Your LIFE is at stake.

Your LIFE is at stake.

If you don’t enjoy the beauty of each moment of your life, you shall regret living half-fulfilled life in the end.
Accept life as it comes.
Don’t judge situations.
Change them if you don’t like.
Remember, your life is at stake.
If you keep complaining- know that it doesn’t change anything. Decision shall be yours.

–> Demand from life.

The real question is what you demand from your life.
What is it that you expect the most from your life?
Are you willing to put your efforts seamlessly?
Are you willing to sacrifice some of your habits that hinder you from achieving your BEST?
Figure them out.
Work hard.
Stay focused to life.

–> Happiness

It’s the ultimate goal.
Learn to be happy with what you have as you work for better. Real happiness comes from within.
As you make progress towards your dreams, be ethical.

Your life is DREAM.
Few will tell you.
Each moment of your life is precious & needs to be spent on something worthwhile.
Keep moving.
Make life of people around you better.
Try to make your environment healthier.

–> Purpose

Live a purposeful life.
It shall enable you to ignore initial failures in life.
You shall never get stuck in life.
Your life is a BIG project & God is the Project Manager.
So, have indomitable faith that things shall work out.
Have faith in Almighty.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


You can ALWAYS enjoy life.

You can ALWAYS enjoy life.

Life may become hard.
You may run out of money.
Still, you can enjoy life.
In the process to become what you want to be, you have to love & embrace the process.

–> Enjoyment

Starting from a scratch & building something is a long process. You shall come across many ups & downs.
Don’t forget to enjoy so called “small things”.
In the end, they shall be part of your golden & cherished memories. They can be as simple as sitting quietly & having an ice-cream. It may be a tea after long working hours.
It can be the peace & love you feel for yourself when you finish an important task.

–>The fun is Beyond Your Comfort Zone

When you come out of your comfort zone, weird things happen. You experience a new life.
You meet new people.
You experience challenges & situations you never experienced. You witness impossible & unimagined things.
The true beauty of life is experienced when you go outside your comfort zone. You experience bliss in your work.
Your life takes a shift.
You begin to enjoy things you never believed to be funny.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Path Will Appear: Have Faith

Path Will Appear: Have Faith

When we enter a dark room, we aren’t able to see anything.
What happens after few minutes?
Few things become visible.
Same goes for life.
Path shall never be completely fair.
There shall be haze & unclearness.
What you need to do is to take your first step with faith.
As you go on taking steps further the path shall appear.

–> New People

As you traverse a new path, you shall discover people with fresh ideas that you never had access to.
They shall help you to innovate & brim you up with original ideas. Life is short to learn everything from scratch.
You need to invest in people who have spent time on learning & improving themselves.
Form your own community.
Help each other.

–> Have a Pet

The idea may sound funny.
But it’s worthwhile.
You shall feel stuck & stagnant in life.
By merely watching your pets do something valuable shall inspire you too for the same.

As you start living a life with infinite possibilities, you just need to focus on WHAT you wish to accomplish because ‘How to’ shall appear before you magically.

Life is BIG.
You can achieve GREAT things with your relentless work.
Grand success in life is just about ‘STAYING FOCUSED TO YOUR HIGHEST PRIORITY’. The longer you can stay focused, the better the results shall be.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Review of “We’re Corporates” by Sudarsan Nagarajan

Review of “We’re Corporates” by Sudarsan Nagarajan


We're Corporates

It’s a remarkable work by the author.
It’s an inspiring fable.
It describes beautifully the predicament of corporate professionals. Being an engineer, the book touched to the core of my heart. I RATE IT AS 5/5.
It’s a must read for professionals.
It’s a lovely book that throws light on the plight of developers in IT Sector. They are over-burdened with work.
They are often paid less.

The story is about 3 people from corporates.
The main character is Suraj, who joins an IT company after completion of his engineering degree.
He is dedicated & passionate about his work.
He works day in & day out for the company.

Ajay too works in an IT company.
He decides to quit his job.
After making a tough decision of quitting his job, he sits for IBPS.

Meghna is a girl who with lot of difficulties & hard-work completes her engineering degree.
She is cloud nine when she gets recruited in one of the IT Company. But after working day in & day out for the company, she feels stuck. She faces the inhumane treatment from managers.
She decides to leave her job & enjoy with her friends.

Ajay on the other hand, with his efforts clears the IBPS examination. Due to recession, Suraj is terminated from the company.
Due to financial constraints his father starts working as Security Guard at an age after 60.
Suraj feels bad for he worked relentlessly for the company & now he is fired from it.
He decides to do something instead of joining another company. He now aspires to give job to people instead of seeking one. Will he be able to build a company despite of financial constraints? What role shall Ajay & Meghna play in his life?
Can one come out from the trap of corporates?

To know more grab a copy of “We’re Corporates” through the link below:

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav



If you become too much realistic you shall end up becoming mediocre. The logic is when we don’t believe that we deserve to be
extra-ordinary, we don’t work hard relentlessly.
We don’t trust people enough.
We begin to doubt ourselves.
We start playing victim.
We create negative environment & overlook great ideas.
We tend to believe “this idea is impossible” to put to ACTION.

–> Believe in the beauty of Ideas.

Believe in the beauty of implementing ideas.
Always say it might be possible.
Be open to ideas.
Say YES.
We often discard our ideas.
It’s due to lack of faith.
Remember, we all have the potential to convert our ideas into reality. Yes, we all are capable.
But we let our virtue go in vain by being REALISTIC.
We fail to believe in infinite possibilities.
We fail to appreciate the power of ideas.

As they say, don’t make your goals too small.
They don’t have the ability to inspire you.
They don’t have the potential to drive you crazy.
Don’t be too much realistic.
As it leads us to believe that miracles don’t happen.
But they do.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Spiritual Suicide

Spiritual Suicide

If you don’t follow your dreams, you commit spiritual suicide. You let something die inside you.
You let die you your aspirations.
You let die inside you your passion.

If you don’t follow the path of your heart, you shall loathe being at work. You shall hate your life from 9 to 5.

You don’t discover the infinite possibilities you were born with. You don’t discover your potentials.
You fail to imagine life beyond being survival.

You mess up with life.
Life is hard if you don’t follow the path of your heart.
So, whatever may be the circumstances, don’t give upon your dreams. Your life shouldn’t be defined by what others say about you. Your life isn’t about what people assess your potential to be.

–> Following your Heart.

It’s miraculous.
Once you start inclining yourself with your dreams, no pain really hurts. You can ignore the adversities.
You begin to bear pain that once felt impossible.
Sooner or later, you discover a path to materialize your dreams. Life becomes light & enjoyable.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Review of “Love beyond Words” by Himanshika Sharma

Review of “Love beyond Words” by Himanshika Sharma


Love beyond words by Himanshika Sharma

The ‘Love beyond Words’ by Himanshika Sharma is a wonderful read. The best part of the novel is that you can find recent romantic songs. The loving songs touch you with unique experience.
The language is simple yet intriguing.

The story is about Kriti, who suffers from Arthritis.
After finding & losing her first love, Dhruv the life of Kriti changes dramatically.
She feels incompetent due to her illness.
She begins to believe why will someone get in love with her? Until she discover Kunal, who is the coolest guy of her school. She is informed by one of her classmates that Kunal intends to just use her. So, Kriti plans to give a lesson to Kunal for playing on with girls. But she gets to know after a while that Kunal loves her madly. He plans to celebrate her B’day at his place & introduce her to his family. His family agrees for marriage despite her ailments.
After suffering a lot from destiny, Kriti thanks God for her plans. Story takes a turn when Kunal’s grandma meets Kriti & tells her to go away from life of Kunal, reminding her of her illness.
For the sake of Kunal’s love she decides to go away from his life forever. They depart.
5 years later, accidently, they meet again at Chandigarh.
What shall happen now?
The feelings have remained intact.
They still love each other from core of their heart.
Does Kunal know about the conversation between Kriti & his grandma? What will be there next move?

To know more grab a copy of ‘Love beyond Words’ through the link given below:

I rate it as 4.5/ 5.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Sacrifice what you are!

Sacrifice what you are!

Sacrifice “what you are” in order to become “what you want to be”. You may need to change yourself a little to achieve your dreams.

–> Habits

* Hard-work: There is no short-cut to success.
So, if you are not a hard-working person, become one.

* Self-learning: Extra-ordinary & sustained success is possible only when you invest in self-learning.
Buy more books.
Meet new people.
They shall add a tinge of new color to your life.

* Faith: Life is short to play small. You have to trust something in life- your karma, destiny, luck or hard-work.
It shall help you to ignore initial failures in life.
It shall make you unstoppable.
Asking: Ask if you don’t understand. Learning is much more important than getting ridiculed.
So, don’t hesitate to seek assistance or ask a question.

* Give Back: Giving back is vital. Don’t be too greedy about money. It can be earned easily through hard-work.
Giving back is a sign of gratitude you have for millions of people who are behind your success.

–> Procrastination

Get out of the habit of delaying your work.
Do it right NOW.
It’s now or never.

–> Be Positive

Be the center of positive magnetism.
Don’t lose your fragrance as a Human Being.

Don’t use excuses of others to stop you from following your dreams. Work-hard & be always on the path to your dreams.
Be among those few who realize their dreams.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Pain is temporary.

Pain is temporary.

Remember, pain is temporary.
Quitting is permanent.
The journey to extra-ordinary success is NOT EASY.
At times, you may feel like giving up.
Situations may be hard & abandoning an idea may seem a good option. It is necessary that in such tough circumstances you choose “Pain over Quitting”.
Be hopeful.
Nothing bad will happen.
On the other side if you go for “Quitting”, the regret of not following your heart may last long.
You may feel bad for not trying hard.
Failures are inevitable in life.
Giving up your ideas because the road is rigid is not an option. Try hard.
Get up early, stay late.
Do whatever it requires to realize your dreams.
If you wish astounding success in your life, hard work is unavoidable.

–> Don’t Mind

Don’t mind few failures along the way.
Don’t mind hard-work from your part.
Don’t mind working at late night.
Don’t mind some sacrifices.
Don’t mind some uncomfortable instances.

Leave “every comfort” that is presently hindering you from achieving your dreams.
Reject “activities” that serve as an obstacle to your stunning success. Let your actions be inclined to your dreams.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Cracking Competitive Examinations: ‘Supplement’

Cracking Competitive Examinations: ‘Supplement’

Reading is one of the fundamental habits that need to be inculcated to build vital knowledge base.
It might require reading a lot.
It’s difficult to read for longer hours.
The best way is to supplement Reading + YouTube videos.

–> YouTube

When you feel bored after long sessions of reading, take a break. Search the key concepts learned on YouTube.
You will surely get some good videos’ over the requisite topic. Download those which are of 10-15 minutes.
The main advantage of this strategy is that ‘videos’ may offer a different perspective about the subject’.

–> Hobby

You can pursue your hobbies with your studies.
It helps to increase your creativity.
Hobbies act as Mind Exercises.
It provides the refreshment required to resume your studies again.

So, you need to supplement your studies with “something” that can keep you fresh & engaged.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav