Start with whatever you HAVE. ….!!!

In life, what you hold may seem to be little or nothing.
But the reality is far from this.
What may be worthless to you, many on this world just dream of it. So, in this world of galactic difference between the rich & poor, you hold some responsibility.
If you were born privileged, it’s your duty to use your privileges in such a way that it helps to alleviate sufferings of billions. Cowards are the people who throughout their life accumulate money. As per Buddhism, Aparigraha is a sin.
That is accumulating too much wealth is a sin.
It’s so because it could have been used to counter sufferings on this Earth. So, whatever you have , whatever you know, Just begin.
Do something worthy.
As you start, you will face obatacles.
But with some ups and down, you will have a closer look to life’s reality. Life will introduce you to it’s wisdom.
Keep everything aside.
Believe in yourself.
And start your journey with whatever you hold….I’m starting 2day @ 21 Jan 2015.
With Great Love,


Moments of Helplessness…!!!

The moments when you felt helpless…!!
Ever prayed to God for more strength to get out of a messy situation in your life?
Yes, we all would have faced such turmoil’s.
We all at times, would have just hoped to pass the situations. “Legends faced them often”
Instead of just letting the situation pass, they worked on the short-comings. What role does a “Feeling of Helplessness” play in your life? If you ever ponder the biographies of the Legends it can easily be stated that when they faced such situations, they committed themselves “not to repeat a certain mistake again”
It is the feeling of helplessness that forces us “to think for the solutions”. So, that we are never caught in the same situation again. We tend to improve ourselves.
We monitor our life & our progress.
It is this change in ourselves that we tend to make when we feel deserted, is miraculous.
Change is the starting point.
It is our inherent instinct to avoid situations in which we are not at ease. Vulnerability, solitude, inferiority-complex, are some such feelings.
To combat them, we need to look when they originate.
And curb them by changing our feeling about “how we look & react to it.” As you learn to excel the art to face havoc’s in your life, you become a part of solution.
You become someone who accepts the challenges & instead of being dejected finds a way out!
Caution: This is just the starting point.

Er. Amit Yadav

“The great aim of education is not knowledge, but action.”

Stars Knew It

The “Stars” understood it..!!!!
Anyone who decided to spend life with “Purpose” was the one who understood his responsibility as well as the “pain that life encompasses”.
Some decided to relieve the human suffering on earth.
They did their bit to alleviate pain & sufferings of life.
And that was not bit. They devoted their whole life to a cause, a purpose. They had more understanding to life.
Mother Teresa eased & served persons with leprosy.
It was great because even people fail to do that with those whom they entitle “loved ones” in their life.
Mother Teresa was on the other side of the problem i.e. solution. I wish if everyone could be a part of solution.
Instead of complaining, start solving.
As you solve your problems, one day you would be delighted to find that it not only eased you but millions.
That is the purpose of life.
That’s how nature has worked.
If you plant a tree, not only you but many could enjoy the fruits. Tim Burners Lee developed World Wide Web & it has changed the economy since then.
It has provided a media that has made education more accessible than it was in the past.
Facebook was too formed as a solution “to be still in touch with people as we depart when we graduate”.
Start focusing on the solution & as you solve yours, millions enjoy its benefit. Let’s solve them all.

Er. Amit Yadav

“The great aim of education is not knowledge, but action.”

Commercials that mislead…Love Capitalists

Commercials that mislead….Love Capitalists
Ever encountered a commercial stating- your wife would love a diamond ring? Surely, you would have.
Commercials tend to assert that “classy gift” is the only thing missing in the relationships today.
At times, it may seem that the only way to make someone feel “that you love them” is to buy them luxurious gifts.
But in reality, the moments that we enrich in our life are not studded with gifts.
They tend to be the ones that surprised us, made us laugh.
There are many ways to make someone feel that you love them. But propagandist tend to focus on special days from the west such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, etc. to build up market. How can love be restricted to a day be it to mother, father, beloved or siblings?
It is a daily practice. Daily acts of kindness and care.
Dairymilk doesn’t have the capability to make a moment special in your life. You make it. Celebrations are related to “emotions” & signify happiness.
It is human & their feelings that create bonds.
We all know that at times, our decisions are affected by emotions. It is these emotions that are exploited to make handsome money. As often referred Love Capitalist, they exploit emotions.
Their propaganda is to attach a product with an emotion.
Like, “Dairymilk “with Celebrations,” Long-drive” with cars, Movies with fun, etc. But everyone is aware not all movies are worth watching.
Instead of disseminating or reflecting the good sides of the product they focus on “psychological factors” to sell products.
They often brag it as “Marketing Strategies”.
Of course, they do sell multitude of products through this technique. But it fails to affect the lives of people around.
It fails to create a “value” in the lives of people…!!!!!

Er. Amit Yadav

“The great aim of education is not knowledge, but action.”

SEO- Is it Ethical

SEO is it ethical?
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.
As a content writer for a website or a blog is it ethical to incorporate words

that are most often searched on Google?
Yes, if you believe that your articles are worth-reading.
If you believe that it may help the readers than “attracting someone to your

site is not bad”.
As many times, the places or the books that we visited or read accidently

were noteworthy in our life.
But it is unethical if you change the “purpose” why you started blogging or

the “core values” of your website as per SEO analytics.
What is really immoral is just using SEO words to increase traffic on site and

not rendering those services.
Too often we encounter “click on download” to download.
But we are redirected to a new address, at times stated to do an Online

Survey, etc.
Many times, the site does not have the requisite items that we intend to

download ranging from songs to Apps.
That’s all fraud.
But over time, these little things tarnish the image of website over time. And as a result eventually they fail.
Some associate SEO with Market Strategies.
The problem with it is for writer is that it kills the creativity by restricting to

words used to SEO vocabulary.
And the author’s shouldn’t compromise with creativity.

Er. Amit Yadav

“The great aim of education is not knowledge, but action.”

Invest on Awesome Things..

Invest on Awesome things…
If you visit a website & come across an advertisement of “CV building” then don’t frown.
Internet is cluttered with such services.
They assure you to build your CV as per the industrial needs. The good part is that you will have an effective CV that may get you to the interview table.
Then again, there are many firms offering services for INTERVIEW training. But the other side of concern is:
1- Quoting “Leadership” as a skill in CV won’t make you a leader. 2- Adding “Hard Working” to your CV won’t make you a hard-worker in real life. 3- Indicating “Good communication skills” in your CV fails to make you so in the real life.
So, what I mean is that building an effective CV shouldn’t be the aim. Better lay “foundational steps” to improve your life.
What I mean by it is that:
If you want to be a good orator “Read Public Speaking by Dale Carnergie” Similarly whatever you want to learn”Tips & Tricks” are presented in books. Just find them & read them.
Remember:”Formal Education can make you a living, but Self-Education can make you a fortune.”
Also, it is vital that you make changes in the real life than making in the CV’s.

Er. Amit Yadav

Sample CV

Sample CV

Mobile: 94XXXXXXXX MALE, 20yrs


Seeking a responsible position in an organization where my various skills are utilized to the best to accept challenges and accomplish them with utmost sincerity by well co-ordinate teamwork, eventually achieving the entrusted targets with complete job satisfaction.

Fresher, pursuing B. tech. in Electronics & Communication Engineering.

Technical Qualification : B.TECH
Specialization (Branch) : Electronics & Communication Engineering

Degree School / University/ Board Year % marks XXXX 2016 71.25% (till 4thsem)
12th CBSE 2011 84.4%
10th CBSE 2009 82.4%


Title Description
(final year)
Summer Training
(After 6th semester)


 MS Office : Word, Power-point, Excel,
 Programming languages : C

Microprocessor 8085
Basic Electronics

Telling jokes

 Communication Skills
 Writing Skills
 Positive attitude
 Friendly nature
 Presentation Skills


Date OfBirth :
Father’s name :
Permanent Address :
Nationality : Indian
Marital status : unmarried
Languages known : English and Hindi


I hereby declare that all the information stated above is correct.



Be A Child Again

Don’t be a pawn of “Certificates”, Be a Child again….
Every Human Being that ever witnessed this earth was born with infinite “Human Capability”.
When we were born, as a child we have had an attitude of “I Can Do It”, often fighting for “Let Me Do It”
Whether it was about cleaning the room, making tea for the whole family, shopping, going to a market, etc. we all as a child demanded for it.
Today, when it comes to serving a friend or a family member, people tend to be unwilling.
Not a big deal!
The real problem is that we have let the child within us die.
As a child we never feared to fail.
But as an adult we do.
Our education system does rely on this technique.
You would have often come across “If You Fail in Exams, You gonna Fail in Life”
It is far from truth.
If that might have been the situation all “illiterate” people would have been poor.
But that’s not so.
In life your personality plays a major role.
How you tackle fear, do you have the courage to accept failure and work on your short-comings,
how you handle emergencies, if you have the ability to learn the skills, if you have the ability to constantly tune yourself with the changing world, etc.
Life should not be centered on accumulating certificates but skills & passions.
The life that encompasses tough situations is worth living.
Your horizons expand each time you go through trial & tribulation of life.
Failures are the stepping stones to a successful life if we overcome our short-comings.
Try re-living the life as a child with hopes still in the eyes, faith in oneself, & do not let the urge to understand “what you don’t understand” ever die.
Er. Amit Yadav,

I wish you a life of…

I wish you a life of “accountability”
1- You choose the role you shall play on this world.
Irrespective of what “surveys” foretell, you come to a decision to be a doctor, engineer, content -writer, editor, novelist, director, columnist, etc.
Irrespective of the assumed “level of difficulty” for a competitive examination, you go for it.

2- You decide on what you shall wear, eat, etc. & your decisions are not backed by “Commercials & Advertisements.”

3- You choose which school/college you shall study at.

4- You make your mind to live in a city you like.
And not migrating to a place where “so called opportunities” waits for you.
Creating & developing opportunities where ever you go in life. Bring that confidence to your life.

In fostering dreams do check that you don’t compromise with your ethics.
Realizing all this will take time but be willing to spend some time daily for your dreams.
And be “Patient” & “Have Faith-in-oneself” throughout the journey of life.

Live a life full of responsibility & ORIGINALITY than a life backed by “Advertisements”.

Remember: Faith in oneself is liberating and paves your way to a life full of joy and happiness.

Er. Amit Yadav