I’m Currently Working on..

Life is about learning & growing.
YouTube has emerged as a learning platform.
You can find almost any “How to” videos on YouTube.
But still the importance of books cannot be ignored.
To improve myself with each passing day, I’m currently installing these habits:

》Getting up early at 5:00 am

》Spending time with Rabbits for spiritual development.



( Pets transfer positive vibes to us, hence having one is a great experience )

》Reading at a pace of one book each week.

( They offer great learning experience.
They can bring paradigm shift in our understanding of life, values & lifestyle. )


( To enjoy greater health returns. )

》Writing atleast one blogpost each day.

》Listening to Motivational Videos.

》Working on My Communication Skills.

》Working on my First novel.

( http://www.stayfoolish2day.wordpress.com/first-page-of – my-novel )

》Monitoring My Life.

Through my another blog:

On this blog, I post links to great things I discover on internet to the benefit of my Readers.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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