Just. Keep. Writing.

Great advice to writers.
Just keep writing.
May be circumstances may be hard.
But what’s in your platter is just to write.
You have hold over it.
Do it relentlessly.
You will surely succeed.

Victoria (V.E.) Schwab

Hey there, lovelies!

I know it’s been awhile since I posted. I’ve spent the last few months buried under deadlines and finishing up coursework–so far this year I’ve gone to grad school, and written and edited THREE books, all coming out next year–and getting ready to head back to Nashville.

But in the slivers of space between, I’ve been reflecting a lot–about writing, publishing, advice–and I wanted to talk about a piece of advice that I know seems trite, but is honestly the best I can give. I’ll try to explain why.

Five years into my publishing career, I finally feel like I have my feet under me, and because of that, I’m often asked for advice.

When writers–aspiring, debut, and established–ask for insight, I always say, “Just keep writing.”

And I know that sounds like a very Dory thing to say, but the fact of the matter is, if…

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I, Too, Left the Tech Industry

Learn from experiences of others.
“Quit Early & Quit often” until you discover what you love to do.

Evgenia Got Free

With a nod to Cate Huston.

I have resigned from a 20 year career in tech. For many reasons, I decided to flip some tables in 2015. I have some not yet coherent observations on this that I will share in case they help others. I benefitted greatly from others’ posts on their decisions to leave tech and how they did so, and would like to pay it forward.

“This is my last tech job.”
A few months ago, a thought struck me out of nowhere. It was not a particularly bad day at work and there was nothing obviously awful going on. I simply thought “This is my last tech job” with absolute certainty. If I were a person of faith this might make more sense, in that it may have seemed like “a message,” but I simply observed it and thought “Huh! Ain’t that something.”

But from…

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How to do Social Media Marketing using facebook.

》How powerful is social media?

Most youths don’t like reading newspapers.
But the good news is that they read news now on newsfeeds of fb through various news network fb pages.
The number of hours spent by youths on social media is very large.
So, it becomes very pertinent for the companies to deploy SMM(Social Media Marketing).

》How you can do it.

–> Problems with fan pages.

You can suggest to like your fan page only to your friends on fb.
You can do that through comments on others fan pages audience ( that have huge following) requesting to like your page.
But that looks awkward & besides that don’t work.
What you can do instead is to create a new fb ID with your company name.
Like I have created “Stay Foolish” on fb


–> Why you need to do that?

Because if you share your links of products or services, it only reaches to your friends on fb.
So, your targeting is very low.

》What to do with new ID.

AIM MUST BE 5,000 ( it is the maximum limit of friends fb allows to fb account holder ).

–> Once you have created new ID add some of your known friends.
Then keep on adding people who add prefixes with their name like shehzada, prince, lover, soulboy, gamechanger, unstoppable, angel, angelica, happy, bindaas, jolly, etc.
They are very open-minded.
So, your friend request will be accepted.

–> Add some political leaders.

If you find a profile with picture of flag of any political party add them.
Since, they have very huge friend list so if you ever tag them, you simply increase your audience greatly.

–> Add one’s with Hindi Names.

They are very open-minded.
And most of them love writing in hindi.
Then add those who use scripts other than Roman like à ç ĺ ť ě, etc.
They too are open minded.
Add some news agencies also.
If you find some ID’s with name of cities, add them too.

》Send 20-30 friend requests each day.

If you go on adding too much in a row, fb warns you to slowdown.
So, go with a steady pace.

Also, write creatively “ABOUT YOU” & FAVORITE QUOTES” section to let people know what you are standing for.
Let your vision be very clear.
Don’t copy it.
It should look genuine.
Here’s is what I used:



Using this strategy, I have added 400+ in just few days.

》Why it all works??

When one declines a fb friend request, one can also simultaneously report it as spam.
But no one does that.
So, fb cannot distinguish if you know people in real world or you are just connecting them on virtual world.
So, this strategy works owing to lack of responsibility shown by people to curb the evil in the bud.

》Can it be misused?

Yes, it can be.
Once you add someone as a friend, he/she can add your friends too.
Also, he/she has access to informations that you share only with friends.

But small web – oriented companies don’t do that because they will lose the good will in the market.
But if someone is doing it all with malicious intent, it can bring troubles to your life.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺

Work intensely for 4-5 hours.

Follow this principle throughout your life.
Each day do focused work in improving your core competencies.
If you are a writer, practice creative writing intensely.
If you are an orator, practice it for 4-5 hours each day passionately.
If you are a design engineer, do it rigorously for 4-5 hours.
So, no matter at what you wish to be good at.
Do it for each day for 4-5 years.
You will surely be surprised with the improvements you gain in a very short time.

And yes, if it’s blogging skills, each day devote 4-5 hours to it.

》This is the trick..

You wish to do something for lets say 5 years with commitment that you would engage in it for 4-5 hours each day.
How many are willing to follow such plan?
See around yourself.
Most are impatient & just looking for a regular job.
So, I can guarantee that they won’t be a game changer in life until they change their attitude.
But you can be, if you follow this strategy.
Let’s be a game changer.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺

Can this blog change your life?

Until & unless you wish.
No one on this earth can change your life.
It’s you who gotta change.
Circumstances change only when we change.
Else they remain the same.

》Few do.

Many know the path, few travel.
If you only read this blog then it won’t work.
You have to practice techniques that are disseminated to you through blog.
But those become extra-ordinary.
So, before you shine like a sun, you have to burn like it.
Yes, putting ideas into action is difficult.
But it’s worth doing.

》Can I change people.

It is possible only if you desire so.
Great leaders hold good agreements with people.
Haven’t you had a teacher whose class you attended on time because he/she was very particular about time?
So, that’s the why leaders do.

》Yes I’m changing.

So, I have done my bit.
I’m changing myself.
I change my inner-realities & suddenly the outer realities change.

》What good you can do on this Earth?

You can change yourself.
If we all does that life on earth shall be a great & comforting experience.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺

Why you can trust yourself?

You can trust your intuitions.
They act as inner GPS to guide us in real life.
As far as this universe is considered 95% consists of dark matter.
That is only 5% is matter.
Earlier we thought atom is indivisible.
But then we got to know  it contains e, n & p.
Recently we got to know about neutrinos & antineutrinos.
Currently researchs are going on to known more about them.
Large observatories are constructed to know their nature.
So, even the true picture of matter is not clear.
At the fermi level nature of matter is not very clear.
And about dark matter little is known.

》The case of human body.

Same is the case of human body.
We know very little about them.
Far less is known about brain.
We cannot make new organs that’s why we transplant them.
So, the capacity & limitations of body is in reality not known.
How it works is  not known precisely.
So, you can trust yourself.
You can trust your intuitions.
That’s where miracles happen.
For the time being until we precisely calculate the mental faculties of human brain till then it can be considered infinite.
So, you own a brain of infinite intelligence.
Just put it into use.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺

Why I started Blogging when I could have waited..

There is no right time to leave a legacy.
We postpone most important things saying- I’ll do that when I graduate.
I’ll do that when I get rich.
I’ll do that after my children are settled.
And so forth.
It all never arrives.

》Replace WHEN by NOW.

Who knows what the situations might be when “WHEN” happens.
They might turn out to be worse.
Yes, they can be good too.

》Life is Uncertain.

If today is the last day then?
Who knows when shall your life end.
You may make plans for 20 years from now but who knows God has given that much time to you.
So, right now is the time to leave a legacy.

There is no Age to leave a legacy.
You can be a peak-performer at any age when you decide so.
It’s your commitment & grit that shall pave the way for your success.

ACTIONS matter in life.
If you start taking necessary actions early, success is attracted in your life early.
If you delay, it gets delayed.

Yes, I’m a half-blogger & it feels good.
I have loved every single bit of doing it.
Have dreams but the actions required to make them a reality needs to be pursued today.
Yes, it’s today.
May be our ancestors were right to call “to begin is half-done.”
Because we postpone things to future events.
And future is uncertain & unclear.
So, to begin requires courage & faith.
But I want you to start a new life today.
A life were living each day is a legacy.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺

Open letter to Engineers.

Recently, I have came across “open letters by engineering students” making hypothesis that they have worked hard 22 years to get their engineering degree.
They are complaining about unavailability of jobs.

》Have you realised it right now?

Probably everyone who takes admission to engineering knows how cut-throat competition he/she would have to face after the course completion.
Everyone knew it from day ONE of the engineering.
So, why this noise right now?
Is 4 years insufficient to prepare oneself for that?

》We need Entrepreneurs.

Being a engineering professional, how many do think of creating jobs?
Few do.
Those who do are discouraged.
Made fun of.
But in reality no government on this earth can generate jobs.
Only entrepreneurs can do that.
True from European countries to Asian countries.
That’s the only solution.

》It’s productivity that rules.

May be you spent 22 years for that but the real question is how good engineer are you?
In this world productivity rules.
It’s your ability to learn & re-learn in this fast changing world that shall make you a stunning success.

》Do not complain.

Instead do something.
In India, it requires no talent to figure out problems.
If you can provide a solution that’s the real talent.

》The case of BA/B.Sc

They aren’t recruited by companies as B.tech holders are.
You may think that there are only 30 or 50 vacancies for B.tech in a particular PSU but BA/B.Sc grads even don’t have that opportunity.
They have only one option to fight mainstream competition that requires only being a graduate as a eligibility.
And there too they face stiff competition from engineers who compete in mainstream competition.

》Mine case.

Probably I worked harder in 10th class board exams than I did in Engineering.
And that’s the case of most of the engineers.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺

The good news..

It all can be learned.
Winning is a skill, it can be learned.
Speaking well is a skill, it can be learned.
Persuasion is a skill, it can be learned.
Creative writing is a skill, it can learned.
You can learn any skill set.
What it requires is just the right approach.

If you can learn any skill, you can make any amount of money you wish!

But people once land into a good job, quit learning & polishing skills.
No matter what profession you choose.
But follow this great idea from Robin Sharma:
“You don’t wanna be the best of the best, you wanna be the only one who does what you do.”

You just need an urge to succeed in life.
It’s a good news that it doesn’t require a degree to be a leader in real-life.
It doesn’t require education to make a fortune in life.
But only soft-skills.
It’s your hard-work & the hunger to succeed in life that matters the most.

“The great aim of education is not knowledge but action.”

So, if you are a doer, you have imbibed the best practice of education in yourself.
You can accomplish knowledge but it’s of no use until you apply it in real life.

So, lean whatever it requires for you to realise your dreams.
Great books are available on each & every skill.
Just find them.
Read them.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺

If it were about choosing life partner, you would have chosen 100th..

Our half of life depends upon our spouse.
So, we all are very careful in chosing our spouse.
We may go from one to another until we find a perfect one.
We may go as long as the 100th.
But what about our whole life?

》People chose profession they hate.

As a result, they return home unhappy each day.
Either you learn or train yourself to WORK FOR WORK SHAKE or do what you love to do.

》Why you need to find what you love to do?

Because work involves 1/3rd of your life!!
If you work 8 hours for each, you do it for 1/3rd of the day.
If you hate it, life will be hard.

》Go for your dreams.

It is very important to follow your dreams because it will be a source of constant happiness & satisfaction to your life.

》Can’t you go for 100th attempt to discover what you love to do?

Your whole life shall be surrounded by your work.
Isn’t it good to find out what it is that you can do for longer period of time?
Even if it takes 100th attempt!!

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺