital issues of India & the World).
You have to sum up your learnings into a short – notes else you will forget it all in few days.
(You have to keep re-vising them often)

》What is this?

You came across a piece of article you don’t understand & your reaction is like: What’s this?
You search it on Google & browse it in some books to get acquainted with the concept.

》Critically Analyse

You don’t just have to get acquainted with the news. You have to understand the essence of the events, their importance & repercussions.

Isn’t the preparation of UPSC dynamic?
The question paper is directly or indirectly shaped by the events occurring around you. They affect you in some or the other way. But you have to understand their affects & repercussions in order to realise your dream of being an IAS.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺

Ground work for UPSC preparation

How to get your basics cleared before you start preparing meticulously for UPSC?

If you are willing to take coaching in let’s say 6 months from now then start preparing through self-mode.
This is the right time.

》Get interested in the news

Read a newspaper (preferably The Hindu) at least for an hour each day. Focus specially on editorials. The language may not be comprehensible to you if you are going to read it for the first time. It might take around 1-2 months to get comfortable with the style of writing & the language used.

-Watch debates on current issues TV/through YouTube videos

Prefer Lok Sabha & Rajya Sabha TV debates.

》Start with polity

Choose a standard book.
Study the constitution of India thoroughly. It would take around 10-15 days to finish it.
(It is one of the most volatile subject. So, revise it after proper intervals of time)

》Other subjects

-for History surf online (prefer Wikipedia). No need to go in detail. Just read the introduction part & skip whatever you find difficult.

-for Geography just prepare through the maps the location of National Parks & Reservoirs, various natural resources sites in India, famous tourist spots, historical sites, etc.

》Read a magazine each week

Read any 1 good magazine each week. In 6 months you would have read 24 magazines. (Don’t cram the facts & figures. Just get the basic idea of pros & cons of schemes, events/situations, etc. )

》Work upon your habits

Set daily targets for each day & try to achieve them.
Read a lot. Build a habit of reading. It will make your journey ahead smooth.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺

The concept of massive implementation

We are living in an age where information that is thrown at us each day is massive.
It is really imperative to be selective about what you read & process in order to implement it.
The concept behind the same is that today information is available to tremendous amount of people.
What could allow you to get ahead is its implementation.

》How to implement

-Be Selective

Prepare a list of sources to acquire information.
It could be website, magazine or a person.

-Process it

Ask yourself – what’s there in it for me?
How can I utilise this piece of article to improve my life?
Repeat this activity whenever you read something.
Act small. Start by making small changes.
This will allow you to make changes in your habits in the long-term.

》Massive Implementation

Some changes will work in your favour & some against you. Adopt those in your daily life that increase your productivity. Drop all others. After few months of repetition you shall be able to choose best techniques & practices that work in your favour. Once you find them go on implementing them at MASSIVE SCALE.
No, looking backward. Go with them with utmost faith. They shall make you invincible.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺

I edited my pic.

We don’t need editing. We are perfect in the way we are born.

》Get comfortable with your own skin.

We don’t need make up. We need self-confidence.

-Will they approve of me if I wear this?

-What people will say if they see me in this condition?

-What others will perceive if I wear this?

These are futile questions. They don’t need to be answered.
You don’t need to edit your pics to show it to the world.
Even you don’t need to take the snapshots of events. It’s the moment that counts the most. As long as you are enjoying the moment/process- you are complete.

》First Impression

It’s not just by the way you dress. It by your “inner happiness”. Your inner happiness is contagious. The people who are happy from inside don’t try to act in a certain way to win attention. They are happy & keep themselves engaged. So, ultimately they win attention- without any efforts.

》Sense of completion

We experience sense of completion by accepting ourselves fully.
You shall feel complete when you accept yourself fully. You will no longer need to impress anybody.
You will no longer have to “act in a certain way”.
That’s freedom.

Embrace it! Enjoy it!

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺

How can next 5 years make you super-successful?

The common thing between college students & those who do jobs is that we spend 8 hours in college or at workplace.
So, what is the best strategy to become super-successful in next 5 years?

》Next 5 years

-Commit yourself to work-hard at least for 5 hours each day without failing.
-Divide your 5 hours in 2 parts of 2.5-2.5 hours.

》In first 2.5 hours

-Read from/Learn from YouTube videos/Coaching Institutes/Self-learn – the skill sets you wish to learn & acquire the knowledge required.

》In next 2.5 hours

Apply what you learned. If you learned any social media marketing technique apply it.
If you learned how to design a poster- design one for your fb page/profile.
Implement what you learned on daily basis. This way you shall witness yourself growing with each passing day.

Follow this regime for next five years.
You shall achieve tremendous changes & transformations in the way you think & act. And it shall push you to achieve long-lasting success.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺

Tired but passionate.

The road to your dreams is not easy.
It shall exhaust you.
On working towards your dreams you shall face lots of difficulties & challenges.
They shall drain your energy.
They shall make you tired.


Take a nap or sleep like a child. You have worked hard! You need to take adequate sleep. Don’t be sleep deprived.
Instead commit yourself to put your maximum efforts next day.
Success in life isn’t the result of “few days efforts”. It is the result of long-term efforts put in each day.

》Tired but passionate

Just ensure that when you get exhausted- don’t lose your passion.
Get up each day to accomplish your mini-mission.
In the long-term it shall help you in fulfilling your mission of your life.

Remember, if you remain passionate for even one year then too you shall witness tremendous amount of energy to get things done in minimum time frame ignoring all the obstacles.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺