3 Places you MUST stay away from.

These are the 3 places you MUST stay away from else you will lose peace of mind:

》Discussion on Religion.

Leave a place immediately if people start talking about religion. The motives of such talks is to seek greatness in the glory of religion or could be vested interests. One might start spilling out ills in other religions.
The prime motive of Religion was to seek God. We all know how many on Earth are going to attain salvation.


3 places you must stay away from.

I’m yet to find people who discuss & practice spirituality . How can they when they are stuck on trivial matters?

Also, what religion is worth if it creates a society in which greed has taken over everything else. What God will you like to turn to & pray when you don’t have a food in the belly?

I always like to mention on religion the quote of Karl Marx – “Religion is opiate of the masses”.

You need to really look into your life & do an analysis if religion is the only thing which you are proud of! (because you inherited it. So, no points to you for that).
How well are you doing in real-life?
Are you satisfied with your current financial situation, relationships, happiness & health?
If not then work on it! Few people lead a happy life & are satisfied at the time of death. Be among those few!


Stay away from filthy talks or people who engage in it. Good intentions are not enough! They must be accompanied by actions. MOST PEOPLE TRY TO INFLUENCE OTHERS THROUGH TALKS – DON’T GET CAUGHT. “No one is that great”, always keep that at the back of your mind.


Discussions on morality & ethics suits only on those who are ethical or moral in their real-life. Still, everyone loves talking about “if others actions were ethical”.

If you wish to live a peaceful life- make your life simple. Don’t complicate it!

To know what’s right or wrong, what’s ethical or unethical – you can realise that via applying your own brain & reading books on those schools of thought. You must also listen to the inner-voice as well.

“No one on this Earth really knows whats going on”.

So, live your life the way you wanted it.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!