It is just a time-pass: Myth

It is just a time-pass: Myth

People mistakenly use term “time-pass” for some activities and relationships.
How can life be a time-pass?
Your life is just about “your time span on Earth”.
It is limited. It is idiotic if you do something that you regard as “time-pass”.
Because you have limited time, it is very vital that you associate yourself with right people.
It is of utmost importance that you do RIGHT THING FAIRLY-WELL IN FIRST ATTEMPT.
Nothing is “time-pass” in this world.
It is idiotic and shameful to spend time with people and term them as “time-pass”.
Because if you didn’t trusted in the relationship, then you have surely wasted your precious time; you could have invested in building long-lasting relationships.

As far as your work is concerned, if you pursued anything as “time-pass” and without seriousness; it shall never bore any significant result or achievement to your life.
In this age of massive competition, those who shall succeed are the ones who are focused and smart working.

One could have invested the same time in self-introspection, chalking out a plan, or working on something meaningful.
“Time-pass” as some boast about it are unaware of “loses they have incurred owing to the same”.

Life is not a rough work.
Get into habit of doing only things that shall produce “something meaningful” in the long-term.
Realize the value of your life.
Before investing your time be cautious about where you spend it.
If you continually spend time on good activities, the results shall be over-whelming and stunning.
On the other hand, if invested on wrong things, your life shall deteriorate and shall lose its luster.
So, don’t regard any action as “time-pass”.
Let your each action be full of passion, compassion, love and kindness.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


Experience@ First Job: VIVO Mobiles

Experience@ First Job: VIVO Mobiles

This blog post is contributed by Vineet Singh, Trainee Sales Manager, VIVO Mobiles.

Vineet finds his job challenging and exciting.
Despite being from engineering background he chose “Sales Department”, and following his gut-feeling has enabled him to discover his innate knack for “Selling”.
He shares his experience as a Trainee Sales Manager at VIVO Mobiles.

Learning’s @VIVO

Sales department is entrusted with attracting more customers and closing deals.
It is very important to attract more prospective customers because without attracting significant number of customers, sales can never increase.

-PDCA Principle

Planning plays a vital role in sales.
One may go off track without guidelines and a road map.
I offer you one acronym, PDCA that you utilize to keep track on sales.
As the principle of PDCA is based on appraising ones performance and keeping a track on it; it is used widely in sales.

PDCA stands for PLAN, DONE- what you did today (how much sales you could achieve), CHECK your performance (is it satisfactory, good, worse or needs improvement), ACTION- what you will do tomorrow to increase sales acknowledging faults you committed yesterday.
Each day apply PDCA and evaluate your results and performance.
Slowly and gradually your sales will take on.
PDCA holds true for those aspiring to become INTRAPRENEURS.


You cannot sell if you yourself are ignorant about product, its key features, and utilities.
Whenever a customer meeting gets converted into sale, it is by bringing to notice the key features to the customer.
So, get handy with product specifications, features, and utilities.

The environment at VIVO Mobiles is conducive.
The co-workers are friendly and supportive.
It has been a great learning experience so far working as a Trainee Sales Manager @VIVI Mobiles., wishes Vineet Singh Good Luck for his future endeavors.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺

Difference between success and Satisfaction

Difference between Success and Satisfaction

Success is relative.
Success varies from one person to another.
Success is temporary.
(As I iterate again and again that life is about failures.
We fail more often. Even the greatest souls have more failures in their platter as compared to successes).
Many times we succeed in life.
Other times we fail.
But as my experience goes, whenever I had worked hard and stood in front of the mirror I felt satisfied.
I felt like hugging myself.
No matter if those actions later produced results or not.
(In my case, they didn’t).

I remember one incident.
Last year, there was a Motivational Session by Mr. Rakesh Mishra in our college.
He handed to me a Rs 1000 note for answering a question.
I got to the podium to collect that.
But I wasn’t happy that day.
Even I wasn’t happy from few weeks.
One thing was sure, if I couldn’t feel happy that day then it was certain that “WE ARE HAPPY ONLY WHEN OUR ALL AREAS OF LIFE GO WELL”.
That is, we truly feel satisfied and enjoy life when we strike a balance between relationships, health, finances and spirituality.

To quote another event from my life; when I became the External Topper at FGIET in 3rd semester, friends around me were very happy.
We all celebrated together.
But I couldn’t enjoy the same owing to “disaster in one of the other aspect of my life”.
So, what is clear is that I was fortunate enough to achieve “some” small successes along the way but they failed to make me satisfied, happy or overwhelmed.
Satisfaction is what you feel at the end of the day.
There is no point in “achieving a hollow success”.
What gives a real meaning to your life is “satisfaction”.
Sit with an old man talk to him/ spend time with him; you can feel the warmth and love in the eyes.
That’s what satisfaction is.
When I return at home; no matter how was the day, rabbits approach me with excitement and that makes me happy, gives me a sense of “satisfaction”.

I have realized in life that when you start chasing your dreams, you tend to experience satisfaction.
Whenever I achieved the milestone of 100, 200, 300 or more blog posts, I felt happier and satisfied than I could ever.

To be more precise, whenever you “act with your full might”, you shall feel satisfied.
That holds for success too.
For me success is “achieving what you are capable of”.
The greatest source of satisfaction I have discovered is by “LIVING AS IF THERE WILL BE NO TOMORROW”.
No amount of success can leave you with the feeling of “what you feel when you start living your each day as if it were last”.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺

You can achieve SUCCESS by sacrificing your sleep: Myth

You can achieve SUCCESS by sacrificing your sleep: Myth

Life is not a sprint race. It is marathon. For long-term and sustained success, you need DISCIPLINE.
If you go too fast the problem is that after few days you may feel strong aversion to your work.
You may start procrastinating or wish to escape.
The synonyms used frequently for the above situations are Over-worked and EXHAUSTED.
Not having a sound sleep triggers higher stress levels.
There are no quick-fixes to life.
So, sacrificing sleep for few days won’t work.
Improving yourself and installing new habits require time.


If you try to memorize lots of things in one go; you will fail for sure.
Mind needs time to memorize things.
First the information is processed and through repetition it becomes a part of long-term memory.
So, study each day.
Working hard for few days is a myth.
You may achieve few petty successes.
But achieving a long-term success requires patience and hard-work.


We need to recharge and renew ourselves after a few days.
It can be undisturbed sleep for 10-11 hours in a week.
Eating something that makes you happy or interacting with a friend after a long-time.
For me even blogging works.
It re-fuels me.

Make it a habit to make a progress each day in the direction of your dreams.
Achieving dreams is not a cake walk.
It shall require determined actions each day that shall add up to produce stunning and unbelievable results.

-Success is NOT overnight.

You might have come across, “Success is NOT overnight” many times.
This simply means that to achieve something worthy one has to grind day and night.
A BIG success can never be a result of just few days’ labor.
There are lots and lots of practice sessions before you finally make a success in real life.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺

An Incomplete Short- Story :

An Incomplete Short-Story:

Amit, after returning from hospital looked depressed.
Ankita, his wife, asked: “What happened honey? You look faded and sad.
The reports of checkup are out. I have been diagnosed with Cancer.
Doctor told that I may not survive more than few days, replied Amit.
If you leave us, how shall I go ahead in life without you?
Look at your 2 year old daughter.
Nothing can happen to you.
God can never be so cruel to us.
Tears rolled down the soft cheeks of Ankita.
Her world shattered with the news.
Amit felt helpless to comfort her.
The atmosphere of room turned evil and silent.
The souls that once promised to live together felt broken by destiny.
The walking steps of Amit breaks the dead silence of the room.
He opens his journal & starts writing something.
Ankita recalls, how great the journey has been so far with Amit.
She is reminded of his caring and loving attitude
She looks at him & asks herself if he is crazy?
May be few days of his life are left & instead of sharing the pain he is scribbling something.
Ankita sits beside him.
Hey, what’s so important to write even today, she murmured.
Sweetie, just recollecting golden memories of my life with you, said Amit with a grin on his face.
Do you know what I love the most you have ever given me, asked Ankita.
Is that our daughter Ayushi, he said wittingly.
No, it’s the encouragement you gave me to follow my dreams, to stand up for myself, to forgive all those who hurt me, to live each day profusely.
I shall raise my daughter with same air to nurture as you surrounded me with.
He said, I thought our daughter was adorable and cute.
She promptly whispered: Not more than you, ha ha.
She hugged him tightly reminding him of the comfort he felt in her arms.
Amit whispered in her ears, can we go for a walk.
But where you wish me to take?
The place where we met often, when you were young and we were unmarried then, remember?
Oh Amit, are you talking about Dream Park.
Yes, darling, affirming to her said Amit.


With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺

Why you will NOT quit?

Why you will NOT quit?

If you have worked extremely hard and still you fail; you will never quit.
As we say in Hindi, “Ab Bahut Aage Aa Gaya”.
Quitting is possible only in initial phases.
If you have toiled hard, it becomes an obsession to succeed.
Being at the rock-bottom is challenging.
Approximately each day, one faces different difficulties.
When you are caught in the worst situations of your life; you learn something new each day.
These are period of accelerated learning’s.

-Looking for a way out.

Since you have failed miserably; you would look ahead for ways to succeed despite the present circumstances.
You will keep pushing harder; quitting is not an option.
If it were, you wouldn’t have had attempted it in the first place.
You took an attempt and failed.
You are bound to go for second attempt; fiercely this time.

You would have learned the hard way; to keep pushing harder and harder.
You are alert for each and every opportunity to flip from failure to success.


You have already made lots of sacrifices along the way to discover yet another failure.
What you can do?
You are left with no other option than to “sacrifice your sleep, peace and social life” to get breakthrough.

In my opinion if you fail again and again than quitting becomes hard.
You will never settle in life until you realize your dreams.
Remember, frequent failures develop an indomitable spirit to try again.
Once you develop an indomitable spirit to succeed in yourself; no one can stop you from realizing your dreams.
That is how you become “UNSTOPPABLE”.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺

How to achieve success : Gun to the Head

How to achieve success: Gun to the Head

Few days ago, I came across this beautiful idea of “Gun to the Head”.
What would you do if guns are set to your head?
You would do what you are asked for.
You know “what actions” are going to make you a stunning success.
You just have to perform those actions as if gun is set to your head to do them.
You are left with no option.
We fail in life not because we don’t know how to achieve success but because we are unable to create a sense of urgency.

When you succeed at doing things that are inclined to your dreams, eventually you achieve them.
Whenever you feel tired, lack concentration, unwilling to take risk, resting, or procrastinating just imagine “Gun to the Head” demanding “right actions” from you.


It may also continually remind you that “life is short”.
And you have to work religiously for your dreams so that you achieve them soon.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺

How to recieve my love?

How to receive my love?

Each blog post is uploaded “With Great Love”.
The best way to receive love is by giving it.
I am accessible through these blog posts you read.
It is posted with a belief that it is going to “ease your life indirectly”.
Only you can change your life directly.
So, whole responsibility is upon you.
I try to figure out the best “possible solution”.
They may not be “the best” all the times.
I keep learning.
I share with you what I learn each day.
You may be sitting at the other end of the Earth.
But does that matter?

Learn from where ever you can.
Be open to ideas and willing to learn.

-Bitter Truth

You don’t need the best plan to start.
You just need to force yourself to take the first step in re-building your life.
I encourage you to take the first step today in the direction of your dreams.
Another step will appear, don’t bother about it.
As you take the third move, fourth one will appear.
That’s magical.
You may get stuck after few steps, but have faith and patience, the road shall appear out of chaos and darkness.
Likewise if continue putting your efforts despite the obstacles, you will reach at a place you never imagined.

It’s a very weird feeling sitting in front of a laptop and connecting with people.
On the other hand, it’s always a pleasure to know that it is changing your life.
Have Patience!
If you are reading this, I am looking at you with hope; there is a strong feeling that “YOU WILL SUCCEED ONE DAY”.
I have a strong feeling that you are going to rock!
My love is OPEN. (

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺

5 reasons for why you should really listen?

5 reasons for why you should really listen?

When you speak, you tell what you already know.
One of the best ways to learn faster is by listening actively.

-Better Understanding

To develop better understanding about life; listen to what people talk about.
You can learn from ALL (this is true without exception).
You may be travelling, eating at an eatery, you may be walking, wherever you go; you are surrounded by people- and thankfully they are talking.
Listen to them. You don’t need to add anything or correct them.

-Saving Energy

Energy is vital for your growth.
Manage it. Don’t let it get wasted upon meaningless things.
Do not speak anything beyond what is required.

-Long-term memory

What you focus consciously on soon becomes the part of your long-term memory.
By focusing on details of conversation, you can remember it for a longer duration.
When listening, be alert to accept positive things and discard negative ones.
Repeat the conversation in your mind.
You can later use the same in story-telling.
You don’t need to tell it to others but it shall help you in future while taking decisions.

-Connect yourself.

Whatever you listen try to connect it with what you have learned so far.
Can I use anything from this conversation that shall help me to “grow in real life”?
How is this speaker different from you?
Try to catch up with the ideology of the speaker.
If you can extract “ideologies” from conversations going around you; you can discover “ways to simplify your life”.
In seemingly uninteresting and boring conversations “you will discover the secrets of life”.


If you wish to stay calm and cool then listen.
Speaking less helps you to make peace with yourself.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺

How to achieve your dreams: Grow Up

How to achieve your dreams: Grow up

We all are born as a child. The irony of life is that people die as a child.
The solution to most of our problem is simply growing up.

-Don’t argue.

That’s simply a waste of time. Some people have the habit of arguing over anything and everything.
You always need to avoid arguments.

-Don’t complain.

Keep going. Make yourself so strong that you get out from complaining.
Complaining doesn’t reward you.
It takes your time off.
You lose something more precious than “money”, its peace.

-Be focused.

Don’t get swayed by winds of procrastination, adversities, or “I need rest” statements.
Decide today, if you wish to fulfill your dreams or watching them break in front of your eyes.

-Temporary fixes

Don’t go for them.
You can cling to them for short-term but if you stay longer; you may settle in life.
It is better to try and fail than to never try and WISH.

-Conserve your energy.

Don’t waste your time in advising people.
Don’t give a sermon.
Be a staunch hard worker.
Wish ones understand everything from your “actions”.
Not all have the conviction to chase their dreams, to fail again and again, and to make sacrifices.

If you are chasing your dreams, make sure that you conserve your energy and put it into the “actions inclined to your dreams”.
If you feel tired or unenthusiastic at the end of the day, you need to drop doing some activities that drain your energy.
To achieve something extra-ordinary you need to strike with your full might.
Come to the fore.
Don’t be dazzled by someone else’s abilities, you too have that.
Become a person who makes things happen.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺