This is the right time to leave a legacy..

Never put off a great idea to execute when you shall turn 40. This is the right time.
Let’s dig a little deeper to understand why?

1- Failure.

Follow this principle in life: “Fail Early & Fail Big.”
It is better to fail today than to fail for the same thing after 10 years. It provides ample time for improvement.
That’s why competitive coaching provides mock tests.
Taking mock tests can reflect your short-comings and rectifying them before examination is imperative to crack them.
It is better to fail in mock tests than in real examinations. Same goes for life.
It is better to reflect on your flaws today and act on them. Rather than getting to know them in future and then initiating the mending process.

2- Time shall never be just.

If you keep looking for the time to be just to begin a great work- it shall never arrive.
It is now or never.
You can start by little and grow it.
There is no point to start doing what you love to do when you shall be wealthy. It’s a myth.
If you have $200 in your pocket and you fail to utilise it for a great cause then in future when you shall hold $2000000 you shall have the same result.
It’s how you plan that is critical.
Believe that this is the right time & your destiny shall prove it!!

3- Happiness is right here, right now.

If you are unhappy today and put happiness at stake by saying- ” I shall be happy when I become XYZ, I shall be happy when I get married, I shall be happy when my child gets settled in life, etc.” You shall never be happy when the above fortunate things happen.
Remember: Happiness is right here, right now.
You need to find the reasons to be happy right now.

4- The journey of thousand miles begins with the first step.

When you know your journey is of 1000 miles, why not start early? Big dreams often require more time and practice.
Why not practice today what you wish to do after 4 or 5 years. If that is charity do it by keeping aside 10% of your pocket money for the same purpose.
If you are willing to work hard for the year 2017- why not right now, right here?

Everything is right now, right here.
What you need to do is to look for solutions.
This is the right time to leave a legacy.
Once you embark on the journey, obstacles will soon turn into opportunities.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


7 ways to create astounding relationships…

Ways to create astounding relationships…

1- Keep out money factor.

Never bring money factor in relationships.
If someone befriends you due to money, he/she shall leave you when you are empty handed.
Great relationships are formed in times of crisis.
Do share large chunks of money in case of emergencies and for great cause.

2- Give a honest reply.

At times, we all feel stuck in life.
We all tend to approach our dear friends for advice. Always offer the best advice.
They shall always be obliged for that.
Always help friends in devastating situations.
It is these situations that great relationships ate formed.

3- Cooking.

Always try to do things collectively.
It is the best way to enhance relationships.
Instead of having feast at restaurant, it is better to invite friends at home and cook for them.

4- Work collectively to create something.

Do not sit idle. Share with friends great ideas.
Do something collectively.
It may be as small as helping each other in kitchen.
Or cleaning the room.

5- Inspire & motivate.

Be engrossed in your work.
And motivate others too for the same.
No matter what, help others to find their passion.

6- In hard times.

Yes, you shall face hard times too.
In devastating situations do not let your ego come into the scene. Ego is the greatest reason for breaking of once a great relationship. Try to avoid- “Why should I contact if he/she doesn’t care?”, “They shall offer an apology first”,
It is all mere a time wasters.
Be natural. Be at peace.

7- Have fun together.

Yes, sharing some laughter can not only amplify your inner happiness but also relationships.

“Helping out others to do better in their life is the noblest way to create relationships.”

With Great Love,
Er. Amit Yadav

Check here if your life is awesome

Everyone wants his/her life to be awesome.
Here is a list of test to check your happiness level in your life:

Test 1- Wake-up Enthusiasm.

Are you enthusiastic to start your day?
Or grumble about daily chores.
Probably you need to change something if you don’t feel great and stunning to start a day.
How you start a day shall determine how you end it.
If the beginning of the day is stunning, it’s easy to maintain that level of energy throughout the day.
Don’t believe?
It may sound to you a rudimentary idea.
But try to revisit the moment when you succeed in life.
Didn’t it made you enthusiastic about your future life?
Didn’t it made your life exuberant for may be a month or even a year? Accept it. We all would have had felt that.
When we are at the zenith of success, we wake-up enthusiastically. So, Waking- Up Enthusiastically is a test. Rate yourself.

Test 2: Self-love.

After taking a bath & standing in front of mirror, what you think may reflect your Self-love.
Did you thought “I’m on the right path, just a little more push is what I need”. ” I feel great that I could help her out.”
Or just felt crazy about yourself.
All reflect Self-love.
Self-love doesn’t equate to narcissism.

Remember: “When I can love myself though I have many flaws, why can’t I love others who too have many flaws?”
Next time when you study very hard, do look yourself in mirror. Isn’t that image great?
Each day you need to experience that awesome feeling.
It’s not just studying that can make you feel like that, there are many others ways too.
You need to discover your own.
And that’s your homework.

Test 3: Ups and Down.

Let’s take the reference of academics.
If you score 60% each semester and you maintain it throughout your graduation- it’s a great achievement.
But what if you score 70% in one semester and 55% in another then it’s more fun. ( It’s just a depiction that no one loves monotonicity. Neither the nature nor we humans. )
What if we had just one season to enjoy?
Sounds quite boring na?
Jim Rohn asserts that we must work like seasons.
(Of course, until and unless it’s an emergency situation.)
Work very hard for some months.
Utilise others to relax and pursue your hobbies.
It is vital so that when you return to work- you put your heart and soul to it. And life is worth living when we constantly face ups and downs. Success and failure both are pivotal to a blissful life.
Else it shall be a monotonous one!
If your life is a constant graph, you need an exponential failure before you start scaling the ladders of success swiftly.
Your score in this test is low if your life is mundane.
Note: Working like seasons is a great way to be productive in life.

Test 4: Surroundings.

If you love meeting people in your surroundings- it’s a sign that your life is awesome.
If you constantly feel bad or irritated about people you are surrounded with- you need to change your perspective.

Test 5: Gratitude

If you are thankful to God, family, mentors & friends your life is perfect. If you wish to be happy in life- Start Counting Your Blessings.

With Great Love,
Er. Amit Yadav

Yes, you are improving.

In life, we are constantly evolving.
If you don’t believe, let’s revisit the past.
Try to imagine how was your hand- writing when you were in 3rd standard. Compare it with present.
Or new words that have been added to your dictionary.
Even if that didn’t happened with you- still you might have good experiences, lessons or set backs.
All are rewarding in life.
So, what is clear that you are improving with each day.
But the problem with it is that it’s a slow process.
In life to live a enriching life, you just need to speed up the process of improvement.

How to speed up the process of self-improvement?
Here are the ways:

1- Read 2-3 Self- help books.

( You can consider “The monk who sold his ferrari” by Robin Sharma , “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki, “Veronica decides to die” by Paulo Coelho, etc.)

2- Do at least 2 things daily that you are afraid to.

3- Watch an inspiring movie.

4- Get a public speaking training.

5- Have a pet.

6- Get up early.

7- Form new habits.

8- Help others.
( It is the best way to improve oneself. As we help more and more people eventually we get out of our comfort zone ).

9- Exercise.

10- Volunteer for a cause.

11- Listen.

12- Stop complaining.

13- Do something with life.

14- Build new relationships.

15- Write your mission statement for your life.

16- Improve your hand-writing.

17- Spend more time with your family.

18- Do what thrills you.

19- Do not follow fashion.
( we can’t catch it ever because we follow it!!!)

20- Try Vipassana

21- Try Meditation.

22- Focus on life.

( Irrespective of success or failures be on the path you have always imagined for yourself )

23- Do things you live to do.
* 24 hours are sufficient.
If you complain about time you need to decide your priorities in life. Also learn some time management techniques.

24- De-clutter life.

The more things you buy, the more time you shall need to manage them. If you buy more clothes, you need more time to wash them.
Or even if you outsource them- you need more money.
Do ask yourself before buying anything- “Do I really need this?”

25- Include more veggies and fruits in your diet.

26- Do not criticise others.

27- Keep life simple.

28- Embrace your life.

29- Be thankful to God.

30- Work very hard.


31- Have some fun.
Try something new each day.

32- Get out of your comfort zone each day.

33- Always say YES to opportunities.

34- Become a Smile- Millionaire.

35- Forgive yourself.

36- Don’t be a copycat.

Life is short. So, live the life you dreamt of.
Now is the time.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Bend or Break..It’s a choice.

Relationships can bend or break you.
Similar is with failures.
If you are broken, you chose it.
We may often feel disappointed in life.
We are often stuck in life.
Thinking what to do and what not to do.
At times, we are unwilling to change our mind. Unfortunately it creates problem. So, what’s the solution?
Stretch yourself a little.
If you ever wanted to be strong- be like bamboo.
Why a bamboo tree?
And not mango or banyan?
It’s totally a matter of choice.
What is interesting about bamboo is that it can withstand wind speed of 195 miles/hour.
Isn’t that awesome?

We may not always be in a situation to counter our external environments. What we can possibly do in crisis and adverse situations is to change our mindset.
We can always change our perspective.
Being too obstinate in life may break us.

If you choose to be a bamboo stick i.e. resilient, here are the ways:

##In Relationships.

At times in life, we need to put aside our ego and start a healthy talk with a friend who might be unhappy with our behaviour.
We need to refrain ourselves from intensifying the situations. Never ever play the blame game in relationships- EVEN IF YOU WEREN’T WRONG. Blaming someone isn’t the solution.
It’s negative criticism. It may lead someone to self-destruction. Care for everyone in this world. All have a story that they won’t tell us ever but that affects their life, choices & judgements.
Someone hurt in a relationship may choose to remain aloof from them. Never in life take permanent decisions.
Don’t be that blunt in life.
Be like rubber band.
Stretch yourself a little.
Just because you failed in a relationship there is no point to believe that they are sinister.
Failing in an examination doesn’t means that you should let go the hopes to try again.
You must have an open-mindset.
Always allow people, opportunities & ideas to your life.
They keep knocking but you must attend them.
And above all, be willing to enhance the beauty of your heart. YOU NEED TO HAVE A BIG HEART TO ACCEPT NEW CHOICES, PEOPLE AND PERSPECTIVE.

##In Life.

In life too it’s a realm of choice to bend or to succumb to
devastating situations.
Always be willing to start over again.
Be it wealth, health or relationships.
You have a broken relationship, try to fix it.
You are in debt, try to fix it.
Fix it. Fix it soon.
Whatever health, wealth, or relationships- Fix them.
Accept and allow new things to your life.
Try to have faith and say loudly- IT SHALL WORK.
How can that be possible that things won’t work out if you are firm determined. Believe that one day you shall have Rich Health, Wealth & Relationships. God gives you a gift each day.
You receive A NEW day each day.
Start your each as you have imagined it to be.

With Great Love,
Er. Amit Yadav

How to use Social media for self- development..

1- Post a status about what you have resolved to do.

May be you are preparing for an examination, you can post it on fb or other social media platforms when you begin.
You shall be in limelight.
And quite often when we are in limelight we perform better.
Use social media as a tool for your commitment.
Use it for self-development.
May be you want to improve your communication skills- post a status and start working on it.
( It would be even better if you could add the day on which you expect to accomplish the said task).
What you post may also inspire others to do the same or to accomplish their own dreams).

2- Do not take personally any criticism.

If you receive any criticism or that ” You Can’t do it”, ignore it. Do not take it personally.
What can happen at worse?
You may get into a scary situation.
But let me remind you that if you are committed & determined in life- you shall come out of “nightmares of life” easily.
As Mario Andretti said: ” If you have everything under control, you’re not moving fast enough.”
Once you have mastered something, you need to accelerate.
It is better to fail than to not try at all.

3- Like fb pages.

In life it is very vital to surround yourself with people who are passionate about doing something.
If you fail to surround yourself with such people ( though it is very important) you can still surround yourself with great fb pages that may help you accomplish your task.
Surrounding yourself with great people as they acts as a catalyst to kick start your life.
It helps us to beat procrastination.
You can like these fb pages:
*Robin Sharma
*Paulo Coelho

4- What if you fail??

If you have resolved to do something great, do not fear failures. Also failures are event.
They don’t always ought to be associated with a person.
They are inevitable part of your life.
Every legend faced it.
So, you too.
But how you react to them is a matter of choice.
You have a choice to TRY Again V/s to succumb to failures.
Resolve yourself to be a person who shall – “Try Again”.
Accept failures and try to figure out what went wrong & what better could be done now.
And do that “better” from today.

##- Nothing good happened.

I have scored decent marks in 10th, 12th & also in engineering semesters but nothing good happened.
What I mean is that focusing on mere numbers won’t get you much far in life. You need to do something to improve yourself with each passing day. If you resolve yourself to be a life- long learner. Then failures are just myth. Aren’t they?
And recently I found that fb could be a better way to self-improvement than personal journal writing.

###- Everything that happens now is GREAT.

The journey to start a website: and blogging has been great. I shall always be thankful to God for that.

The idea to bring at home 2 rabbits was a fantastic move. They have made each moment of my life great.
I have collected about 1000 snaps of rabbits & they shall be uploaded soon on website.

I have started a life that I have imagined to live for myself. For whom do you wait for?
Start living your dreams. Now is the right time.

With Great Love you,

Er. Amit Yadav

6 Reasons for why you should start blogging….

Blogging is a great way to reach out to people and help them. Still pondering how blogging can help someone?
How can someone benefit from blog?

Recently I purchased Samsung E7, I didn’t knew how to take snapshots from it. I tried somethings but they didn’t worked out like pressing Power Key plus the Home screen key, Power key plus the Home screen key, etc.
And to my amazement all these solutions were not provided by the conventional websites but by blogs.
Though some didn’t worked as they were written with respect to other Samsung handsets.
But ultimately found the solution on a blogpost with a picture depicting how to take snapshot.
And it worked..!!
You just have to flip slantly your palm from bottom to up on the screen. So, the lesson is Blogs offer solution to day to day problems.

6 Reasons for why you should start blogging…

1- You can contribute to society.

As a professional whether you are an engineer, lawyer, or a doctor you can help out people by your expertise to those who aren’t from your profession.

2- Conventional Wisdom V/s What is the need of the hour.

Books do offer conventional wisdom and no one can deny that they aren’t needed in life.
Yes, they do have an important place in our life. They do shape our lives. But they are not that interactive.
May not be much relevant or application based as per present scenario. So, blogging bridges the gap between the conventional wisdom and the wisdom that is the need of the hour.

3- With time your writing skills shall improve substantially.

If you have an enquiring mind and it says ” Show me” , then you can check the blog posts on this blog and compare the recent ones with the older ones.

4- Creation is better form of expression.

5- Get out of “What others will say”

Hey, if I write grammatically wrong English does that make me a bad person? No, not at all.
But not trying to improve it does make me an AVERAGE PERSON in the long run. Do not think what others shall say. Just do it and have commitment that you shall make it better with time.
Remember: Rome was not built in a day.
Every masterpiece was once a prototype. It was improvements that made the prototype a masterpiece.
For life consider yourself as a prototype.
And of course blogging is a great way to get out of “What others will say”.

6- Reviews

Many reviews are biased whether for a film, book or restaurants. Multitude of reviews are sponsored.
But what about getting reviews from independent people who watched the movie or ate at restaurant?
There are many blogs that offer reviews for books, movies, restaurants, etc.

Have fun writing blog posts & following good ones.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

A poem that enlightens…”Diwali”

“O” darkness !
Perpetual is your presence ,
Permanant is your stand ,
Unchangeable is your nature ,
Non-existent is your source !
“O” sun !!
Fixed is your timing ,
Perfect is your pitch ,
‘Diverse’ is your presence in all phenomena’s !
You combine both ,
Darkness finding shelter under light,
and hence a boundary between day and night is set !
And then you  walk in ,
Destroying all such boundaries ,
Eradicating all discrimnation between day and night ,
You are really a beauty “DIWALI”

– By
  Er. Dipu Singh, NIT Calicut

( Dipu can be reached through link: )

Life is easy…☺

How to study for longer hours…

To study or work for longer hours you need to have mind, body & heart in harmony.
The man difference between peak performers and average performers is of concentration.
Instead of increasing hours you devote to study or work, aim to improve your PRODUCTIVITY.

1- Have a healthy breakfast.

Never skip breakfast at any cost!
Breakfast not only allows you to stay energetic throughout the day but also keeps you away from drowsiness.
So, you can concentrate to optimum level.

2- Internet as supplementary to books.

By reading books for longer hours, it may feel monotonous and even may become boring.
You can still utilise the time to Google concepts, topics, jagron etc. that you couldn’t understand.
Switch back to books after a short break.

3- Videos & Podcasts.

Watch educational videos if you are stuck in studies.
Also do have a good collection of motivational videos to stay positive and motivated throughout the day.
These collections shall be of immense use while travelling.
Podcasts may too be used for the same purpose.

4- Increase your concentration.
Do not always try to multitask.
Stay focused to work at hand.
Observe things. Be alert.
Soon with time your concentration power shall increase.

5- Mind needs nutrition.

Always go for fresh veggies and fruits- if you have a choice. Refrain from soft drinks, energy drinks, and processed foods. Go Green, Go Natural!

6- Exercise.

7- Be happy.

We can retain more things in our brain when we are happy as compared to when we are frustrated or depressed.
So, be happy and live for a greater cause.

8- Live in the present.

It’s what you have. Do not think about future. If you are on the right path- just be happy.
Do not dwell on past.
However, bad the circumstances might have been in the past- you can still change your future by investing in the present.
Be in sync with past, present and future.

With Great Love,
Er. Amit Yadav