How to identify dark horses around you? 

How to identify dark horses around you? 

In the present age, when we give far too importance to people who graduate from top engineering & management colleges, we often fail to identify the dark horses in real-life. 
Dark horses in real-life are people with below characteristics:

¬ are confident : irrespective of thier college, family background, financial status, etc., they remain confident & show immense faith in their capabilities. 

¬ very positive: usually are unmoved by criticisms, negative comments/feedbacks, etc. They continue to work with same passion & dedicated. For them, nothing is a wet blanket. 

¬ attitude : are willing to work-hard till the last breath for the fulfillment of their dreams. Dedication & passion is visible in their style-of-working. When compared to others, they hold very positive & unique perspective towards life. 

Above all, something “intrinsic” is the source of their motivation which never fades. Hence, they are able to achieve better results over time. 


> irrespective of the results, they keep on going against all the odds

> they never settle for anything less than “they aim for”

> they are in mission-mode to deliver results

> they don’t rest longer than required

> they focus exclusively on their actions

Their way of life is different from others, they have a very clear picture of their purpose in mind. They show the ability to go to any extreme to make their purpose a reality.

With Great Love, 

Er. Amit Yadav


Learn how to ignore. 

Learn how to ignore.

We all have priorities in life & that accentuates that we ignore “certain things in life”. The art of achieving your dreams is closely related to what you concentrate on. Learn to focus on your dreams & priorities & ignore the rest of the things. 
¬ Ignore negative people around yourself. What they say or how they think is none of your business. 

¬ Ignore “what others say about you”. Be so engrossed in your to-do list of your dreams that you hardly have any time for anything else. Have no time to ponder upon “others opinion of you”. This ensures that you are on the track to achieve your dreams. 

¬ Ignore “negative relationships”. There might be some relationships that might be troubling you. They might have become a source of constant chaos in your life. If you cannot totally cut off from such relationships, at least, take a break. Distance yourself for few weeks or months from such relations. 

¬ Ignore “heat/pain/hurt/sacrifice”. The path to your dreams is never going to be easy. Irrespective of the challenges in your path, which could manifest in the form of bad weather, disease, mental trauma, emotional imbalance, etc., you must keep striving. You will one day reach to a point where giving up won’t be possible. The only option left to you would be “to keep moving forward”. That will surely take you to your dreams.

The fastest way to achieve your dreams is by focusing on “top priorities” & discarding the other not-so-important tasks. 

But, you must remember to not to neglect your health & real-friends. 

With Great Love, 

Er. Amit Yadav

Why you should not care where your destiny is taking you to? 

Why you should not care where your destiny is taking you to?

If you are hard-working then you need not to be worried about where your destiny is taking you to because :

¬ no matter where you reach, problems will be there. You will face challenges. Life is never going to be easy whether you reach at point A or B. 

¬ failures are inevitable. You cannot expect yourself to score only victories.

¬ you will meet many people along the way. It hardly matters which path you take, you will find good as well as bad people.

All in all, only in fancy, the road you do not take appears to be green. In reality, no matter which path you take, you will face challenges, failures, heartbreaks, etc. 

So, don’t worry about the path. Focus on the process & actions. You have to be hardworking & committed. That’s it. 

The journey should be gratifying. It is possible only when you give your best every second. 

Are you giving your best every second or complaining about the path destiny chose for you? 

With Great Love, 

Er. Amit Yadav

What to do if you are unemployed as a fresher? 

What to do if you are unemployed as a fresher? 

You need to “do your homework”.  It might be possible that you are just in possession of degree while you don’t have any in-demand industry related skills. 

So, you must focus on:

¬ selecting a particular short-term course for yourself that is Job- oriented.

¬ work-hard to the extremes for next 7-9 months

¬ don’t apply for any job in this period

¬ if it is related to coding then get extremely better at it, if it is about designing master it, whatever it be, learn your craft

¬ connect with people who are “in the same domain”, learn from them. 

The above things will help you get a good job. But for life ahead:

¬ stop wasting your time. Only you can help yourself out.

¬ focus on your goals & dreams. 

¬ stay close to only “few selected extremely good people”. 

¬ keep working hard with same zeal & passion. 

¬ never look back. Keep moving forward.

Yoh should work as hard as possible so as to avoid a “life of regret”. 

With Great Love, 

Er. Amit Yadav 

How to get someone work for you? 

How to get someone work for you? 

It is very simple. You work for people then people work for you.

# First help 100%. 

Before you start receiving anything, you have to “give a lot”. A good person will always reciprocate. You can move away from people who don’t reciprocate.

Remember, no one will stand for you until you would have stood for them. 

# Well-treatment (*all the time). 

People are usually able to distinguish between “when you treat them well”  & “when you treat them well for an immediate profit or need/advantage”. So, being good sometimes, gives rise to suspicion. You have to commit yourself to treat others well 100% of the time. 

This involves:

¬ listening to them patiently.  

¬ Giving back what you receive. 

¬ Offering breakfast, lunch, refreshment & dinner depending upon the time. 

 ¬ always talk about common good things & avoid everything else until it is very necessary. 

¬ show genuine interest in people (else you will not be able to “seek help from right person at right time). You should always know whom to contact & when. It is only possible when you take genuine interest in people around you.

When money doesn’t works, then only thing that can work for you us” your reputation” & “goodwill”. 

How people can out of debt? They borrow interest free money from close friends. This is only possible when you have a goodwill in the market. Else, you will always be subject to suspicion ~ your ideas, goals & actions. 

With Great Love, 

Er. Amit Yadav

One person whom you cannot afford to not to follow on fb? 

One person whom you cannot afford to not to follow on fb? 

He is none other than the founder of FreeCharge, Kunal Shah. He defines himself as a person who is passionately curious & addicted to insights. You will believe in it 100% once you follow him or even after having a cursory look over his profile. 

He keeps on posting insightful posts. Not only that, he even replies to the comments. He is eager to learn, correct you via improving your comments, etc. 

Why you should follow him? 

>> you will be updated on most insightful posts. He keeps thinking & reads a lot. So, will be beneficial to you if you do a little Google research to find out “the basis for his posts”. 

>> In the above post, he makes a very valid point that “path of least resistance” should not be always appreciated. Overconfidence can ruin you. What is easily available, is most likely to be known to the majority. 

##What you need to do?

You need to follow folks from all around the world (*who post things beyond motivational quotes). They could be Business leaders, Professors of History, Political Science, Management, etc. 

Analyse their posts with an intent to learn. Think like, “Agar Ye Banda/Bandi Koi Baat Keh Raha Hai Toh, Solid Baat Hai, Par Kyun, Let me find it”.

By doing this you will grow exponentially. 

As Kunal suggests, in one of the comments, 

Hope you got the point. Cheers*

With Great Love, 

Er. Amit Yadav

Life lessons @ IT Sector. 

Life lessons @ IT Sector. 

This blog post is based on real hard experience @IT Sector. It offers us the lessons that we cannot ignore to learn if we want to succeed in IT Sector. 

Source for the screenshots is LinkedIn. 

So, this guy, graduated from one of the top engineering college of the country.  His branch was ECE. Worked in EY for 3 months as a Data Analyst & after completion of 3 months was not offered any job. So, he began looking for job & it is May, 2017 now. A year since March, 2016.

>> Market is governed by the Law of Demand & Supply. A company will usually prefer an employee who possess the right skill & can contribute to the company in a better capacity in the minimum salary drawn. A company will hesitate to terminate an employee who has worked for years. So, you have to give your best in initial years. 100% commitment. 

>> You must be ready for the worse. Private sector is highly unpredictable. Due to infusion of myriad technologies each day, few companies lose out in competition. Hence, become uncompetitive which ultimately leads to shutting it down. 

So, you have to very careful from day one of your career in IT Sector. 

What you can do? 

> Acquire some skills & try freelancing based on those skills. Don’t care about the rates initially. Just focus on “building connections”. Each connection will lead to another. Connections will be vital in the long run. You have to know people from other industries as well. 

> You should have a good LinkedIn profile. Invite connections to meet over a cup of coffee once in a while (*it is worth the efforts and money). Get to know them personally. Learn from their life & about their job & yes the industry they are in. 

>> Get over the past achievements. 

No one is really interested in your past until you make it big in your life. Gloomy present speaks it all. Everyone is interested in your present & not in your glorious past. So, untie yourself from the “past”. Focus on present & design a better future. 

>> Never assume that you are there!

Life is very tricky. When you assume yourself to be successful & start to live well within your comfort zone, you fail miserably. So, to realise one’s dream, it is a constant battle. Keep fighting! 

>> Keep learning. 

To sustain in IT Sector, you have to STAY RELEVANT. So, you cannot afford to sit back & relax. The best thing you can do for your career is to keep learning. 

You must learn in a way that you can start your own company in near future. That’s the only way to stay relevant plus to start up. 

With Great Love, 

Er. Amit Yadav

Why you must have few non-romantic relationships in life? 

Why you must have few non-romantic relationships in life?

In romantic relationships you have to devote some time each day or at least as frequently as possible. It is the requirement of the relationships that you have to keep communicating back & forth. So, romantic relationships are very time consuming. 

:: Guidance ::

You can get expert guidance from non-romantic relationships which is not possible in case of romantic relationships. A person in love with you will always give a biased opinion. So, there is very less scope to rectify your mistakes as feedback itself is faulty. 

:: Time ::

If relationship is purely based on respect then it will continue to exist even if you don’t see that person very often. If you workaholic then you must cultivate relationships that are based on mutual respect & care.

:: Brother /Sister ::

If you can get someone from your college who could play the role of big brother/sister in your life then nothing could be better than that. You will not need to spend much of your time on relationship but it will flourish with time as the trust grows. You just have to take care of the “trust-factor”. As long as people trust you, somehow relationship will keep on going. Problems start only when trust in the relationship diminishes. 

:: Easy ::

Non-romantic relationships are easy to maintain. You may not find much difficulty even continuing it till the end of your life. The reason being, expectations are very less. The more the expectations, the harder it becomes to keep the other person happy being in relationships. 

With Great Love, 

Er. Amit Yadav

Anything can happen on a good day.

Anything can happen on a good day.

You must always remain optimistic about life. Hardwork, preparation & dedication is on one-side & luck is on another side.

So, even if you feel unprepared, lift up yourself by thinking that “anything can happen on a good day”.

√ your enemy can help you on a good day

√ unexpected & unbelievable thing may take place on a good day

√ you may be surprised by your results, etc.

The opposite of this, that is, “anything can happen on a bad day” is also true.

√ you may even fail to perform & deliver usual results

√ everything may go against you despite all the hard work put in.

So, one must be optimistic in life. After a certain level of hard work it is better to sit back & relax & let things happen at their own pace.

Also, while you prepare & persevere, you must prepare like “anything can happen on a bad day”. Leave no stone turned to realise your dreams.

After that, think on the lines, “anything can happen on a good day”. Cheer & spread the light.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

What entrepreneurs cannot afford to overlook?

What entrepreneurs cannot afford to overlook?

Stay relevant.

With ubiquitous availability of information & coming up of new technologies, it is going to be hard for entrepreneurs ahead. Due to technological development, it has become easy to build a billion $ company in a very short time than compared to earlier times when it used to take 2-3 decades.

It will be a bigger challenge to stay relevant for small entrepreneurs. So, what one thing entrepreneurs cannot afford is to ignore technologies that are going to shape our future.

Impact on small entrepreneurs:

√ They only have the choice to shift to businesses that are related to technologies coming up.

√ Why only single choice? Because it is really hard for them to fund for R&D. R&D is going to be an edge to big corporates.

Staying updated: is a MUST.  Read about technologies & how they are going to shape our future in coming days.

Read Read & Read untill​ you understand. Then look for ways to integrate new technologies in your business model.

Elon Musk is a great example of present time. He is a self-made person & read as many books as he could on science & technlogy so as to arm himself with “right knowledge” that would be relevant in the present. And guess what? He is truly changing the world with innovations in Space Technology & Electric Cars.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav