Why people don’t choose the path of uncertainty?

​Why people don’t choose the path of uncertainty?

There are many pros of jumping into a profitable venture. But the problem lies in the fact that no venture is profitable & every venture involves high risk & it is only the hard-work, perseverance, a well-thought strategy & consistency in performance that yields overwhelming outcomes.

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Everyone starts on an optimist note but positive results just don’t fall on your way early & easily. It would be a hard journey for those who expect quick success. There is no surety of results. 

2. Time & Money. 

If you fail into your entrepreneurial venture then you just don’t lose your money but also time. For some losing money is painful for others it’s their time invested. 

3. Extreme Hard-work.

The path less travelled involves high-risk. To succeed is a great task requiring extreme hard-work. Then too the possibility of failure is there. So, no matter how hard you may work failures cannot be avoided. 

4. Social disconnect.

You may hardly be left with any time for social connection & get-togethers with your friends. It may be a complete break off from society for few weeks or months. 

5. Patience. 

Most people are too impatient. Yes, waiting sucks. And it’s fucking hard when your money is sinking despite your hard-work. It’s hard to see things falling apart despite your best efforts. Too much hard!

What stops majority of the people from starting an entrepreneurial journey is the fear of failure, loss of money & time & the consistent high-level competition one faces. Then too there is no plethora of people who succeed despite all the troubles & pains.

So, start your journey 2day 🙂

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav



5 funny things about Work-from-Home.

It may seem to be a very nice idea to work-from-home. No mayhem. No rush to get up & go to the office. No need to dress formally. 

It may look very COOL from faraway. The reason because we don’t come across people doing work-from-home jobs we tend to have certain misconceptions about it.

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For majority the work-from-home is like a fairytale. Here are some painful yet funny realities of work-from-home:
1. You may end up working throughout the day.

You just need a laptop to carry on your work . When you get up in morning the most probable thing you do is checking your mailbox. Boom! 

What you see is that you have received multiple e-mails. Some seeking your attention related to payments while others for re-tuning of submitted assignments.
That’s how your day begins. The timing of your breakfast, lunch & dinner shall be dictated by work at hand. 

And instead of 9 to 5 job you may end up working till late hour.

2. People think you are jobless.

This is the most funny part. You will barely get respect for your work. There is a widespread misconception among general public that work-from-home is easy & doesn’t require any skill or expertise.

Few know that it requires multiple skills & continuous learning. 

The interesting thing is that initially when you start you may subscribe to more projects then you can handle in order to avoid joblessness for few days. 

3. No work-culture.

Work-from-home involves no work culture. It is another thing that people choose work-from-home due to absence of “work-culture” as it makes them believe that it’s all according to their whim.

But what one generally neglects is the power of deadlines which one has to abide by strictly. So, looking at work-from-home as “complete freedom” is ridiculous. You become the pawn of deadlines until you master the skill of striking a balance between projects taken & number of hours you can work.

4. No people-to-people connect. 

One works virtually. Interactions take place via e-mails, phone calls, hangouts or skype. Virtual interactions cannot replace the joy of real-life conversations. You may never feel connected to people though number of connections of have would increase exponentially. 

Virtual interactions may lead to frustrations as well. You may crave for interactions in real-life.

5. No hierarchy. 

Generally you are only guided by a single person. In rare cases you get to work in a team. Work-from-home is for people who embrace solitude. If you are people’s person you will find it difficult to continue.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


Life@ Solopreneurship 

In real-sense I am not a solopreneur. But I’m very close to it.

Life@ Solopreneurship is very hard. It’s undoubtedly about hell lot of work.

Though there are few advantages of Solopreneurship like you are your own boss, you have to manage only yourself, you become disciplined, you can work from home, whole profit remains with you & the decision-making is very fast.

Life@ Solopreneurship

But solopreneurship is NOT an excellent idea for a long-term because:

  • It involves extreme hard-work. Some days it may go up to even beyond 14 hours a day!
  • It may often lead to burn out. Passion doesn’t last for long. You can be passionate for few years but don’t expect it to remain the same after few years. 
  • The only way in most cases is to spend more time on your business. You cannot automate everything. 
  • You have to learn too many skills. You have to manage everything from accounts to business deals.
  • You don’t develop the most vital skill that is to work in a team. No great success has ever been achieved in isolation. 
  • You have to keep researching on Google to find new ways to automate or simplify your work.
  • You cannot take BULK ORDERS as your ability to deliver is limited by your capacity. So, 😆 even scaling your income is a daunting task until you become famous for your expertise. 
  • The process of connection building is very slow.
  • You don’t get an exposure to how BIG industries function. 

A business model is judged by it’s possibility of future expansion & flexibility. There is not much scope for expanding the business to a gigantic level. So, your revenue is restricted. 

PS- you cannot work like a maniac for a long-term. So, have a team. It will not only relieve you of the burden but will also help in infusing new ideas to your business. 
With Great Love,
Er. Amit Yadav


How to get a lateral entry to Private sector?

All IT-sector companies offer in & around 3 LPA for entry-level jobs as Engineers (mostly the job title is ASE).

Besides pay the cost of living is huge as you have to move to a metropolitan city. Hardly, you will be able to save money.

Even after 3-4 years you will find that you were just hand-to-mouth. No saving equates to hand-to-mouth.

But the growth is NOT smooth & fast. Companies follow strict hierarchy in general. So, the probability of yours reaching at the top echelons in the company is minuscule. Even many industries are managed by the founders & relatives. So, that too restricts your growth to highest level.

The key point I wish to focus is BAHUT BHEED HAI at entry-level. You will just become a part of a big organisation.


How to get lateral entry to private sector?

The problem with most is that they never think of being “the best” & holding the highest position of authority in the company. 

The only possible & easiest way to get lateral entry into private sector is as a consultant. For that you will have to be a BRAND & known for your expertise. 

So, the only path is MASSIVE LEARNING & SKILLING.

No matter where you are engage heavily in learning & skilling yourself. 

Second step is being getting known. Here are few ways:

■ Blogging  (it gives weight to your voice)

■ YouTube  (it gives you authority & enhances your creativity)

■ Connections  (if you have good connections & if there lies a vacuum you will be given key positions & responsibilities)

■ Write a book (if it sells well then it opens up many new opportunities to you)

■ Interacting with more people is the best way to grow. So, try conducting seminars, workshops, interviewing experts, etc.

Though the above suggested steps take time. But once implemented they produce great results & open up the gates of Fortune to you.

Then you get chance to work in companies as a consultant to raise their revenues via working as Social Media Consultant, Brand Consultant, Advertisement Consultant, etc.

If you are in early 20s then NOW is the right time. In next 3-4 years you can see yourself as joining a pvt. company as an adviser or consultant.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


How to overcome anxiety?

I don’t worry about anything in my life any longer. Initially, I was worried about failing in relationships, grades going down & not making it into any GREAT COLLEGE to do my graduation.
When I was in 10th class, I was worried how I’ll perform in board examinations. Probably that’s the first time we are afraid in life to take exam.

It all started before the examination. By then I didn’t knew how to “score well” in examinations. The only way I knew was to read more as anything could be asked. That’s certainly not the right way to prepare. 

Always remember whenever you are preparing for any examination – if you don’t know “what everyone else know” then you are in great trouble. The first step must be to know & understand what’s “common”. Then the next step is to scale the level of your knowledge & learning. 

What grave mistake I did was ignoring completely “what was common” in order to learn “something” that will give me a sense that I have prepared beyond syllabus. So, my preparation is full-fledged now.

Nothing is in control.


I scored far below my expectations. It was a complete shatter. 

Another idiotic thing I did was NOT GETTING INTO A GREAT COLLEGE. Call it luck, karma, destiny or whatever! 

Yet another mistake was believing heavily in relationships. Always remember, relationships are like strings. They remain intact as long as both parties in relationships wish to keep it tight. Else it shatters apart.

So, in front of my eyes I witnessed everything that I was afraid of & always wanted to avoid. 

That made me let go off the anxiety. That helped me to overcome fear of failure. That made me more humble & embrace the fact that failure is inevitable. You cannot always win.

FORTUNATELY, I had to take the harsh pills of life. They are there for a reason. They made me strong.

I changed my attitude & philosophy towards life.

》I shifted from being wishing an easy life to committing myself to work-hard for the rest of my life. I wake up each day to DO SOMETHING WORTHWHILE. 

》I value time more than anything else now.

》Nothing is in CONTROL. 

I no longer try to control things. They are beyond out controls. Anxiety starts to develop when we begin to force ourselves for results. They are pretty much not in our control. So, better let the things happen the way they would & adjust your sails.

So, now I like to flow with life. Hardly, matters if successes are coming along the way or failures – I don’t lose my calm.

Because I know when I’ll look back at my life 20-30 years from now it will hardly matter.

Just as now it hardly matters how much I scored in 10th, the people who left me when I needed them, the people who betrayed me & the failures I had.

The only thing that remains is what you become. I can here lay emphasis on the fact that I WOULDN’T HAVE GROWN & CHANGED IF I WASN’T FORCED TOO. We hardly embrace 👿 change. So, let the devastating situations help us to take a step back to mend our ways.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


The best way to start a business at an early age.

Businesses require investment. In reality, capital is NOT a problem. The real problem lies with managing your time. Thinking how?

The best way to start a business at an early age.

The strategy I’m going to share is for small businesses. First you get into the game of business & playing well is second step.

First step: This involves two sub-steps.

Sub-step 1: Freelancing.

I suggest freelancing because you will learn a lot along the way. Most businesses fail owing to lack of experience. So, working in freelancing industry before jumping to start-up provides you with “some” experience & helps you in building important connections (which is must for businesses!).

First of all identify your strength. Then get skilled in what you are good at. It could be Graphic Designing, Content-writing, Translation from English to your mother tongue (because that’s easy to do with the aid of Google Translator), Social media accounts handling, etc.

Sub-step 2: Showcase your work.

As to get into freelancing industry requires you to project your skills. For that you can start a blog or an fb page.

Next thing to do is to apply for various freelancing projects via various Apps (like fiverr), websites  (truelancer) & social networks like fb (esp. via joining freelancing groups), etc.

The aim is to SAVE money. You can do freelancing part-time & can earn handsomely depending upon your skills, connections & expertise.

Work on weekends & devote 1-2 hours each day for freelance projects. 

You can earn as much as 20K- 25K per month for working for just 100-120 hours in a month. So, save money as much as you can for your start-up.

Step 2: Now, you have “some experience, money & connections”- these are the ingredients to make your business idea prosper. It’s upon you how you utilise them.

PS- Today freelancing can be considered as a window to small businesses. It equips you with experience, connections, knowledge & exposure.

So, consider freelancing as a means as you can do it part-time & you even don’t have to quit your current job. Freelancing also acts as a security blanket in case you lose job or in need of money.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


How is the life@Delhi?

For many it’s a dream to come to Delhi. It attracts lots of people from every corner of the country. Those flocking to Delhi are not like those going to Mumbainagari but their eyes do have a dream. All don’t come to this city with aim to get wealthy. Most come here in search of livelihood. For them life is hard & difficult. 

Life@ Delhi

It’s a nice & welcoming city if your pockets are filled. You can trade here almost anything for money.

  • You don’t have to much think of “what to wear” as hardly anyone has time to look & judge anybody.
  • You are free here from all types of dependencies. Here the theory “Chaar Log Kya Kahenge doesn’t apply”. People mostly mind their own business & aren’t interested in others life.
  • Here striking & asking someone “How’s your life going?” can probably make him emotional because no one has time & hardly anyone strikes conversations to people esp. those involved in menial jobs.
  • It’s a very Fast-paced life. You can see developments all over taking place. You can easily notice economic activities going on no matter where you live. People mostly engage in economic activities & see other activities as unproductive. Quite result-oriented.
  •  Very Practical lifestyle.
  • The city is vibrant due to presence of people from all the states of the country. 
  • People work too much. More than what people do in sub-urban areas. Undoubtedly, I mean people over-work; may be comparable to superman.

Certainly, Delhi is a great city due to availability of MNCs, people of different cultures & religions but not a good place to stay for long.

1. Pollution & Global warming: The days are warm. Environmental Pollution is evident. You can feel it.

2. Over-crowding: The city is crowded. Roads face serious traffic problems- too much vehicles on road. So, commuting is very time-consuming. Metro is no longer a good mode of transportation due to over-crowding of people.

3. Materialistic lifestyle: Money tends to play a vital role. People are quite materialistic & consumerism is at its peak.

But to some extent it teaches you to become self-centred & calculate everything with money as a base.

Life@Delhi makes you fearless. It induces the concept in you that “more you work-hard more the money inflows”. You will realise living here that it’s NOT THAT HARD TO MAKE LOTS OF MONEY HERE. But no matter how much you earn saving is a daunting task.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


We lose something as we grow.

As we grow old & wisdom pours into our life we realise that we don’t need to teach children. Instead we need to learn from them.

That’s the irony.

We all learn many things from textbooks, YouTube, surroundings & others. And it gives us an illusion that we are highly-learned souls. Far from truth.

If you are that learned then,

When will you play Krishna?

How often you smile?

How often you feel comfortable in your own body?

How often are you contented with what you have?

How often do you pursue what you love doing instead of “what you loathe” though it fills your pockets?

How often are you really enjoying the beauty of the present?

How often do you appreciate life?

There is a great need to realise that there are some things beyond reason. We cannot keep ourselves happy for long being PRACTICAL. 

It hurts to chase money, being practical, being afraid & confined.

We need to choose at times losing all the money, overcoming all the fears & being hurt to the core to really understand life.

What would you do if money were an object with no value? 

You would have thrown it all instead of accumulating it.

You need to do that today if you are willing to enter the realms of the unknown. The nature has this incredible ability to open up the true wisdom to you when you stop being a rationalist. 

Were you a rationalist when you were a child?

That’s why you were happy manifold times then now. Now, you try to calculate your every move. Too cautious certainly!

And that’s the cause of all the misery in your life.

Look at the Aanya! Little girl in the pic above. It brings all the truth to the fore. We really need to go back to our childhood & re-learn what we have forgotten. 

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


One truth you are never told?

You will meet lots of people with money declaring that they have figured out the best way to live life.

They will go on any length to justify that “money” overrides everything. So, what they did in all their life was accumulating money.

One truth you are never told?

How much could they spend? Little. They saved all for their grandchildren.

You will be rarely told that YOU ARE DIVINE. While, you will always be told to value “money”.

How can “money” something created by humans be overvalued than humans?

So, no matter HOW YOU ARE DOING IN LIFE- you are divine.

May be you are at rock-bottom, may be relationships are sinking, may be you are worst in the eyes of society but you are still divine.

So, relax & live your life. If you are a hard-worker then you can make as much money as you wish in next 5-7 years from now.

1 decade of your life can make you billionaire. So, it’s unpractical to think too much about money when you are young.

You will never much really enjoy having all the luxuries of life- most carry it only because they believe that that makes them look cool. They are the people most afraid to lose money!

Because deep down they know all the fake respect, relationships & attention they receive is as long as they hold money (i.e. their ability to throw lavish parties).

If you are young then allow yourself to get lost. You will discover a level of consciousness that will allow you to excel in life far better than others in the long-term.

In our quest to accumulate money we lose track of life- to really live & experience it!

With Great Love,
Er. Amit Yadav


5 lessons I learned as I began writing?

You should never take anything VERY SERIOUSLY written by a writer. They are personal opinions & they are not bound to be truth. Though it might be often reflection of truth. 

5 lessons I learned as I began writing?

1. You can justify ANYTHING.

A writer doesn’t needs facts to prove his point. He is a master in playing with words. He can create a new world out of his imagination.

As a writer, you can justify anything to great extent.

2. You can intensify ANYTHING.

A writer can intensify a pain of not having a Aloo Parantha in breakfast as painful as a break-up!

Exaggeration can be either positive or negative. Never in the human history superman existed. Those who claimed to be superman were just life-long hard-workers & many at times situational leaders!

3. Learn from Nature.

Even most writers derive their writings from nature- looking at surroundings. So, you can too unleash the writer in you by observing, thinking & pondering over what you see.

4. Never believe solely on eyes!

What about the stories running behind your mind? They at times drift you away from reality & lets you believe in something that doesn’t exist. 

5. Writers life may not resonate to real-life.

It’s completely foolish to imagine the life of a writer with his write-ups. I am very much like everyone else. Only those who know I blog or write or have read them see me in a different light. Else I’m indistinguishable from others!

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav