My “New Life” Rules.

If you wish to make a dramatic shift to your life, follow some principles.
It doesn’t matter if those thoughts emanated from your own mind or someone else’s.

But what matters really is that they should work for you.
They should help you to simplify your life.
They shall enable you to enjoy your life to the fullest.

–> Spend time with your loved ones.

Most of your time should be spent with people you care for & love.
Be very careful about whom you spend your time with.
The prerequisite condition is that they should be ‘Postive & Supportive’.

–> Buy better things & services.

First of all, buy less.
The more you buy, more time is required to manage those things.
Save money to buy things that are good in quality.
Be sure to buy services that leads to your self-development.
Or those that helps in honing your skills.

–> Look for opportunities.

Internet has opened new avenues.
Few are looking at them.
Most are flocking towards conventional jobs & businesses.
It may be Blogging,  Freelancing your services, Writing, Book Reviewing, Selling online your crafts, creating YouTube channels for learning, e-tutoring, etc.
Be alert.
Keep looking for opportunities.
They are immense in number.

–> Learn by “Doing”.

This not only facilitates to put theoritical things in real world but also helps you to “anticipate about opportunities & people” skill in you.
What you learn by ‘doing’, is something you remember life-long.

–> Work-hard

No substitute is available for it.
Only it’s gravity can be decreased by ‘Smart Work’.

–> Enjoy little things.

( May be rain, sunrise, sunset or anything new ).

–> Change Yourself.

Because it’s really difficult to change people & their attitude.
Invest time in self-mastery & self-learning.

Above all, love your life.
Try new things.
Learn new skills.
Be Prepared & Optimistic about life ahead.
And don’t forget to “HELP AS MANY PEOPLE AS YOU CAN”
Life is short.
It’s short to mourn.
It’s short to cry over broken relationships.
It’s short to think about failures.
Move on!
Start a new life.
Make a paradigm shift to your life.
Don’t forget to keep learning & SMILING!!

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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