How to ensure that bad things don’t happen to you?

How to ensure that bad things don’t happen to you?

□ Focus on what could go wrong.

Whenever you make a plan it won’t be 100% foolproof & your task is to make it 100% foolproof by fixing “what could go wrong”.

If you are working on a long-term project  ( your dreams) then you have to take into account all the aspects of your project: the stakeholders involved, funds, efforts required, etc.

Quick-guide to ensure bad things don’t happen to you-

> Keep a part of fund aside for being used in contingency.

> 2nd line of leadership is a MUST. What if the top-leadees of your project quit in between? In absence of 2nd line of leadership, you will not only miss the deadline but your project may fail miserably.

> Start & achieve early. There are many things that can go wrong in life. So, it is always better to work-hard sincerely all the time.

□ Now, focus on what could go right.

It will help you to stay motivated & passionate about your goals.

□ If things still go wrong…

Even if something bad happens to you then also look it as an opportunity because a failure or two cannot mark the end of your dreams. You MUST fight for your dreams till the last breath. It is unlikely that failures are going to stay for long if you keep trying.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


What is the biggest advantage of being born in India?

What is the biggest advantage of being born in India?

□ Opportunities are everywhere. 

India is a developing country & it is not difficult to identify problems here. You can start in any industry & with experience & hardwork you can make true difference in the lives of millions of people.

~ Education: much more needs to be done in Education sector in India. The education has become defunct in playing it’s role & hence offers a great opportunity to you to step in. You can start your journey as an educator by a YouTube channel dedicated to practical learning.

~ Business: possibilities are immense for entrepreneurs. If you can provide any cost-effective solution to the problems faced by common people in India then you will surely make huge profit. Large population in India is job-centric & there has been little entrepreneurship activities. So, future is very optimistic for entrepreneurs.

~ Literacy: Literacy rate is still not as high as in developed countries. So, if you can read & write, you have an edge over others. Digital literacy is also very less & hence it places you at a comparative advantage if you are digitally literate.

~ English: as per trusted reports, only less than 10% of the population can speak & understand English. So, if you can speak & understand English, you have an edge over others as English has become a global language for communication.

You just have to take care of 1 thing i.e. enter early in any industry & give your 100%. Learn at massive scale. You are bound to succeed.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Mother is an asset.

Mother is an asset.

We value money. We work-hard for it. Sometimes even 14-16 hours per day. Often in the mad race to mint money & get famous we neglect someone very close to us. Someone who cares for us. Someone who is an epitome of selfless love & sacrifice. She is the one who brought us into this world.

We shall remain indebted to her for everything she did for us. But let’s take a pledge to be a reason for a smile on her face.

□ When she is Alive.

She takes care of you selflessly. She is your best emotional support. Her presence empowers you.

Whenever we are tired, devoid of motivation & helpless; she is the one to whom we approach for solace. Isn’t it magical that she cannot change things for us but her presence gives us power to stand again. When her magical words, “Beta, give it a one more try” strikes our ears, we become ready to take up all the challenges.

□ When in memories.

Even when she is gone, her memories remain vivid & guides us. Her words still give us the strength to face devastating situations with firmness.

By the end of life, when you will look back, you will find “your mother was the biggest asset you had”. It was not money, fame & luxury.

So, never forget to give her the time & attention she deserves while she is alive.

Sacrifice money, wealth & luxury but not her.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Why you must engage more?

Why you must engage more?

More engagement results into more learnings. 

“What you don’t know, you cannot use”.

Life is very big especially if you are young. There is lot to learn. In the long run your accumulated knowledge, understanding & skills will decide your destiny. So, you must engage more in order to learn more.

□ If you don’t know how to file an RTI, you cannot do it when needed  (*you will have to first learn it~ will take your couple of hours).

□ If you don’t know how to file a case in District Consumer Forum, you will have to learn about it (*will eat your couple of hours).

□ If you don’t know how to launch your products & services & get instant attention then you will have to struggle a lot in dividing your time between product development & marketing.

So, the really important question is “when to do all this?”.

~ after office hours EACH DAY.

The sooner you learn, the better it will be. The more you postpone the worse it will get.

If you want to be dynamic then frequent engagement is MUST. It will make your job easier, no matter what you do because pleasing personality has its own advantages.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

5 signs that show you are in Mission – mode.

5 signs that show you are in Mission-mode.

□ Necessary & limited conversations.

One of the visible sign that you are in mission mode in life is that you don’t extend the conversations beyond it is necessary. You keep away from gossips, extra-talk, lengthy informal talks, etc.

It is always advisable to hold short talks with acquaintances & complete strangers. 

In-depth conversations are only appropriate for close friends & family members. Having short conversations saves your time & helps you to focus on work at hand.

□ You say “No”.

When we are in mission-mode, we push harder & try to achieve our targets on time. It is not possible without saying “no” to some weekend get-togethers, meet-ups & parties. You are ready to make some sacrifices & it is a clear sign that you are committed to your targets.

□ You take “short-breaks”.

You do not rest for longer period of intervals. You only take short-breaks & get back to work as soon as possible. You seem to work most of the time in the day.

□ You avoid distractions.

You are busy with your work & avoid checking up unnecessarily e-mails & your social media profiles. You can be found waking up early & working till late night. You avoid “anything” other than the task at hand.

□ You seem to be absorbed.

You seem to be pre-occupied in your work. One can easily point out a person who is absorbed in his work. Not a big deal!

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

How to file an RTI?

How to file an RTI?

In today’s time one must know how to file an RTI. RTI allows you to seek information from public authorities. It increases the transparency in the governance & administration. 

If you are below poverty line then you don’t have to pay anything. Else you have to pay an amount of 10 INR or more depending upon the format in which the information has been sought. 

To file an RTI just follow the below steps:

1. Search on Google India “File an RTI” & click on the url that ends with

Or simply log on to:

2. Click on “Submit Request”.

3. Select from the drop down menu the concerned Ministry & then the Department from which you seek information. 

4. Fill up the details. Be careful while writing the text of RTI Request Application. 

Only alphabets A-Z a-z, no. 0-9 and special characters, .- ()/:&\% are allowed. 

Note: Question Mark ? is NOT allowed. 

5. Proceed for payments.

6. After this you will receive a registration no. via SMS & e-mail. You can use it to Track your RTI.

That’s it. It is as simple as that!

With Great Love,
Er. Amit Yadav

What is inevitable in future?

What is inevitable in future?

□ All members of the family will work. 

Everyone wants to grab the best of the best opportunities. Everyone wants to fulfill his/her desires & aspirations. Fulfillment invariably requires resources at disposal. Also, the material basic needs are getting expensive with each passing day be it house, car, clothing, food, etc.

So, contrary to the past when it was the responsibility of the single-member in the family to take care of all other members, now, due to inflation & burden on limited resources, all members of the family will have to work.

□ Still, may not be sufficient.

Though all the members of the family may work but the total income of the family still may not be sufficient to meet the desires & aspirations of the individual members.

It was the demand of the time that joint family changed into the nuclear family. Now, the time has come for “individual earning, individual spending” even in the nuclear families. 

□ Life will be hard.

Only few will be able to get out of the trap because “starting line gap” in near future will see increasing trend & then the gap will become so huge that only few will dare to attempt to bridge the gap.

In future, hard work is inevitable. More than that the challenge would be to stay relevant. Only hard work cannot ensure success, you have to be remain “with time”.

Challenges will be more on relationship & health fronts but the only way to balance life is through hard work with a vision.

□ Time will be an issue. 

I think it is understandable by all unanimously. 

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

How to keep the group alive?

How to keep the group alive?

The most vital thing for a group to continue is its value & vision. The group ceases to exist if the values of the group are violated. 

What one thing that can never be downgraded in case of a group is the contribution of individual members. 

□ Throw out.

If you want that the group keeps on growing & functioning then you have to ensure just one thing~ “throwing out of the group the members who are non-performing”.

At times, the existence of the group will be threatened. In those cases sacrifices will be needed on part of the individual members of the group. Those who shy away from making genuine sacrifices should be thrown out from the group in near future. 

Also, keep a track of individuals who show unwillingness to carry forward the legacy of the group. Watch out for group members who don’t share the same values as that of the group because their presence in the long run is detrimental to the growth of the group.

Remember, sacrifice is a must for a group to exist & keep it running.

□ Reward.

The work & contribution of the individuals should be recognised. They must be appreciated & there must be a system of incentives to them. It will motivate them to keep working hard for what the group stands for.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Why tomorrow should be great again?

Why tomorrow should be great again?

You cannot build a great life on ruins of golden past. A glory of past is of no use to you. It has no value. So, focus on making your tomorrow great again.

May be today was a bad day for you. May be nothing good happened today. But it is going to pass. It will be a past in few hours. 

The great thing is that tomorrow will be a new day & you will again have an opportunity to try again.

□ Accumulated Hard-work.

Dreams take time. It is the accumulated hard work each day that results into great success. Grand success is never overnight. So, wake up each day to fulfill your quota of hard work.

□ Learn from the past but live in present. 

Past is a great place to visit to learn but never a good place to stay. Learn from the past but live in present to ensure that your tomorrow is GREAT.

Your future will look bright as long as you keep up with time. Hard work pays off undoubtedly. The only thing is that sometimes it takes more time than expected. Have patience. That’s the key to sustained & extraordinary success.

□ You deserve a better tomorrow.

If you are hard-working, sincere & dedicated then you deserve a better tomorrow irrespective of your present knowledge, background & circumstances. Just maintain the momentum you will reach there in no time.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

How to prepare a future reading list?

How to prepare a future reading list?

Suppose you are an employee in an MNC but you wish to start your own company in future, let’s say 5 years from now.

How to do that? You first need to acquire the basic know how of the industry & then research for the market conditions for your product. 

While Googling you will come across many good articles but the problem could be:

~ they might be too technical & hence uncomprehensible to you

~ lengthy & you cannot afford to give 20 minutes of your time right now

The good approach could be to use “Pocket App” & save the article for reading it later on.

It also allows you to:

~ save article

~ video links

Benefits : within a year you will have a very comprehensive list of articles & videos to refer to. This will ensure that you know “what to read” when you have time. Else you will keep on browsing from one website to another without learning anything significantly.

My reading list looks like:

I also save articles which I would like to read again because some articles are worth reading again!

P.S. Your future reading list should be inclined to your long-term goal.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav