Services Offered.

Thanks! for your visit. We currently offer the services below which are liable to increase in near future:

Ajitabha Bose- Author, Entrepreneur, Filmmaker & Designer.

1. Book review: You can get your books reviewed @ 750 INR. It shall be a detailed review & as we hunt for life-lessons so we can create two blog posts- one would be book review & another one shall be related to life lessons @ your book.

Since, we receive a lot of book-reviews request so it will require at least 15 days to review your book from the date we receive it.

Our Book-reviewing partner:

Debbie Vermaak Nel, South Africa.

Debbie Vermaak Nel_South Africa

Debbie Vermaak Nel aka Debbie Nel/DebNelV/BeingMe is a 35 year old writer and published poet from South Africa who has held numerous accolades for English and writing over the years. She studied in various fields including business and education. Recently she has embarked on the journey of blogging and stock photography. Her most popular blog to date is: which deals with the frustrations of being a student.

2. Personal Branding Services: grow your business via your online presence. We help companies & start-ups to scale up their sales & revenues by handling their social media accounts & maintaining a blog with a frequency of 2 blog posts per week.

Price: 15K INR/ month

3. Freelancing Services.

We offer freelancing services like Translation of content from English to Hindi, content-writing, etc. on per project basis.

4. Invite me for Guest-lecture.

I can deliver Guest-lecture on any topic in a short-notice. 

Price: as per school/college norms plus traveling allowance.

For availing any of the above services, kindly drop an email at  

PS- All payments must be made preferably via NEFT.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav