The Ultimate Suicide Guide.

“Official data shows that after every five minute a person in India commits suicide”

Over 1 lakh die each year due to suicide.
Here, I shall be discussing how to beat suicidal thoughts.

The Final Message_The Ultimate Suicide Guide

》Take your time.

Some take few hours to overcome failures.
While other takes few days.
It varies from person to person.
Many things are beyond our discretion.
So, we cannot change them.
We have to accept them.

》Delay Delay Delay.

Always in life execute & implement good thoughts & avoid bad ones.
Delaying is an effective technique to counter suicide.
You just need to have hope for the next day.

》I am not good enough.

No. You are good enough.
You were born to do wonders.

As Christianity teaches us that God never forgets us.
He has better plans for us.
He has written our name on His palm.
How beautiful is that !

So, intead of believing others have faith in yourself & God.

》Nothing bad happens.

Even you might have suffered some months or years as being suicidal but that’s not the end.
You can change things the day you decide so.

》You still have a choice.

Prove them wrong.
Those who be – little you.
Prove them wrong.
Those who dis-respect you.

You have a choice to prove them wrong.

You can now order the book “The Ultimate Suicide Guide – 27 Principles to beat suicide ” by Er. Amit Yadav through the link below:

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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