Life is certainly not a race. 

Life is certainly not a race. 

Life can be anything but not a race. Life is unpredictable, ever-changing & has different meaning to everyone of us.

You should sit back & relax. Think twice when you find yourself to be a part of the race. Because there is no end to it.

Race for what? 

Suppose a person “A” has 40 years of life but “B” has only 26 years of life. How can both be equal competitor in any race? 

Life is very different for all of us, so, it is useless to be a part of any race.

The better option is to lead a simple yet fulfilling life. 

You can simplify your life to great extent if you:

¬ stop judging people & “let go off the fear that you are being judged” 

¬ stop the mad race to accumulate all the materialistic comforts in the world

¬ stop worrying. Everything is going to be fine in the end

¬ stop buying what you really don’t need.

¬ stop feeling bad about your failures

¬ cultivate patience. It is the need of the hour.

With Great Love, 

Er. Amit Yadav

Why now is the right time to plan year 2018?

Why now is the right time to plan year 2018? 

We are approximately in mid of the year 2017. After 6 months, New Year 2018 will begin. While it may seem far off from now but we’ll be there very soon. So, we must have a plan to make our year 2018 a rockstar year. Here are few tips:

¬ Goals: Right down your goals for year 2018. Integrate it with your current plans so that you have a smooth transition to new year. 

¬ Income: You have 6+12 months i.e. 18 months. So, at least aim to “double your income” or “create a source of passive income” in next 18 months. It is all possible. You just have to LEARN MASSIVELY. 

¬  New Connections: 100+

Connections play a vital role in our lives. At least meet 100+ new like minded people by the end of 2018.

¬ Take a freelance project: now matter how busy you might be, take at least 1 freelance project to make the best use of your weekends. 

¬ Subscribe to an online course: learn something that you find interesting. If you find political science close to your heart then do read about Western Political Thoughts. It will be highly beneficial in coming days.

Be in motion for next 18 months, even if in the end everything cancels out. Who said you have to reach somewhere in life? Be always in transition phase. From one point to another.

With Great Love, 

Er. Amit Yadav

Why you must believe in love? 

Why you must believe in love? 

Niccolo Machiavelli emphasised on understanding the empirical reality of human behaviour. Man is essentially self-interested & self-regarding. But it is true only for people in normal circumstances. 

In case of passions~ love or hatred, the behaviour of people is different. As Brian R. Nelson put it:

“Hatred transports people outside of themselves & causes them not to calculate their self-interest. People who hate are willing to sacrifice even their lives to gain revenge”.

The same applies to a person motivated by love. 

¬ He may not be self-centred & may not always look for profits or gains. 

¬ He would display the quality of sacrifice for the people he loves. 

¬ He will go to any length to secure comfort of loved one’s. 

¬ He may, in general, ne helpful to all. 

¬ He may accept undergoing “pain” for the good of the society. 

But such “good people” may go back to what Machiavelli called “human behaviour”- self-interest, because it is hard to not to except anything in return when you make so many sacrifices for others. One feels what’s the point in being so good when people don’t give a damn to it & continue to be evil towards you?
But for a short-time, when people act in love, it is Heaven on Earth for that period of time.

With Great Love, 

Er. Amit Yadav

Why every hardworker succeeds in the long run? 

Why every hardworker succeeds in the long run? 

Because “all labels/tags” lose their value with time. The reason is simple, surely graduating from a reputed & well-known college helps you a lot in your career but:

¬ if you cleared CAT it means that you are good at Quant, Reasoning, English, etc. but except English other things might not be very essential in real life until you decide to open a coaching centre for CAT preparation (*also Hindi, Tamil, Telugu…. speaking people who have minimal knowledge of English do come up with extraordinary results in life). 

¬ if you cleared IIT-JEE it means that you are good in sciences (esp. PCM) & it will not be very beneficial to you in your life ahead until you decide to stick with science & technology ahead i.e. going for M. Tech /MS/Ph.D

Hence, with time we usually “use little of what we learn” as we change industries or careers. 

So, why hardworkers succeed :

¬ no one is sleeping: people who are in TIER-III colleges also work hard. In life, there is a place for everyone to succeed & not just for engineers or management guys; writers, journalists, film-makers, entrepreneurs, bloggers, thought-leaders, historians, social workers, sportsperson, lawyers, etc. also succeed massively. 

¬ everything can be learned : from coding to communication skills, so, even if one learns the needful in later stage of life, success is inevitable for him/her. 
¬ everyone has an edge: while an engineer might be good at coding, lawyer is at advantageous position when it comes to law of the land. So, in the long run, edge factor balances out if not mastered. 

¬ life is BIG: while someone might have grabbed the opportunities very early in life but some catch them later. 

So, a hardworker who is willing to learn & shows strong determination will succeed irrespective of the circumstances that surround him.

With Great Love, 

Er. Amit Yadav

Why you should have “simple relationships” with others? 

Why you should have “simple relationships” with others? 

Usually we complicate the relationships with others by holding grudges, hating them, having arguments with them, etc. 
It affects our lives to a great extent but it usually goes unnoticed. Like, when you see X person, you feel like punching him, something negative takes you over. So, cultivate the habit to pursue simple relationships with others:

¬ you will not see most people on daily-basis, so have a simple relationship with them. You will meet them for a very short period of time, so, be nice & helpful to them. 

¬ don’t gossip. It is counter-productive. Not only it wastes your time but also it brings no change in the behaviour of  the other person. So, avoid commenting “negatively” on others behind their back. 

¬ be honest. Honesty is the best policy (*yes still). We don’t trust all, don’t we? And our behaviour is different to people whom we trust, like being more helpful to those we trust. 

¬ usually prefer to behave as a professional “when in doubt”. Replicate what others might be doing at that point of time. 

Strictly avoid:

¬ Holding grudges. 

¬ Making unrealistic promises. 

¬ Giving undue favours (*always spot the deserving). 

¬ Explaining why you did something again and again (*explain just once, it is on others to believe in you or not). 

¬ Finding something called “love”. 

With Great Love, 

Er. Amit Yadav

How to find out what you want to do in your life? 

How to find out what you want to do in your life? 

It is very difficult to figure out “how to spend our time on Earth”. It becomes a bit easy to identify “what we want to do” once we are clear on “what we don’t want to do”. 

Write down all the things you hate to do or are not inclined to do or do not find interesting, like in my case:

¬ I hated reading about film celebs so career in Hollywood or Bollywood was ruled out

¬ I didn’t found watching cricket worth my time so gave it up completely (watching as well as reading about it) 

¬ Corporate sector, it was a big no until I got an opportunity to start from some “top position”. 

Then what’s left?

I loved reading & thinking especially about life, relationships, spirituality, etc. So, anything that would entail reading & writing would be “what I really wanted to do in life”. 

So, blogging was my refuge. I also believed in continuous learning & overcoming challenges, so precisely it inspired me to take entrepreneurship.

But there is more to life than figuring out what you want to do in life. It has to has some meaning. How you add meaning to “every second” of your life will define how good & satisfying your life will be. 

With Great Love, 

Er. Amit Yadav

Unfair advantage that UPSC aspirants have over others? 

Unfair advantage that UPSC aspirants have over others? 

There is no dearth of opportunities for serious UPSC aspirants. They shall rock wherever they go that’s why used to term “unfair advantage” though there is nothing unfair about it as it is sheer hardwork.

> Post- graduation: going for post-graduation in your optional subject is very useful. It only complements your preparation. If possible, do apply for part-time PG from IGNOU as the syllabus is also similar to as that of UPSC. You can easily crack UGC-NET for lecturership. It opens up new avenues for you as a lecturer/Assistant Professor. 

> Interview: no matter for what post you apply for, it is always possible that “interviewer may ask you questions related to current affairs”. For others it may become problematic/troublesome but for you it will be scoring. 

> RBI Grade B Officer: prelims is just like banking so no advantage to you in prelims. But in mains you can score well in Economics & GA. 

> Technical Exams: many technical exams have 50% non-tech syllabus so even if you are not very good at technical portion, you can still find your name in final list of selected candidates.

> English: you may never study grammar but due to your habit of reading newspaper daily will improve your English greatly. So, you will be able to attempt even questions of English in competitive examinations with 80% or above accuracy. 

> State Services: they follow different pattern than UPSC as most questions are fact & memory based. But still, syllabus is same so “you can score well in State PSC exams as well”.

> Personality: one gets better at reasoning & conter-balancing the arguments. One also gets good at analysis situations, social impact, problem analysis, finding possible solutions, etc. Such ability is highly valuable in life as well. It shapes you personality. Slowly & gradually, your thinking differs from majority. You become more rational, humble & forgiving.

So, all in all, hardwork never goes in vain. It get reflected in our personality & how we look at life at large.

With Great Love, 

Er. Amit Yadav

The best advice for content strategists ever. 

The best advice for content strategists ever. 

Write unrealistic articles. Yes, you heard it right. No one wants to read “real stuff”. 

“How to clear an examination in 3 months” will attract more views than a post on how to come up with flying colors in the same examination in 2 years. 

How to get rich in 1 year will attract more attention from the readers community than “getting rich in 10 years”. 

Though in real life such “exceptional things happen” as people do clear exams in very less time or get rich in no time. But that is the case with only 1-2% of the people (*anything can happen on a good day) . Hence, quite unrealistic.

Everyone is trying to find a shortcut, the easier way out. So, unrealistic articles have great appeal among the masses.

¬ that is why “Law of Attraction” has popularity. People want to hear that “miracles do take place”. 

¬ a political leader who says “he can change the shape of economy in few months” will garner more votes than a leader who doesn’t promises tall claims. 

¬ people do not want to read “real stuff”, they want to read stories of “1-2% people who got lucky”. 

What you need to do? 

> write about truth & practicality for 80-90% of the times. 
> In between, put “unrealistic posts”. 

Maintain a balance between realistic & unrealistic posts. 

Unrealistic posts do sometimes uplift people by convincing them that their dreams are possible & ushers them to take the first step. 

With Great Love, 

Er. Amit Yadav

How to get promotions @ speed of light? 

How to get promotions @ speed of light? 

Everyone works typically from 9 to 5. To get promotions @ speed of light:
¬ you should spend time beyond office hours to learn & acquire new skills. 

¬ you should connect with others @ speed of light. Be resourceful to others. Try to help others, no matter how small. Social currency is more important than your bank balance.

¬ help out your bosses. How? With your knowledge & suggestions. If you have expertise on any aspect of life like relationships, career, health, etc. then people will flock to you to seek guidance. 

¬ should develop a very pleasing personality. It should get reflected in the way you think, talk & work. Once in the job, your soft-shall play a vital role in your progression in any organisation. 

¬ don’t sit at home on Sunday. Go out & meet new people. Build vital connections.

¬ be exceptional. Do more than required. Enjoy your work. Make it playful. The more you engage, the better will be the results. 

¬ never play in defensive mode (*esp. in early 20s). Take risks, learn as much as you can. Be an workaholic. Be available for work 24*7.

After doing the above things, if you don’t get promotions, leave the organisation you are work in for 🙂 

With Great Love, 

Er. Amit Yadav

Why you should not be terrified to bleed in war? 

Why you should not be terrified to bleed in war?

Warriors are never afraid of wars. Yes, they could be unprepared but “war is essential” for them. They choose to fail & bleed in war than not to fight & give up before the battle. 
Sometimes, in life the bitter defeats do magic on life. 

¬ Scoring 50/100 may save you from being criticised. As a result of which you may keep scoring 55/100, 52/100, 60/100, etc. but never 95/100, 85/100, 92/100.

¬ Scoring 2/100, 5/100, 15/100, etc. hurts & reveals that your level of preparation was very poor. But if you take it positively, it “works miracle for you”. 

Remember, you cannot be victorious in all the wars you fight. But as a warrior, you have to keep fighting till the last breath. In your life it means :

> Pursue your dreams till the last breath 

> Keep failing, learning, improving & growing. A warrior has no destination to reach. He has to keep fighting the battles pre-ordained in his destiny(*life itself is a battle for a warrior). 

> As a warrior, you have to give your 100% each day.

> At the end of the day, do an analysis of your victories & failures. Try to improve upon them each day. Soon you will be able to overcome “your shortcomings”. 

P. S. A warrior never fails in life. He fights hard. He can only fail in the short run. 

With Great Love, 

Er. Amit Yadav