KLASS- A Man Is Lifeless Without A Passion In His Life!

KLASS – A Man Is Lifeless Without A Passion In His Life!

By Prita Yadav



It’s an interesting read & leaves you spellbound with events ranging from moments of utter shock to joyous & fun time with pals.

It takes you back to the cherished memories of your school.

It’s a story about Jolene Jordan in short Jo, who receives unkindest of words like “whore” at an age of 5 from his father Kelvin Jordon when she didn’t understood what “whore” could mean.

Kelvin preferred “boy” over a girl.

She was admitted to KLASS, a dream sports school for many.

But Jo regards it as an opportunity to humiliate his father.

Jo has decided to get deliberately “expelled from KLASS”, so she is witty with pranks & troubles teachers at KLASS through her rude behaviour, performance & I-don’t-care-attitude.

She is blessed & fortunate to have a caring roomi tejaswee, in short teju, who is a bookworm.

Teju is a girl with no friends. She received attention only during examination times.

Jo is bold but often lost in her own world until she gets in love with KLASS and friends it offered.

Since Jo has decided not to befriend anyone at KLASS, so you can typically enjoy lot of moments of “mind-your-own-business”.

Most consider her as a girl with “attitude”.

But she soon becomes close friends with Teju, Nikhil, Ankit & Yogesh.

They turn out to accept her in “the way she was”.

The life seems beautiful at KLASS but on her birthday Jo receives an unexpected call.

She predicts it to be of her mother, Rino, who never missed to call her at her birthdays.

Life falls apart when she receives the news of death of her mother on her birthday.

Her life takes a U-turn when she gets to know that Angus Jordon shall be at KLASS to pick her up soon.

She is shocked to know her class teacher was a close friend of Rino & Angus.

Her life welcomes another shock by letting her know that Angus & Rino loved each other.

She scratches her mind constantly to understand why Rino would marry a bastard like Kelvin.

She is still in trauma for loss of his mother, Rino.

Angus takes a proposal to Jo to be her father.

As he had lost Rino- the love of life & don’t want to lose her daughter.

Will Jo accept Angus as father?

Will Jo be back at KLASS?

Will Jo meet again her friends at KLASS?

To know more, please experience an awesome read of KLASS.

The story is filled with pranks, jokes, gossips, flirts, infatuations & moments of laughter.

It shall leave you nostalgic with KLASS.

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About  Author:

Prita Yadav is author of KLASS- A Man Is Lifeless Without A Passion In His Life!

She is passionate about sports especially hockey.

She has represented Maharastra State in hockey.

She is working on her second book which is on its way to bang in the market soon!

To contact Prita, email her at prita.yadav87@gmail.com

You can also get in touch with her through her fb fan page:


With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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