My 2nd interview of my life held on 20th of January, 2015.
It was under the scheme UNIVERSITY ENTRY SCHEME-25.

The interview panel was cordial.
Questions asked were:
1- About My 10th & 12th percentage.

2- If I played some sports etc?
Answer: I play at home- indoor games.
I play badminton occasionally.
I am an Author so haven’t pursued them much.
I motivate and inspire people.
How you do that?
Through my website: http://www.stayfoolish.in
Why stayfoolish-domain?
Yes, it is named so because i think life is a process, a journey to be enjoyed, lived & shared.So, stay foolish & keep learning.
(I forgot to MENTION at that time that i picked it from “stay hungry, stay foolish”-by Steve Jobs)

3-Technical Question: What is Aliasing, Nyquist rate, & one question that I couldn’t understand ?

4- How you see yourself after 3 years if we select you?
I see myself as an Officer in Indian Army and would help in every possible way to serve the Indian Army.
(Better answer would have been: I see myself living my dream.)
If we don’t select you?
I would try for any other government job & quit that job after 10 years because ultimately the idea is being an entrepreneur and serving the society.
Basically I’m not job-seeker but job-creator.
(Better answer: I would try again & may be we would meet again when I would have fixed my weaknesses and faults.)

5- Do you use any social media?
No. And I don’t recommend people to use it because you have to manage your energy and time efficiently.
I think what people don’t understand is the difference between ACQUAINTANCES and FRIENDS.

Amit Yadav, http://www.stayfoolish.in