Get handy with technology

Get handy with technology

Technology changes rapidly the way we think and act.
Technological advancements have transformed our lives.
In this age of Internet, it is better to get handy with basics of computer & new evolving technologies.

As per my opinion they are:


Blogging can be used as to tool to share your views and understanding of life globally.
It shall allow you to have online presence.
It is naïve in this Information Age to be absent virtually.

–Personal Website—

A 10 pages website with what you believe the most in.
It shall be great if you can keep the content on your website short & concise. Let it act as an online CV.

–Microsoft Software Package—

Get familiar with Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher (for creating personalized visiting cards), Outlook (to personalize and manage your e-mails) & Microsoft Excel (for maintaining a list of your clients and personal contacts).
It shall help you to get in touch with your clients when you have something exciting to share with them.

–E-mail Etiquettes—

Learn the art of writing engaging and beautiful-mails.
The response you receive depends upon how impressive you write your e-mails. This is the time when most follow ups take place through exchange of e-mails, so, it is really necessary to be able to write remarkable e-mails.

–Social Networks–

Be very cautious about what you share online.
You have a wide audience.
Use it strategically to do something worthwhile.
Use social networking websites with a vision and message.
Use it to get in touch with people of your profession.
This shall allow you to increase your knowledge of your profession by leaps and bounds.

Don’t shy away from technology.
By making use of it you can manage your life in a much better way. You can increase your productivity.
So, learn & get friendly with technological advancements taking place around you.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


What blogging taught me about “Bad days”?

What blogging taught me about “Bad days”?

I have committed myself to writing at least one blog post each day. Sometimes it’s hard to write even one blog post on days that are tough. What I do to save myself from such bad days is: I write more on good days.

—Utilize Spring—

Good days are meant to be for working-hard.
Working-hard to produce more than what you need for the day. The extra produce shall help you to survive in bad times.
The above strategy is used by farmers.
But it is full of wisdom.
So, on a typical good day, I write 3-4 blog posts, but I upload only 2-3, saving 1-2 blog post for bad days when it would be difficult to write a blog post owing to giving attention to unavoidable
interruptions and emergencies.

—Preparation for LIFE—

Same principle can be extended to our life.
To be prepared for tough time in life means that you save some specific amount of money to avoid financial crisis.
You might be preparing for competitive examinations, for a job or working on improving yourself- know that ‘ALL DAYS ARE NOT SAME’. So, it’s better that you work-hard on good days.
It shall compensate for the days when you shall not be able to devote yourself fully to your commitments.


// you return from a party, you are feeling excited and happy. Instead of going for sleep or sharing it on fb and then replying about it in comments; devote your time to your commitments.
You shall feel much better.

// after a long-time you spent time with your family, use that positive energy and satisfaction to push yourself that day to do more than ‘what your daily-task list suggests’.

// whenever unexpected positive things happen to you- it’s the day to do more.

So, the basic concept is to work-hard on days when you are brimmed up with positive vibes.
It’s easy to work-hard on days when you feel splendid.
Allow yourself to make best possible use of good days.
Following the above philosophy shall allow you to accelerate in life much faster.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

The NEXT CHALLENGE: Writing + Reading

The NEXT CHALLENGE: Writing + Reading

I’m committing myself to two things: Reading & Writing.


The New Challenge: writing at least 500 words each day.
It shall take about an hour.


The New Challenge: reading at least 100 pages each day.
It shall require time of about 5 hours.

Total time required for above challenges= 6 hours.

—How much time is left? —

3 months are left before this year ends.
So, by the end of the year, I would have written over 100 blog posts and would have read 9,000 pages (100*90=9,000).
9,000 pages= 36 books of 250 pages each.
36! Isn’t the number fascinating?

—What’s your challenge? —

Break your long term goals into “daily-tasks”.
Just focus completely on finishing up with daily tasks.
With time you will achieve your long-term goals by committing yourself to “daily-tasks”.
Remember, no task is unachievable if we break them into “daily-tasks” & follow it as daily ritual.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

How I wrote 1 lakh words in 5 months

How I wrote 1 lakh words in 5 months

Let’s do some calculations.
I have written around 460 blog posts.
Let us assume that each of the blog post is about 200 words (though most are of over 200 words, even many are ranging from 500-600 words too).
So, the total word count= 460*200=92,000
Isn’t that great!
Let me share the idea I used to achieve the figure of 1 lakh words:

–Whatever is worth doing is worth doing badly—

That’s by Les Brown.
When I started I didn’t knew anything about blogging.
I wanted to improve my writing skills.
I began blogging as a way to improve my writing skills.
So, doing it relentlessly was a good choice.

—Added Benefits—

I received much appreciation from friends and others that has kept me fueled to continue blogging passionately.
Soon, I saw that my blog started getting organic traffic too (that is people searching on Google or Bing, could find me).
It provided me a platform to connect with authors and other bloggers.

—Increased Confidence-level—

As I started writing, I felt that I’m improving.
It was an incredible feeling.
The confidence I gained helped me to continue writing though it was hard in the beginning.

—Expressing myself in a better way—

Now, I realize that I’m able to express myself in a better way. When I write words are like fluid- free flowing.
Emotions are shaped into words.


As I chose to write about all the positive things that I experienced each day, allowing myself to experience positivity in my life.


I made it a commitment to write at least a blog post each day. I made it a daily ritual.
As Les Brown puts, “People are afraid to make commitments because COMMITMENT AMONG MANY THINGS MEAN NO EXCUSE ARE ACCEPTABLE”.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Your worth is $ 2bn

Your worth is $ 2bn

Did you ever try calculating your worth?
It’s $ 2bn.
Or it might be even more.
Thinking how?
Let say someone asks you to give one of your body organ in exchange of $ 2bn, will accept the offer?
So, your worth is immeasurable.
You are unique and have infinite potential.
The potential of mind is beyond imagination.

—You are awesome—

You are awesome creation of God.
You are simply priceless.
Never ever feel let down by anyone.
You are versatile.
You have hidden talents; you just have to discover those talents. Once you start working on your talents, you become unbeatable. You become unstoppable & the course of your life goes upside down. From a lazy person, you get transformed into active and energetic person. The transformation is possible only when you realize your worth. It becomes possible when you begin to believe in your potential. You discover new paths that never appeared due to lack of faith in self.

—-Do things that matter—-

Make a priority list.
As you have understood your worth, don’t do filthy things.
Dedicate your life for a larger vision & purpose.
Start doing what you always wished to do.
Remember, if you are not playing at edge, you are risk-averse. You are capable of doing more than you can ever imagine.
I don’t know what your dreams are but know that they are possible.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

How to remain happy always?

How to remain happy always?

I was in 9th class, my English teacher randomly asked in the class: Who among you all considers your life to be bed of roses?
I was the only one who rose the hand up.
She asked me: Why?
I replied, because I have been fortunate enough that my life hasn’t thrown at me any adversities in life so far. I love my life. (Let the truth be told till that time I hadn’t faced any rejection or failure. Everything was going pretty good in life).
I grew up. Situations changed swiftly.
I have witnessed 5 back to back letdowns in my life over the past 4 years. It was tough.
Life became unpredictable.
I wasn’t sure about how long the darkness shall prevail.
I wasn’t sure when things shall smoothen for me.
That was the time that changed the course of my history.
I began reading a lot of books to discover solutions to my life. I began reading quotes from famous personalities.
I started applying what they said.
I saved money to buy books that promised to change my life.
I read them.
After reading self-help books for over a year, I realized that nothing had changed in my life.
So, I switched to reading & applying principles thought in the books. I knew I have to make a big shift in the way I live my life. By failing over and over again by applying the principles I had read in self-help books, I discovered “how to be happy always”.

I share them with you all today:

–Never expect anything from anybody.

Expectations hurt.
Always keep in mind that whatever you need or expect from this life-you can always have them with your own efforts.
You need a big car, just work hard to get it.

–Have a pet.

They fill you with positivity.
Whenever I enter my room, two rabbits I keep, come near to me, they accept me equally for my failures as well as successes.


I’m not much interested in what others are doing.
I try to keep a close watch on my actions.
What am I doing?
What am I thinking?
It’s immaterial what other think of you.
What matters is just what you think about yourself.

–I’m going to die

Each day I recall that- life is temporary.
It shuns away all my fears & keeps me in present most of the time. I no longer look to past or think about future.
I’m born when I wake up & die when I go to sleep.
I live my life on each day basis with some goals to accomplish each day, to laugh each day, to do what I love to do each day & so on.

The best way to live a happy life is by knowing that you are going to die. In that way you can enjoy your life to the fullest.

–15,000 days

Our time on this planet is limited.
I have just 15,000 days to go.
That creates a sense of urgency to do what makes me happy.
I never fear to take risks because- we all die one day, it’s not by living longer that we adore our life but by living healthy & well. I want to make best possible use of my each day God presents to me.


Be open to failures.
Failures are inevitable in life.
Allow people to enter & exit from your life smoothly.
Don’t force them to be in your life.
Don’t be radical about ideas and your opinions.
Be open to others ideas & their ideologies.

Above all don’t take life seriously.
It’s damn temporary.

With Great Love,

Er, Amit Yadav

I’m becoming Minimalist The concept of ‘NEW RICH’

I’m becoming Minimalist: The concept of ‘NEW RICH’

Having LESS is the NEW RICH.
This is age of massive distraction where “what you may not need” may be portrayed by commercials as “useful”.
These mesmerizing advertisements may pull you to buy what’s in vogue. We often buy things & clutter them in the house that we rarely use. Accumulation of too much materialistic things eats away your precious time. You buy more clothes; you need to wash more (or to give them for laundry). You have more clothes, so more confusion over what to wear.
You have made accounts over multiple social networking websites; you have to visit each of them occasionally.
You keep more than one SIM; you have to recharge them at proper intervals. You have enormous amount of friends; you have to give time to each of them. So, get yourself out from the mad race of “MORE”.
Ask anybody what they want?
The reply you receive is a big house, a big car and there seems no termination point to their needs.
Where are you heading to?
We work-hard more to acquire more materialistic things.
To get more busy with things that complex our life.
So, next time you go to a market, be cautious about what you buy. Ask yourself do I really need it?

–You can INVEST the money saved

Invest on 4 things: Food, Book, Relationships and Service.
Let your diets involve more veggie and fruits. Never shy from investing in what you eat. Simply eat better. Eat less but in multiple servings after certain intervals.
Books can help you in shaping your attitude. A good book can revolutionize the way you think and act.
We exist to help each other grow. Follow this simple principle- help if you can, may be you are the only hope for that person.
(Make sure that you don’t expect anything in return, else it will hurt).
Keep aside some money to launch ventures that shall help to solve some problems of society.
As Gandhi ji said, “There is enough for everybody’s need, but not enough for anybody’s greed”.
As you simplify your life being a minimalist you shall have more time to spend with family & to do what you love to do.
It shall be a life-changing experience for you.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Review of “I Will Never Find Another You” by Kumar Kaustubh

Review of “I Will Never Find Another You” by Kumar Kaustubh


I Will Never Find Another You by Kumar Kaustubh

‘I Will Never Find Another You’ by Kumar Kaustubh is a touching love story. At some points ‘I Will Never Find Another You’ will leave you giggling and at another you may be touched by its romanticism.
The narration is simple and the language flows like fluid till the end. So, it keeps you engaging without much effort.
It’s a romantic ride without breaks.
It is studded with ample romantic poetries.

–> Moments from ‘I Will Never Find Another You’

“There is no difference between man and chameleon. Both change their color with the situation.”

“Never expressed love is not love; it is just an illusion of being in love. If you love someone madly, convey it otherwise it may be too late”.

–> The Story

The story is about Kumar Karan, in short KK, who after breakup from his girlfriend, Sara, is upset and tries to find solace in singing & aspires to be a famous rock star.
Karan is egoist & short-tempered.
Her mom insists her to accompany her to viilage, Devpur, Bihar for Karan’s cousin’s marriage.
In the beginning he is hesitant but after the breakup, to chin up his mother, he says yes.
7 days at Devpur change the course of his life.
He gets transformed into a caring and loving person by his beloved Vandana. Vandana is the desi-girl that had a crush on Karan since childhood. In childhood days they played with together, but as Karan moved to Jamshedpur, he almost forgot about her.
The 7 days at Devpur are filled with romance & chit-chats between Karan & Vandana.
These 7 days@ Devpur serve as the foundation of new life to Karan. He receives a call from K-series for an album.
Inspiration from Vandana helps Karan to launch a song on YouTube that becomes a sensation & he turns out to be rock start.
He is called for an interview by RJ Shabby.
In spite of success, will the love story of Karan & Vandana be successful? To know more grab a copy of ‘I Will Never Find Another You’ by Kumar Kaustubh through the link below:

Strong Points: Starting is very intriguing. Use of simple language eases ones to experience the love story much better.
“Thank you God for blessing me with Vandana.
I love you Vandana.”
Keeps popping after end of each chapter & one may start enjoying it soon.

Weak Points: The story at times become monotonous & lacks twists and turns.

Ratings: I rate it as 3.5/5

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

People will surprise you!

People will surprise you!

We often complain about relationships in life.
We often tend to believe that people don’t reciprocate- its Kalyug now. How can you expect help from someone who looks at your doorstep with twinkling eyes to receive some guidance & assistance?
The rule is simple, its law of Nature, you help others; you receive back in abundance, though not necessarily from the people who you uplift.
Have a strong faith that people become a success with their own dedication & hard-work.
We all are just intermediaries to each other’s success.
We can only lend our hand at times.
We can sometimes fill people with kind words.
In words of Randy Pausch, “Wait long enough and people will surprise and impress you. When you are pissed off at somebody, and you’re angry at them, you just haven’t given them enough time. Just give them a little more time- and they’ll almost always impress you.”

–> Do people help Unknown?

Yes, they do.
I can tell that from my own experience.
What only matters how you ask for it from them.
The way you ask determines if they shall turn up or not.

–> How to connect with people?

Speak the truth.
That’s the best way to get connected to people.
Remember, you carry a story.
Not an ordinary story but its unique.
If you tell your true story, people shall feel comfortable confiding their own story to you.
Jon Snoddy affirms, “In the end, people will show you their good side. Almost everybody has a good side. Just keep waiting. It will come out.”
Be optimistic about life and people.
Life is a bitch that always surprises and so do people!

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Just Start: Don’t Compare!

Just Start: Don’t Compare!

We all wish to do many things.
We think about ‘the wish list’ and our next action is to research. Let’s say you wish to start blogging.
What happens next is you search some blogs online, visit them & take into account their characteristics.
What one says after that is- look gosh! They have good command over language, they have a good camera, they have money to invest in blogging, and they have good internet connectivity, & so on. Congratulations! You have found hundreds of reasons for not starting blogging. So, what is clear is that when you start be sure not to make comparisons. It is obvious that in initial days your work may not make a good impression. How can you imagine a master-piece without initial practice sessions? Practice involves lots of hours of writing.
It requires 1-2 years hard-work before your work is valued.

–> It’s the BEGINNING.

Everyone started at some point.
As Les Brown says, “Whatever is worth doing is worth doing badly”. If you don’t know how to do something do it badly.
That’s how you shall grow.
That’s how you shall learn.
Don’t be afraid to be ridiculed or look different.
We don’t escalate in life because we don’t start doing what’s required owing to ‘people will see me doing it badly’.

–> I’m not prepared.

No God’s messenger is going to knock your head and say- you are prepared. Your conditions shall never be just right.
You may postpone ‘what you wish to do’ to next week, then to next month, then to next year, & years get past and you lose the necessity to do it.
So, create urgency to things you wish to do.
And just start!

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav