Review of “ Eighteen: The End of Innocence” by Sudham

Review of “Eighteen: The End of Innocence by Sudham”


Eighteen_the_end_of_innocence by Sudham

Eighteen: The End of Innocence by Sudham is a wonderful read.

The story is about Raghu, his best friend Aadi and later his love-to-be-found in Shalini.
It revolves around the fun-finding nature of teenagers.
How a train of blank calls can upset teenagers?
How a teenager may find it difficult to get admitted into a reputed graduate college?
How 12th board results may change the course of one’s life? (As in the case of Aadi).
The common phenomenon in teenager’s life that is inclination towards love life is reflected very well in the novel.
There is a thin line between fun and crime.
How could unprotected sex cause havoc in teen-ager’s life?
What shall happen after the Raghu, Aadi and his Boss are caught with stolen car on New Year’s Eve?
The novel is a full dose to rekindle and re-cherish one’s teenage days.

The novel is studded with lots of moments of fun-seeking attitude teenagers carry, the willingness to enjoy and hang-out with friends after examinations and to celebrate on eve of festivities, to help your best buddy even if it meant taking substantial risks, late night parties, to booze and what not!

The book contains considerable amounts of slangs- a win-win situation if you are youngster as you can relate to most of the conversations very comfortably.
The language is simple and flowing.
The multi-linguistic dialogues make “Eighteen: The End of Innocence” a more pleasant reading experience.

Grab your copy of “Eighteen: The End of Innocence by Sudham” through the link below:

## Best moments@ Eighteen: The End of Innocence

// “Kyaa lana?!” Aadi said.
“Very funny. It’s Svetlana!

// “Bhai nahin hai kyaa” was a bearer cheque that you could cash on anytime and anywhere.

About the Author:

Sudham is a passionate marketing professional who has taken the proverbial leap of faith with “Eighteen: The End of Innocence” to establish himself as a novelist.
Before he left his job as the National Marketing Head of India’s largest FM Radio Network-92.7 BIG FM, Sudham worked for over thirteen years with brands such as Nokia, Lenovo and TVS-E.
An avid blogger, Sudham publishes two blogs., a blog that showcases his poems, short stories and musings and, a blog on brands and marketing that views the world through a marketer’s lens.
Sudham is married to Surekha and has two little girls Mithila and Antara who make his world!
Get in touch with Sudham:

I rate the novel as 4/5.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

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Social Media Ethics by Mayank Yadav

Special Thanks to Mayank Yadav for sharing his views on “Social Media Ethics”.

The bitter truth about social media is that people are losing their good friends.
Often conversation between two people become so sour that there hardly remains any traces of love and compassion in between them. Political affiliations are the part of the background in which the person has grown up.
Being Dalit or Brahman, Congression or BJP , Urban or Rural
, Leftist or Rightist; we all have our concerns that need to be heard but in the meanwhile they create noise which is disturbing.
We all know real India is plural in nature.Then why should
we  not become open in cherishing the idea of Real India?
Start making friends who have ideologies which are different from yours which you carry since birth.
You are free to show your disagreement but must not abuse regarding policies, news, or what so what ever the matter concerned may be.
Stop being prejudice all the time.
End a conflict with smile. Remember it’s the relation that matters not the conflict.
Stop using words like bhakt, sickulars, apptards. I know this is the most difficult thing to do.
Social Media is no more a place where people come only for entertainment purposes and for refreshment. It has embedded thickly into our day-to-day life, thefore it demand some ETHICS.
From today I’m going to follow the above principle into my life.

Two things are clear from the above views expressed :

# Since you spend “substantial amount of time on fb”; so be sure to use it as an instrument to disseminate positivity in the word.

# Be open-minded.

This is how you grow.
Respect other people’s views too.
As you may not be always RIGHT.

We at, wish Mayank Yadav good luck for his future endeavors.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

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Contributors for National Fund for Communal Harmony.

Special Thanks to ALL who have contributed generously for National Fund for Communal Harmony.

Here’s is the list of contributors:

Ajit Tripathi = 10
Jay Prakash Yadav = 10
Shantanu Tripathi = 10
Satish Kumar = 10
Ravi Agrahari = 20
Anoop Gupta = 10
Pankaj Kumar = 10
Ashutosh Rawat = 10
Saurabh Kumar = 10
Manoj Rajora = 10
Surya Dubey = 10
Shobhit Verma = 10
Ms. Preeti Dubey = 10
Dhannjay Kumar = 20
Lokesh Pratap Singh = 10
Krishna Gaur = 10
Yogesh Srivastava = 10
Mohammad Faizi = 20
Rajit Yadav = 10
Shivam Shukla = 10
Mahendra Agrahari = 10
Manoj Kushwaha = 10
Surya Soren = 10
Ajay Kumar Yadav = 10
Sandeep Maurya = 10
Prabhakar Prajapati = 10
Suraj Yadav = 10
Vishal Yadav = 10
Vivek Gupta = 10
Mr. Dharamjeet Yadav = 50
Abhishek Nigam = 20
Anand Verma, Anurag Pandey, Mahesh Kumar, & Prashant Varshney (jointly) = 50
Kaustubh Singh = 20
Avinash Verma = 50
Ajay Yadav = 20
Abhineet Maurya = 20
Ankit Chaurasiya = 50
Ambuj Kushwaha = 20
Himanshu Chandravanshi = 20
Ram Prakash = 10
Ajay Pal = 10
Brijesh Maurya = 10
Anshul Gangwar = 10
Prabhakar Pandey = 10
Vikas Kumar = 10
Prabhat Verma = 20
Pranav Mishra = 20
Anuj Tiwari = 20
Pankaj Yadav = 10
Rajan = 10
Pawan Patel = 10
Amit Kumar = 10
Anuj Sharma = 20
Anurag Yadav = 10
Mr. Kamalendra Singh Yadav = 10
Surya Prakash Yadav = 10
Prashant Singhal = 10
Vishal Chhabra = 30
Abhishek Yadav = 20
Ajay Maurya = 20
Rahul Soni = 10
Bhaskar Chaturvedi = 30
Ajeet Singh = 10
Ashish Singh = 20
Kavishu Goyal = 30
Anil Niranjan = 20
Vishal Anand = 10
Aman Singh = 10
Prakhar Singh Chauhan = 10
Sunny Yadav = 10
Siddharth Mishra = 15
Amarendra Patel = 20
Pankaj Yadav = 10
Amit Yadav = 20
Vivek Yadav = 10

Total = 1165

* Do bring to our notice if someone is left out among who have contributed.

We at, wish you ALL THE CONTRIBUTORS good luck for their future endeavors.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

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How to know if you are living inside your comfort zone?

How to know if you are living inside your comfort zone?

If you don’t feel each day “Kaise Hoga?” then probably you are living inside your comfort zone.
The worst thing about being inside your comfort zone is that you miss out lots of opportunities along the way.
You really don’t expand your limits.

-Kaise Hoga?

If you keep doing what you have done so far- you keep on living in your comfort zone.
It is exciting, fearful and stressful to step-out of your comfort zone.
Let us understand the concept with the help of an example.
How many of you are comfortable in interacting with new people/strangers?
How many of you often interact with people outside your friends circle?
Few do.
On the same lines, we keep on “setting goals” in a way that we never finish.
We never raise the bar of what we expect from ourselves.
We keep on delivering the same performance though we expect different results.
We do not require any advance planning, strategy and efforts to keep doing and excelling what we have in the past many times.
So, you need to step outside of your comfort zone as often as possible.

-Your Expectations.

Your goals must reflect your expectations.
They must grow with time.
That is how people multiply their success.
If your goal list doesn’t indicate “progress”; you shall soon land up among the average.
It is easy to be an average.
It requires just some amount of hard-work.
If you wish to be a game-changer you have to be hard-working, creative and firm.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

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Why you should pay-yourself-first?

Why you should pay-yourself-first?

You were not born to live on meager.
It is one of the most self-destructing activities.


In servicing and taking care of others; you may be left with no time to “recreate and rejuvenate” yourself.
It is indeed good to help others, take care of them but it is also necessary to take care of your health and needs.
We need some time each day to plan, rest and to entertainment.
If you are a writer; you need time for your writing besides finishing up with job assignments and daily chores.
So, in order to get up next day with more enthusiasm and happiness to serve others, you need some time off to think and reflect.


A man/woman might work-hard day in and day out to bring some money at home.
What most people do is to “spend money on themselves which is left out from their salary”.
You don’t have to depend on the chunk that is left but have to carve out some amount of money for yourself each month.
You can call it as “My Account”.
It shouldn’t be very large amount but sufficient enough to meet your basic needs.
The rest part of your salary could be used by family and to take care of other needs and expenses.

If you really work hard then get yourself some time to rest, rejuvenate and find peace and experience happiness.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

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How your each day should look like?

How your each day should look like?

It should be exciting. Each day should bring new hopes and adventures.
It shouldn’t be monotonous.
Regard each day as a new life.
No matter what had happened in the past; each day you get an opportunity to change your life.

-No fights.

Don’t lose your peace over petty fights. Be calm and cool.
Notice subtle changes around yourself.


No matter how hard your day might be; never miss enjoying some light moments of laughter’s and fun.


Be thankful for “what you have”.
Value your past and present.

-Be Random

You may be sitting at a restaurant for lunch; try a new dish.
You are standing at a book store; buy one random book.
Being random brings “unexpected moments” to our life that make our life more enriching and exciting.

-Be different.

You are not a machine!
There are no protocols on “how to live life to the fullest”.

-What others will say.

If you wish to be happy and contented in life “do not get affected by other’s opinion”.
If what you are doing feels right to you, go after it.


There is always one-thing in our life that makes us happy.
It could be as simple as eating an ice-cream to listening to your favorite song.
Whatever that “one-thing” might be; never let your day end without it.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

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Do not just TALK.

It’s easy.
In words of Les Brown “If you do what’s easy; your life will be hard.
If you do what’s difficult; your life will be easy”.
Do not confuse “those who talk MORE as being leaders”.
Though you can call those who chatter relentlessly without “a reason” as IDIOTS.
It is of no use to waste your energy on “talking”.

》 There is a limit.

If you keep talking; it’s of no use.
You are known better by your deeds.
Your ACTIONS shape you.
No one believes “what you say” but “your actions produce results that are self-evident”.

》 Save your ENERGY!

We all have dreams. But only few realise their dreams.
The best trick is to “utilise your full energy” on your most prioritised work.
That is how you grow.

》Be a doer!

Do not involve in senseless talks.
Don’t let arguments drain your energy.

》You have LESS TIME.

Life is short.
Go ahead in life “with focus and control”.
Else you miss lots of enjoyments and laughters along the way!

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

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What’s going on inside?

What’s going on inside?

Is it fear of failure? Is it fear of rejection? Is it past? Is it pain? Is it proud? Is it feeling of uneasiness? Is it jealousy? Is it anger? What is that that is going into your mind? Is it hatred? Is it love? Is it happiness? Is it peace? Is it satisfaction?

Become conscious about what is going inside of you.
It is the best way to change your inner reality.
If you get angry; knowing that you are becoming angry, you can say- be cool. Keep Calm.
You aren’t meant to be angry.
In case you are getting jealous; you can say- be cool. You don’t need to be jealous.
If pain supersedes you; you can get relief by recalling your golden times.
Once you become conscious about your present inner-state-you can divert your mind to what you wish to.
You can pull back yourself to positivity from negativity.
You can shift your focus to emotions that empower you.

Emotions that empower you:


Always keep calm and think ahead of time.
Whenever you feel like REACTING.
Is what am I going to do right now shall matter after 10 years from now?
Most “things” don’t matter in the long-term.
So, choose BEST things for yourself.
REACTION is not the solution, REFLECTION is.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

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Resources available to you for free of cost.

Resources available to you for free of cost.

We in life keep on chasing things that don’t produce any IMPACT.
This happens due to our over-belief in the power of money.
Money is created- through hard-work, acquiring skills and “application of theoretical principles” in real life.
So, what actually is that that shall allow you to be financially free in the days to come?
Here’s is a list of things:

Resource1 ## Think

Thinking enhances clarity.
If it doesn’t then surely you are thinking about wrong things in life.
Focus on your life and you shall witness how the life you live is shaped by your decisions that are results of your thinking.
It is the power of thinking that allows one to make better decisions and choices.
Approximately each moment you are taking a decision.
Become conscious about your decisions.
Replace your choices with better choices.
Let there be a reason for you what you do.
The more impactful the reason, the more shall be your growth and the lesser the possibility to quit down the road in adversities.

Resource 2 ## Actions

You can never succeed in life without taking adequate actions.
Having refined thinking is nice but it is of no use until put to practice.
If you look closely you shall discover the reason why hard-work beats talent.
Talent is superseded by hard-work because hard-worker is relentless in his/her actions.
No matter what may come he/she is doing what needs to be done.
So, in the end, hard-work is wins.

Resource 3 ## Observe

Observe closely.
You shall never need to read books.
(Though it is advisable to read at least one book each month)
Consider the world as a moving library.
Each person you meet, each incident that takes place, each conversation, and each and everything is there to teach you something; be alert to learn the lessons.

If you are aware and conscious enough to Think, Observe and take requisite ACTIONS; no one can stop you from excelling in life!
Remember, no one can!

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

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Your “time” isn’t meant for people getting bored.

Your “time” isn’t meant for people getting bored.

Some people often experience boredom.
They are neither excited about their life nor make any efforts to make it exciting.
They live life without taking risks, ever improving themselves, and without a mission.
Remember, your precious time is never meant for someone “getting bored” in life.
Never involve yourself in useless talks that are just meant to kill time and shred away boredom.
Your time is precious.
Value it.

-Do not gossip.
(Stop gossiping from 26th November, yes from today)

-Do not complain
(Stop complaining from 26th November, yes from today)

-Do not condemn
(Stop condemning from 26 November, yes from today)

-Do not criticize
(Stop criticizing from 26 November, yes from today)

-Do not AGRUE.
(Nothing good ever comes out from unhealthy discussions)

Doing above things eats away your precious time leaving you with no time to relax, rejuvenate, and recharge yourself.

=Keep Calm

Let the complainers complain.
Let the arguers argue.
Let the gossipers’ gossip.
You don’t need to be part of such “petty” things.

=Enjoy your life

However rigid your schedule may be; find some time out of it to hang out with friends and spend quality time with family.
Above all find some time for you to think and reflect.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

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