What you should do in 2017?

What you should do in 2017?

Let there be growth.

New Year is the time of resolutions. Besides making new resolutions for New Year 2017, you must also know what you need to do in your life.

## In Business/Career/Life.

Go only where there is growth. Be it making choice about the business segment, industry, your career & even relationships.

■ Suppose you start your career as a driver. Surely, your salary will increase with time. But there is no scope of promotion, learning something new, knowledge enhancement, or skill-upgradation (*as you will probably remain a driver till the end). So, don’t make blind-end choices in life.

■ It doesn’t matters from where you start at, what you do ( something big or small) but the only point to be kept in mind is “growth”. If there are fair chances of growth then don’t think about it~ go ahead. With time you will be a champion.

Happy New Year 2017.

With the onset of 2017, eliminate everything that is devoid of growth. Of course, except family & friends. Let 2017 be an year of tremendous growth in your life!

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav



How to flush shit out of your life in 2017?

​How to flush shit out of your life in 2017?

Flush shit out of your life.

Your life might be a mess. This is the right time to flush shit out of your life. Shit could be in the form of bad habits, people, material possessions inhibiting spiritual growth, etc.

Primarily, you need to let go off “idiots” from your life:

## Keep Idiots out.

If someone is not hard-working, responsible, reliable then such a person needs not to be a part of your life. Your life will continue to be a mess if you keep people who are negative in your life.
They are very harmful as they induce the same fears & insecurities in you that inhibited them from following their dreams. Flush them out of your life.

## Have short conversations.

Have long conversations with friends & family only.

We waste huge time in useless conversations. Be very specific & short in conversations this year (*except family & friends). Speak less & listen more. It will increase your learnings by manifolds.

## Say No.

Say “No” to everything except your top priorities.

Say “No” to requests that are unfavourable to you. You have limited time. So, turn down most requests humbly & focus exclusively on your top-most priority.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


Why dreams are possible for teens?

Why dreams are possible for teens?

Wake up! Your dreams are possible.

No matter if a teen has worked hard in the past or not, the day he/she decides & commits to work hard in the direction of dreams, it would be a reality soon.


== Next 50 years.

Remain positive. You have next 50 years!

Teens still have at least another 50 years to make their dreams become a reality. It is huge! 

■ You can learn whatever you wish to. There is sufficient time.

■ You can develop the skills which you require for the fulfilment of your dreams.

■ You can collect the resources which are must for your success.

Since you have a lot of time so you can experiment ~ fail, learn & apply. This is an edge. Those in late 30s & 40s have lots of responsibilities & so cannot take as much risk as you can.

Smile. Live. Enjoy.

Your chances to succeed are extremely high if you commit to work hard for long-term. There is nothing that can stop you! Your dreams will be a reality.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


Aim for being a partner rather than an employee.

Aim for being a partner rather than an employee.

Become a partner.

It takes a decade or more to raise an ordinary company to a brand. It requires huge capital, varieties of skills & time.

The easiest path in life is to become an employee. You just need to get a degree & some skills.

But think beyond that…. that is becoming a partner.

## Start a small company.

Start a small company. Your products or services should be of such quality that Big Brands become your clients. They will take your goods & services in bulk. That’s an advantage. Also, such partnerships are long-term in nature if you continue to provide high quality goods & services at competitive price.

## Buy a franchise.

Be a partner.

If you are business minded but don’t have skills, human resource, knowledge & expertise of running a business then franchise is the best option. You will get a share of profit & it involves less risk as the operation procedures are standardised by the brand. They will also train you. You just have to take care of the “sales”.

The good thing is that you are relieved of the most of the headaches. Hence, it won’t require your much attention & time therefore allowing you to do “something else” as well.

## Benefits.

– Partners get to meet with the top-brass of the company on a regular basis. Hence, huge scope of learning.

– Employees don’t get much opportunities except in the form of foreign travels, business events & meets, etc.

– You can earn more with less work.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


You need “time” to be successful.

​You need “time” to be successful.

Make the best possible use of your time.

Even if you are very talented, young & very dynamic then too it takes time to be really successful if you are starting from zero.

Some people succeed early in life because:

(i) of exposure  (*from family members, friends, teachers, mentors, etc.).

(ii) finding something one loves at an early age.

(iii) being focused to “one big goal” since childhood (like my Uncle is an army officer (or Engineer, Lawyer, IAS, etc.) & I want to be that one day.

Improvements in life require “time”.

Else, success is time-taking.

♢ If you are good in writing, you cannot write 10 books in an year without degrading the quality. It is a step-by-step process. One book in every 1-3 years.

♢ Entrepreneurs venture into new businesses step-by-step. Expansion of business also requires time.

So, becoming rich involves “doing the right thing again & again”. 

Have patience.

Success in life requires time to renovate, get skilled, build a team, fix the issues in business & life, understand business & human behaviour, etc. Hence, be patient because if you are on right path with tunnel focus & determination ~ success will be yours sooner or later.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


Your job doesn’t proves that you are SMART.

Your job doesn’t proves that you are SMART.

Your job doesn’t indicates your Smartness.

Your job cannot decide whether you are smart or not.

Job is a very small part of life~ at max 1/3rd of the life.
Though the importance of your job cannot be ignored or ruled out completely but it is also not the everything.

So, don’t use it as a parameter of success. What you do besides your job is more important. 

## Relationships.

Recall the last time you smiled?

How you conduct yourself in relationships determines level of happiness in your life. If you are surrounded by happy & optimist people then it makes you cheery automatically. 

## Enjoyment.

Enjoy your life.

Earning million dollars is a waste if you don’t enjoy your life. What money can do when you are sad? Nothing. You can sit in a 5-star restaurant but that doesn’t helps in diminishing your sadness.

## Family.

At the end of the day the most satisfying thing is to find your family happy. It is possible only when the environment of your family is very positive & caring. It requires your time, attention & love to make your family space lively.

{You must know how to crack few jokes when around them :)}

## Satisfaction.

Are you satisfied in your life?

Satisfaction comes from doing what you love to do. Life is hard when you do “what you hate” to earn a living. It can never be a source of satisfaction except when you receive your pay-cheque every month.

P.S. Don’t flaunt about your job & paycheck. Look beneath, are you having fun in your life?

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


How CEOs get the finest details?

How CEOs get the finest details?

CEOs~ source of infos.

## Top Executives.


CEOs are surrounded by the top executives of the company. He/she keeps  on receiving infos from them. They directly report to him/her. Since, CEOs remain in touch with the smart & the best of the best employees so they get the “finest details” from them.

## Meetings with CEOs.

CEO of one company meets with CEOs of other companies in business events, investors meets, conferences, etc. They not only share business ideas with each other but also “new trends” in their industry.

This helps CEOs to keep up with the trends in the industry.

## Understand This.

They remain in touch with “best of the best” in person.

CEOs of big companies keep in touch with top experts, analysts, commentators, etc.

So, they are personally in touch with people whose article you read in newspapers or people whom you see on T.V.

So, they have the finest infos with them. It keeps helps them to keep an eye on how market will be in future & hence promotes better decision making.

P.S. May be right now you cannot meet in person “best of the best” people in the country. But you can read their books, follow them on twitter, watch them debating on T.V. , etc. It will help you a lot to accelerate your life.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


What is the importance of 30 seconds in life?

What is the importance of 30 seconds in life?

Speed up your growth.

In a Bank PO competitive exam conducted by IBPS, on an average you get a little more than 30 seconds to solve 1 question. Same is true for CAT exam too where speed & accuracy play a key role. 

One single correct question can get you a PO job in PSBs. While one wrong question can shift your dream by next 6-12 months. 

## What if you viewed “30 second” in new light?

Accelerate your life.

We usually ask for more time in examination hall but not in life. Why? Isn’t life an exam? Performing in the exam of life is far more important than in any competitive exam.

♢ Don’t waste your “30 seconds”.In 30 seconds you can solve a puzzle, read a small article, make a meme, etc. If you begin to utilise these “30 seconds” then you will surely excel in the test of life.

Keep an eye on time & speed.

Increase your speed. Try to find out activities that you take 2-3 minutes to complete. Try to finish them with perfection in “30 seconds”. It is all possible. 

May be you just need to increase your:

– typing speed

– writing speed

– reading speed, etc.

P.S. You can begin with watching movies at 2x speed & then slowly & gradually move to 3x & so on.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


How to get a job without an interview?

How to get a job without an interview?

Frightened of interviews?

If you are a master of one single skill then you can get a job based on your skill & conduction of interview becomes irrelevant. It is so because interview as a process of selection criteria is conducted only for job roles that require interpersonal skills. Skill-specific jobs prerequisite is just “highly polished skills”.

## Freelancing & Skill-based jobs.

■■ Skill-based jobs.

Skill-based jobs do not require you to face any interviews (in most cases). If there are interviews then they are restricted to specific skills.

If there is a job of coders & pay-scale is high (8 LPA or more i.e. recruitment of a senior programmer) then the selection criteria would involve only a coding test or PI related to coding.

■■ Freelancing.

Freelancing _ Work Sample.

If you are a freelancer then what recruiters ask from you is your “work-samples” & at maximum it would be followed by a telephonic interview  (*mostly just to make you aware of company policies, salary & perks, etc.).


♢ If you are a freelance graphic designer then they are your designs. 

♢ If you are a freelance content writer then they are the articles which you have written  (or they may ask you to write a new article on a provided topic).

♢ If you are a freelance coder then they are your previous projects samples like Apps, websites, etc.

♢ If you are a freelance  translator then you are required to translate a sample given by you.

That is you just have to send web/blog links of your works to your client. Freelancing is also skill-based. So, they aren’t interested in your degree, educational qualifications, interpersonal skills~ they just want good work.

So, become the best of the best in one single skill. You can evade the interview process then.

P.S. Interviews are only a barrier for entry-level jobs. Once you have experience of 3-4 years, you get new jobs based upon your expertise, knowledge & skills {your previous job plays a key role as your previous designation speaks about your salary, job role, skills you would be having, knowledge you would have acquired, etc.}.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


The most important factor in success is YOU.

The most important factor in success is YOU.

People who remain successful throughout their life are living proof of the fact that “most important factor in your success is YOU”. 

“YOU” is the most important ingredient of success.

As in the long run:

♢ you will fail miserably, 

♢ you will be stabbed by close friends,

♢ what worked in your 20s won’t work in 30s or beyond (i.e. you have to keep re-inventing, hard-working, etc.),

♢ you will have a time when you will have to walk a long, narrow & dark phase in your life all alone,

♢ many relationships will break, etc.

Hardships are part of life.

Hardships & setbacks are inseparable from life. One has to face them. 

Many people get broken in times of crisis, some stay standstill, unaffected showcasing strong will-power & determination.

So, “much” of your success depends on YOU:

♢ How you conduct yourself when you are confronted by series of failures,

When “Time” is adverse?

♢ How you deal with relationships when time is hard,

♢ How you uplift yourself when everything is falling apart,

♢ How you stay focused in most devastating situations, etc.

So, to be successful in “life” requires “YOU”.

With Great Love,
Er. Amit Yadav