My 2nd interview of my life held on 20th of January, 2015.
It was under the scheme UNIVERSITY ENTRY SCHEME-25.

The interview panel was cordial.
Questions asked were:
1- About My 10th & 12th percentage.

2- If I played some sports etc?
Answer: I play at home- indoor games.
I play badminton occasionally.
I am an Author so haven’t pursued them much.
I motivate and inspire people.
How you do that?
Through my website: http://www.stayfoolish.in
Why stayfoolish-domain?
Yes, it is named so because i think life is a process, a journey to be enjoyed, lived & shared.So, stay foolish & keep learning.
(I forgot to MENTION at that time that i picked it from “stay hungry, stay foolish”-by Steve Jobs)

3-Technical Question: What is Aliasing, Nyquist rate, & one question that I couldn’t understand ?

4- How you see yourself after 3 years if we select you?
I see myself as an Officer in Indian Army and would help in every possible way to serve the Indian Army.
(Better answer would have been: I see myself living my dream.)
If we don’t select you?
I would try for any other government job & quit that job after 10 years because ultimately the idea is being an entrepreneur and serving the society.
Basically I’m not job-seeker but job-creator.
(Better answer: I would try again & may be we would meet again when I would have fixed my weaknesses and faults.)

5- Do you use any social media?
No. And I don’t recommend people to use it because you have to manage your energy and time efficiently.
I think what people don’t understand is the difference between ACQUAINTANCES and FRIENDS.

Amit Yadav, http://www.stayfoolish.in


Aren’t we becoming weak?

By allowing ourselves to be the product of situations, don’t we endorse weakness?

We belong to the country that has witnessed Swami Vivekanand.

We are simply making ourselves weak by following what every one else does.
Legends are those who travel a new path and leave a trail. Continue reading