Review of “ The REENGINEERS” by Indu Muralidharan

Review of “The REENGINEERS” by Indu Muralidharan


The REENGINEERS by Indu Muralidharan

The Reengineers by Indu Muralidharan is a fantastic read. It deals in a unique way the issue of depression. It also throws light on how people with vested interests try to monetize everything on their way. Be it education, relationships or spirituality.
In the end, it provides a guideline for ethical businesses- “Ensure that work gets done and money keeps flowing”. It resonates with one of the virtues of Jain Philosophy- Aparigraha i.e. non-possession.
The “Letters to a Hero” by Siddharth is appealing and casts a kind of spell. They form the heart and soul of the book.
The book is not only inspiring but shall also quench Seekers’ of life to a great extent.
(I highly recommend the author to write a self-help book on Depression).
In the “Letters to a Hero” the advices on dealing with politics, colleagues & challenges in corporate sector is really useful.

Best moments @ The Reengineers by Indu Muralidharan

“Fourteen is the age when time first starts to make its presence felt. Time took on such a variety of hues in those days”.

“I felt sorry for her even though she slammed the door again”.

“I was not a misfit. I was a seeker”.

“It takes time, effort, physical strength and moral courage to cope up with depression and then catch up life afterwards”.

“In real life, every day, every hour, every task, and sometimes every conversation can count as a test”.

“In life as much as in work, it is better to not to completely trust anyone”.

“Awareness is not like a wisdom tooth that comes with time”.

“I was not surprised. Failure had
become a way of life”.

“One who would go through the same journey that he had taken, from being a passive character at the mercy of the world around him, to being hero”.

“He can rise and soar again. He merely has to wish for it”.

“A few get lucky, most compromise”.

Story@ The Reengineers

Initially the book takes you into the library where the protagonist Chinmay with his besties Anu & Sabi engage themselves in reading books may be as a way to escape from realities.

The protagonist Chinmay decided to commit suicide just after his 10th examinations. He found it unbearable to see his parents getting divorced. Before examination something unusual happened. He with his besties landed themselves at Seeker’s School in Conchpure.
Shall Chinmay’s life change on meeting with Siddharth in Conchpure?
Can a single person change our life?
Or will he end his life?

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I rate it as 5/5.

P.S. Putting the review of “The Reengineers” on Homepage of my blog as a token of respect for this masterpiece by Indu Muralidharan.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav