What is the impact of an exemplary performance on your surrounding?

What is the impact of an exemplary performance on your surrounding?

□ It energises the environment.

It fills the environment with positivity. It inspires others to be passionate & dedicated towards their work. It uplifts those undergoing bad phase of life & experiencing dip in self-confidence.

□ It’s memorable!

The person who delivers extraordinary performance is never forgotten by the people who have witnessed his/her performance. He/She will truly be remembered as “Uss Jaisa Banda/Bandi Nahi Dekha/Dekhi” which translates loosely as “Haven’t yet seen a person like him/her”.

So, even after you would have moved to a new place, people will keep appreciating your work.

□ Optimum Growth.

It helps others to break off their hindrances & to start imagining & working for a dream life. The secret of life is “imagining a good life”. Only it can instill the confidence in us to fly high. And it is easy to maintain high-level of confidence when you are surrounded by great people.

□ Humanity shines.

Exemplary performance is all about serving humanity. When we go out of our comfort zone to help others, the victory is of humanity. It shines, smiles & spreads far & wide.

In order to make an organisation lively, exuberant & rocking, it is a MUST to have few people who are not afraid to be exemplary! 

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav



How to ensure that you don’t fail miserably?

How to ensure that you don’t fail miserably?

Failures are inevitable in life but massive failures can always be avoided in life.

Life is generally depicted by a sinusoidal wave representing ups & downs in life. But if you will look at the lives of Great men in History you will find that they failed a lot initially but then they grew by leaps & bounds. In later life, they minimised their failures. How was that possible? 

The reason is simple, they concentrated on laying a strong foundational base. So, when they succeeded in life, it was near-permanent.

□ Strong Foundational Base.

A strong foundational base ensures that you don’t fail miserably. Most people in their downs lose everything they gained in their good times.

So, instead of focusing only on success, focus on building a strong base by adding one brick each day to the foundation.


~ you won’t fail miserably

~ your success will be sustained one & not momentarily

~ you chances of becoming a legend enhances

~ your confidence will boost up as you will become strong from inner

As Richard Marcinko said,

“The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in combat”.

Therefore, just focus on developing a concrete foundational base so that on it sustained success can rest.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


Why Internet still offers immense opportunities? 

Why Internet still offers immense opportunities?

Internet is dominated by information but slowly & gradually informal aspects of life are also finding place on the Internet. In real-life, most of the time our conversations are informal rather than being formal. The same trend is picking up in the virtual world of Internet as well.

~ There is so much distorted content available on Internet  (& it is read by large no. of people) because only intellectuals refer to standard & good sources of information over Internet. Majority likes to read skewed opinions over issues. People like to verify what they know & hate reading what they don’t believe to be true.

Due to this, many News-related websites have come up & are also making fortunes.

~ Entertainment: 

People have now getting addicted to YouTube channels, websites with funny & entertaining articles, short stories in Regional languages, animated videos, etc.

Many websites offering the above services have mushroomed in a very short time. Gladly they are making huge profits.

□ Guidance-related websites: Earlier it was very difficult to get an online payment for the services rendered but due to proliferation of smartphone & reach of Internet connectivity among the youths, online transactions see an upward trend. 

It has led to success of consultation websites; legal consultation, career consultation, etc. & even online psychological counselling!

□ Based on Real-life stories: many websites have came up with the idea of sharing positive stories of people, their relationships, struggles, etc. & have met with success.

So, what you need to do to succeed in content-based website domain is finding out:

~ which informal aspect of real-life is still missing.

~ how you can provide an enabling platform for the same.

~ the platform should be UGC-based (User-Generated Content) as it will require less efforts from you.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


How to groom your personality?

How to groom your personality?

It has been validated by many renowned researches that “personality can be groomed through training”. Personality development is a life-long process. So, the best method is by self-training.

□ Empathy.

Most of us do not show considerable empathy in personality. The only way to develop this trait is by “putting yourself in other’s shoe & imagining their lives”. Life may be a mild struggle for you but for some it might be extremely hard.

To develop this trait:

~ Watch documentaries on social & economical evils/issues like poverty, dowry, caste system, prostitution, human trafficking, etc.

~ Imagine yourself stripped of Education & property you own. Now, the trauma you experience is exactly the daily-life scenario of the people in the lower strata of the society.

~ Always remember, life is a constant struggle. More so at the bottom.

□ “Burning Desire” to do something.

Life-long “Burning Desire” can only come from “realisation” of the problems in the society. When we look at the problems of the society & can truly feel it or become the victim of the system of the society then we tend to develop a vision. It is only then we realise that “only our efforts can bring some change”. Why some change? Because for big changes we require more hands. We require more people to be part of our mission.

Just as when we go on from one failure to another but we refuse to give up then what comes into picture is the burning desire to succeed. It keeps us going irrespective of the troubles/risks/pains.

□ Developing a vision.

Have you ever noticed that all people with pleasing personality have a vision? We instantly begin to admire a person who is visionary.

But the real question is how to become a visionary?

~ Read a lot. Read good books & magazine. Doubt them. Examine them critically. Try to find out why, how & where.

~ Read about great leaders & their thoughts.

~ Try to predict future. Based on History it can be predicted in which direction the society is headed to. You need not to be right all the times but your predictions must be supported by facts, thoughts & assumptions.

Above all, be patient  (one of the most sought after personality trait) as it will take time to polish your personality. It is not going to be overnight. Try & try again.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


The biggest life hack no one told you about?

The biggest life hack no one told you about?

The fastest way to achieve success is by DOING RIGHT THING AT RIGHT TIME. But we generally are unaware of the “right time” & hence fail to make the best possible use of our “right time”. 

□ Right time for friendship.

It is graduation. The good friends you make in your graduation time will remain for long. Once you step into professional life, people will be nice to you but you will find it hard to “have a single real-friend” from your whole 30-35 years of career. Remember, connections don’t help in times of crisis. 

So, you need to:

> As a general principle, do twice of what others do for you.

> Be humble & don’t disrespect anybody

> Do 100 times of what your batchmates do for you (*it is one-time opportunity for whole life)

> Don’t be money-minded in graduation

□ Right time for making money.

It begins after completion of graduation & extends till you are alive.

> Focus on your career exclusively for 5 years after graduation.

> Save your time. Spend it on massive learning, skilling yourself & keeping yourself updated about the happenings around the world.

> Be good to all people but usually don’t go out of your comfort zone for majority of them. Be choosy. Step out of your comfort zone only for “exceptionally good people”.

□ Right time for learning.

Always. You must be passionate to learn 24×7 whenever you are awake.

□ Right time to retire.

50s. By this time you should have figured out a way to make a living by doing what you love to do.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


Why you shouldn’t care about people who hurt you?

Why you shouldn’t care about people who hurt you?

Because you can always replace people. Why should you remain with people who hurt you?

□ Move on: you can always find better people. Life is big, so, you have lots of time to meet better human beings. Discard not-so-good people from your life.

□ Few Good People: you don’t require thousands of friends to lead a happy life. You just require “few good & caring friends” who can stand with you in times of crisis.

□ First be exceptional: you will not receive any support if if you don’t help others. Giving back is receiving. See yourself as service-oriented person & you will undoubtedly will receive lots of love & affection back from people.

□ Deserving is the condition: when you are phenomenal then you should associate only with deserving people. Your time is very previous, so, how can it be worth spending with crooks?

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


How to perform exceptionally well at FGIET?

How to perform exceptionally well at FGIET?

Whenever you feel low, you can go to Polytechnic ground.

FGIET is not a very old institution & hence it is in the transition phase. I would define FGIET as an institution in the making & will surely be one of the best colleges in the country owing to its alumni (will touch on this again at the end of this post, be patient!).

Undoubtedly, the infrastructure is not at par with other colleges, few of the faculties don’t teach well, ….if we go on counting the problems, there are many.

Recently I visited the college to collect my degree (owing to my interview of AAI ATC on 27th March 2017) & found the new white block in place. It was a sight of relief. Library has been upgraded  (*much better than our times).

When I entered in college (2012), I realised that it was a self-financed institute (& sometimes used to get funds from govt.). So, it mainly runs on the fee that we pay. That way it is clear that administration of the fgiet has to be responsible to its students (& believe me they are!).

In the first week of our college, one Sir came to greet us in the classroom & he wrote his mobile number & Director Sir’s number on the blackboard & told us that he & Director Sir were available to us 24×7 in case of any need & assistance.

I noted down the number of Director Sir & later on saved it in my contact list.

□ In the first semester, my roommate had to visit his hometown due to an emergency & warden Sir was not allowing him & asked him to get the permission from the Director Sir. I was suddenly reminded about that day. I called on Director Sir’s number & told him the problem. He said, come to my home & get it signed. Then I had sent my roomie with the application & it was signed by him & therefore he was allowed to leave to his hometown.

□ Warden Sir used to come to our Hostel at late nights & would call all of us & would shout. It was around 11: 45 pm. I was of the opinion that “enough is enough” as he said, “tum sab se acchi toh vaishyaain hoti hai” which translates to English as “even prostitutes are better than you all”. He further justified his stand by saying that prostitutes perform their duty with utmost dedication.

So, I made a call to Director Sir at late night & he picked it up. Without disclosing my name I said that I’m not going to tolerate such behaviour & would file an FIR if he repeats such a behaviour. Since that day for a week warden Sir didn’t entered into the Hostel & after that there was no repetition of such behaviour by him.

Further I would like to add that warden Sir was undoubtedly supportive, caring & helpful but the only problem with him was that he was of the opinion of using violence “for what he believed in”. He did gave money to many students to buy black shoe, tie, etc.

Later in life, I learned that one should not take things personally (*as when warden Sir was saying something, he was referring to all the hostel-dwellers & not personally to me).

□ It was the 3rd semester, when I topped the ECE department with highest external marks. “External Topper” was a term used to refer to me. Some used to call it luck by chance, some believed it was the result of hardwork & many never gave a thought to it. But since I didn’t believed in marks so I chose a very different path for myself later on. Due to this single event of my life (“External Topper”), many faculties used to support me & give me good internals.

□ I wanted to get my section changed from EC-A to EC- B due to personal reasons  (*I didn’t knew if it were possible but met the Director Sir & he agreed). Soon, I was transferred to EC-B. It marked a beginning of new phase in my life.

□ I soon found that the lateral-entry students were looked down upon by others. It was totally wrong. To be brutally honest, I found all the lateral-entry students to be more helpful, supportive & caring than others {kindly stop this shit with them}.

I got all the support & love from the FGIET administration. Not only that, many faculties also used to support me full-heartedly in all my endeavours.

So, I would like you to re-focus on what best you can do while being at FGIET. Ultimately, FGIET is nothing but a group of people ~ administration, faculties& students. How this group can function the best? Certainly not without cooperation.

Now getting back to “why fgiet will soon figure out on top India’s Engineering college’s map soon” is because of its alumni.

The interview on 27th March:

Board B-3:

Anita Sharma Ma’am

Deeksha Gupta Ma’am

Sakshi Panchal

Amit Yadav

We all were from FGIET. During voice test, the candidate before me (one candidate has to wait outside the room for his turn & the conversations inside are loud enough that you can listen to them) said in his introduction that he did his B. Tech from FGIET in ECE & was presently working as Assistant Teacher at Rae Bareli. Then the one of the panelist got angry. He said, why there are so many students from FGIET? It was an All India Exam & it indicates to some sort of cheating.

Come on, I felt proud. Nothing could be a better compliment. The performance of the FGIET was so exceptional that it made one of the panelist to believe that it was the result cheating!

Later on conversing with that candidate I got to know that he was our senior  (2010 pass-out).

A quick guide on what to do at FGIET:

~ You are a part of Dr APJ AKTU fraternity. So, your graduation marks won’t help you much in your life ahead. Take some risk. Attend the lectures of faculties that you like, rest you can skip. Some marks deducted here & there won’t change the path of your life.

~ In my time, there were students who were studious & were serious about career since 2nd year. Find them & be with them. Of course, you need not to enjoy with them & for enjoyment you can associate yourself to a different group. But being in company of a studios group will help you to a great extent.

~ Start Early. I wanted to make a career in writing industry so started working for it since 2014. Remember, no one can beat a person who never gives up. I have improved my writing skills since then. I feel confident in expressing myself. So, choose one thing & go after it like a crazy person.

~ You will meet many self-centred & egoistic people. Forgive them. Probably, that’s the only way out. Focus on MASSIVE SUCCESS.

~ Engage more. Go out, discover & know others. No matter wherever you go, you will find people. So, better you “learn” how to get things done as a team. If you could get exceptional at that, you will be successful in life, for sure.

I find life to be the best teacher. Your presence at FGIET is for 4 years, try to make it memorable. More than money you are giving 4 years of your time here. Ensure it to be a great experience here at FGIET.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


What to do if your friend unfriends you on fb?

What to do if your friend unfriends you on fb?

□ If he/she is a very close friend.

We usually don’t require any ground to talk to a very close friend. We can shout, howl or can behave in any crazy manner, it doesn’t matters much. Sooner or later the things will get resolved.

So, you must surely approach your friend in person & should enquire “what went wrong”. It will save the relationship.

□ If he/she is not a close friend.

Ignore. Behave as if you don’t know that you have been “unfriend”ed over fb. You are hardly going to meet that person in real-life, may be once or twice, why create a scene out of it then? Better let it pass silently. It is not going to change your life dramatically. 

□ Why did you unfriend me?

You shouldn’t be interested in knowing this if he/she is not a very close friend. People have their own reasons. Sometimes they may be genuine but most of the time it would be idiotic. So, it is always better to ignore. Why should you get into any sort of drama?

Always avoid dramas in life as you have “many other important things to do”. So, focus & fly high.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


Do not cling to what comes easily.

Do not cling to what comes easily.

Dreams are never easy. To be successful in life is hard. To be happy in life is harder. So, for something better you always have to sacrifice what is easy. Only then you achieve what is “unbelievable”.

Most often people cling to easy things. They don’t go out of their comfort zones & hence never discover what was possible for them. The only way to fulfil your dreams is by not clinging to what comes easily to you.

Remember, good is enemy of great.

~ Job : you need to do a job that is challenging. Many people get a job, quite easily & hence get stuck in it. They don’t try hard for better opportunities.

~ Relationships : most people don’t put efforts in cultivating relationships. So, they have relationships which are of kind “easy come, easy go”.

~ Goals: there is no fun in setting a very easy goal & achieving it. Easy goals don’t motivate us. They fail to produce spark in us. Hence, doing easy is running the risk of losing out on our dreams.

Stop doing what’s easy. Switch to hard things in life. Life will become easier with each passing day. It will become lighter & you will start enjoying it.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


Review of “How Roland Rolls” by Jim Carrey.

Review of “How Roland Rolls” by Jim Carrey.

Jim Carrey needs no introduction. His creation “How Roland Rolls” is marvelous. It’s very creative & the story deals with Roland~ a wave.

Roland is scared of coasts as he was told that waves end up as they hit the coasts just the same way as we all are scared of something or the other thing in life because we were told to be. Roland meets Shimmer. Life takes a positive turn. Love seems to envelope them.

But then….

Their fear becomes real. Yes, the coast. ..

What shall happen next?

Will Roland keep rolling?

Will the life of Roland & Shimmer will end?

To know more, buy your copy of “How Roland Rolls” from the link below:

The story is about separation, loneliness & magic.
□ Life Lessons:

~ If you keep rolling, you will get what you want, your dreams & goals will be fulfilled.

To quote from “How Roland Rolls”

If you think you are just one little wave……you’re just wrong”

“How Roland Rolls” ends with a very inspiring message which you cannot afford to miss.

□ What I liked about “How Roland Rolls”:

~ the positive & inspiring message

~ quick-read

~ illustrations are really phenomenal

□ What I didn’t liked:

It’s expensive priced close to 700 INR.

With Great Love,
Er. Amit Yadav