What really motivates an entrepreneur?

For many entrepreneurs it is the money that drives them. But for how long can you just work till late night & get up early? 

Perhaps, not too long.

India Shouts- अब तो सुन लो।

For many entrepreneurs it is the love for their business they are in, for many others it is the fun of working with a great team.

What pushes me is something different.

Many a times I receive messages on LinkedIn from newly graduates for a job. What strikes me hard is that sometimes their CV, Education, Academics, College etc. everything is better than mine.

It gets really hard when I receive such messages from people who are greater in age than me.

May be I got little success because of “technology” & some amount of hard-work.

But what about others who couldn’t due to various genuine reasons & are struggling through life currently. 

I always think it would be a great help to humanity if I could successfully establish a big company. I don’t get distracted. The above thought keeps me on toes. 

P.S. It’s the time that will decide how far I shall rise. But having good inner-thoughts act as backbone & gives you strength in times of crisis. There is no other secret to overcome devastating situations. Oops! Secret Revealed. 

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav



How to make your life colorful instantly?

How to make your life colorful instantly?

How to make your life colorful instantly? PC: insidestories.in

While editing a CV today, I noticed how it becomes very attractive by just changing few words, color of words, their size, etc. 

Then I pondered over coloring one’s life. It doesn’t require big changes but just few minor right changes.

## 1 Positive Person.

If your life currently looks black & white & has lost it’s charm then you need to find a very positive person who is always cheerful. Hang out with him/her for few days. He/she would have added color to your life.

See, how a single person can fill colors into your life & make it vibrant?

## 1 good Book.

We usually underestimate the power of books. They bring revolutionary changes in us when read at the right time. Perhaps, when your life becomes black & white you need to pick up a book. Not only it will make you giggle, laugh but will also make you more optimistic & positive. 

We usually feel light after reading books.

## Sound Sleep.

Sleep with a light & pacifying music on in the background. When you will get up, you will feel very fresh.i

Music has a healing effect. Try it once!

## Dreaming.

Allow yourself to be unpractical. Sit & think about your dreams. Visualise it. You will feel better. Ask yourself, what if it is possible now also?

If yes then go ahead with it.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


A guest blog-post on “How to excel as an entrepreneur?” by Vaachamitra

​Question: One of the negative impact of industrialisation has been an increase in cases of mental disorders and various such syndromes. Corporate jobs, being highly exploitative, have turned people gradually towards entrepreneurship and self-employment. Unaware of the severe competition in the business world they suffer here too. All in all industrialisation has led to mass dissatisfaction. How does one finds a way out?

The Multitudes of Ripples by Vaachamitra

Answer by Vaachamitra, author of “The Multitudes of Ripples”:

I have no suggestions for this dilemma. I have been advising entrepreneurs for quite some time. Most of us are not aware of what future holds. So, it is easy to get disheartened in times of adversities.

However, the key issue is to separate yourself from your profession. Most entrepreneurs identify themselves with their project. This is a mistake. An individual is much more than his profession

The Multitudes of Ripples by Vaachamitra

Therefore, the best thing to do is to find your own inner self and draw strength from that. A project might fail but an individual need not. 

“The best strategy for entrepreneurs is to reinvent themselves by reskilling.”

Grab the copy of “The Multitudes of Ripples” by Vaachamitra through the link below:


P.S. The book-cover of “The Multitudes of Ripples” by Vaachamitra is really very intriguing & interesting. Perhaps, the best I have come across in my life so far.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


What’s the best way to become rich if you are an employee?

What’s the best way to become rich if you are an employee?

The Best Way to become Rich; PC: medium.com

Suppose you are beginning your corporate career with an entry-level job. Usually no company would increment your salary by more than 5% each year. Also, you won’t get a promotion within a year or two.

Even if you get a salary raise of 10K with each promotion then also it will take at around 7 years to double your income.

So, making an assumption that your income gets doubled in every 7 years. Then,

3 LPA = 22 Age

6 LPA = 29 Age  

12 LPA = 36 Age

24 LPA = 43 Age

…………………STOP HERE………………….

After 24 LPA it is very difficult to double your salary in even next 7 years. 

Young folks get into the industry who are very ambitious & upward mobile. They are young, energetic & hard-working. So, you may face stiff competition from them.

If you wish to become rich as an employee then

## Accelerate:

Accelerate the above process. Instead of every 7 years, make it a goal to double your income in every 3 years. 

3 LPA = 22 years

6 LPA = 25 years

12 LPA = 28 years

24 LPA = 31 years

So, when you must be earning at least 24 LPA by 31 years of age.

You will have to work with passion & dedication. Else you will get stuck at just few positions above the entry-level.

You are just 31, quite young, passionate & eager to learn. Now, you can easily follow the 7 years-double income goal.

24 LPA = 31 years

48 LPA = 38 years

—— ——-Stop Here————

You will again need to work very hard to double your income.

48 LPA is good by any standards but it will become a reality only after 16 years of hard-work.

So, stay focused & slowly & gradually you will reach there.

P.S. It is really very difficult to get rich by being an employee. You need to constantly look at other opportunities as well.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


How to personalise your fb profile so as to leave a good first impression?

How to personalise your fb profile so as to leave a good first impression?

## Display Picture.

It must be a quote that you like the most. It could be self-written or could be by some other person. The only condition is that you must follow it fully. Sooner or later you will start getting known by that quote.

Do not change it for years. Let it be the sole representative of your identity.

My fb dp

## Cover Picture.

It must also be a quote. A quote that will mesmerise the viewer instantly. If you keep a good dp & cover pic then it will force the visitor of your profile to dig in. Who knows who he/she might be?

My Cover Picture.

## Other Infos.

Once you are start earning or into job, it hardly matters where you come from. So, you don’t need to add your city, hometown, your school & college to your profile.

Only add your professional skills at which you are good at.

Add only professional skills.

## Add a catchy Nickname.

I use “Superman Returns” as a nickname on fb. That’s quite attractive!

## About

In about section, write anything that you expect from your fb friends & visitors. 
So, in a way, I demand from people who drop in messages to be patient as I’ll reply them in between 8:30 pm to 9: 00 pm.

About You

P.S. first impression is the last impression. You don’t get an another chance to re-build it. So, make sure to personalise your fb profile to leave a very good first impression.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


Experience @ SSB at Bhopal by Er.Pankaj Yadav

Experience @ SSB at Bhopal by Er. Pankaj Yadav.

Hi all,

It’s Pankaj Yadav sharing my experience @ SSB TGC- 48 at Bhopal.

Er. Pankaj Yadav

I had applied for TGC- 48 in Indian Army. I was called to appear in SSB at Bhopal centre on 19 Nov. 2016 at 06: 00 am.

I reached the center at time without any delay. All my documents were checked thoroughly. If there was anyone without proper set of documents as listed in the admit card’s instructions, was directed to return back without entertaining any excuse.

Well to be very honest I was lucky as I had just taken my original mark sheet from my college just a day before heading to Bhopal (Else I too would have been asked to return back ; ))

After all my documents were verified and I was finished up with filling some application forms, I was directed to take the breakfast. 

At 07: 30 am hours the first stage of testing started.

It was the intelligence test. This test consisted of 50 verbal, non verbal and english vocabulary questions. The total time allotted to us was 30 minutes. The questions were quite easy but required good practice and speed.

After stage-1, we were given some time break. In those time,  I started interacting with other cadets. A strange thing I noticed. Most of the cadets were from South India especially Telangana and Kerala. And most of them did not knew Hindi. It was the first time when I was in the company of those people who didn’t knew my mother tongue.

So, the only language that came to our rescue was English. We first laughed and then started communicating in English. Unforgettable experience! We must always be proud of India- for its diverse culture, language & literature.

After some time we were called to appear for stage 2 testing, that is PPDT (Picture Perception & Description Test). In this test a picture was shown to us for 10 seconds. After that we had to write a story of 100 to 150 words within 4 minutes. After story writing we were grouped into 13 cadets each.

We had to narrate our story to each other and discuss it. It was a 2-step process in which all the cadets were first given chance to narrate their story based on the picture shown.

Then the discussion process followed. It was quite unhealthy. Every one was interested in putting forth his point. It created a fish-like market seen.

After 2-stage testing when I came out from the testing hall and was sitting in canteen I asked one previously selected cadet, ” why you got selected ?”. He smiled and tried to give some general answer like good practice of test and good communication skills etc. but finally he revealed his actual strategy that he was very exceptional in Intelligence Test.

He further added that 2nd- stage is mostly based on your luck. It could be because you may fail to write a good story from picture shown or you may not  get chance to speak in group discussion etc . But in the first stage you have pen in your hand and the more question you solve the more marks you score. He then told me that he solved 50 out of 50 question within time given and only 2-3 out of which would be wrong. 

So he concluded his secret as,” score as more as you can in the first stage that is intelligence test and leave the second stage on luck. This score will also be useful in the final day merit score”.

I wished him Good luck for life 🙂

I took my luggage and came back to home because I had failed to qualify the first day test.

But the sweet memories of interactions with others @ SSB will remain for long.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


How to plan your whole life in 3 parts?

How to plan your whole life in 3 parts?

Life; PC: insidestories.in

Your life can be divided into below 3 parts:

## First 1/3rd = No Planning.

You don’t need to have any plan for first 20-22 years of life. Just enjoy life to the fullest & try to figure out what you love to do. Refrain yourself from making comparisons. 

## Next 1/3rd = Extreme Hard-work.

By this time, you would have probably found out what your dreams are- something for which you can go to extremes. You just need to chase it day in & day out for next 20+ years. 

Work-hard for these 20+ years. In these years build assets (as many as possible). It is always good to have multiple sources of income. It will help you to live a dignified & happy life.

*Hard-work means at least 14-15 hours of work each day with passion.

You can slow down after you cross 44-45 years of age. The time is now move to last-phase of life.

## Last 1/3rd = Rest.

Now is the time to rest. Work when you feel like. Take projects you would really have fun doing. Spend time with family. Do whatever you wanted out of your life. Make the last 1/3rd of your life memorable!

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


What’s the Best Investment strategy for life?

Be very careful while making an investment. Say “No” to most of investments. They are not worthy. Wait for the best investment opportunity. Because your “time” & “resources” are limited.

Warren Buffet_wiki

“If you buy things you do not need, soon you will have to sell things you need.”

-Warren Buffet

So, invest your time only on things that are worth doing. Else you will have to struggle to give attention & time to things that really need your time.

Same goes for things you buy. If you buy products & services that you don’t need then you will clutter your life only with useless things. One day you will discover that you are not left with sufficient money to buy things you really require.

## No Regrets for next 5 years.
Make only those investments that you think you won’t have to regret for next 5 years.

– Boyfriend/Girlfriend as an Investment. 

It is beneficial only when you marry to your girlfriend because time spent is very huge in such relations. They may serve as a good companion.

– Goal as an Investment.

Goal is also an investment because in it you invest your time. You must choose your goals very carefully.

Sometimes people work-hard on things that doesn’t give any results. It is a sheer wastage of your time if you didn’t learned anything out of it.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


How to double your income in 18 months?

How to double your income in 18 months?

How to double your income in 18 months?

Let’s see how you can double your income in just 18 months:

## Promotion.

Generally it takes 2-3 years at least to get promoted in private sector. The raise in salary after promotion is just 25- 30%. So, working hard to get prompted is not a good choice. It doesn’t doubles your salary.

##Starting Your Own Business.

18 months is a less time to turn an start-up into a success. Usually they don’t make profit in first 6- 12 months even after huge investments. Even after you start making profits you have to re-invest into your business. So, it would take around 2.5 to 3 years to become stable in business. So, not a good choice in short-term given the huge investments, time & hard-work involved. 

## Freelancing.

Freelancing is the right choice. All you require is just a SKILL-IN-DEMAND. It could be Social Media Marketing (SMM), Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Website Designing, Graphic Designing, Editing books,Ghost-writing, Content-writing, etc.

-First 6 Months 

Focus on learning the skill & even offer free services to build a positive reputation in the market as a freelancer. Make some sample which you will show to your clients. 

– Next 6 Months.

Suppose you design a logo as a freelancer & charge 150 INR for it.
It won’t take more than an hour (if you have good command over designing logos).

Devote at least 4 hours each day & 8 hours on weekends for Freelancing projects.

So, in a month,

4 hour × 22 = 88 Hr

Weekends = 6 × 8 = 48 Hr

Total hours = 136 Hr

1 Hr = 150 INR

Then, total amount= 136 × 150 = 20, 400 INR.

So, depending upon your expertise & skills you can earn more than 20K INR/month easily within 12 months from starting. 

Entry-level engineers are paid in between 20K-25K. 

– Next 6 Months. 
Increase your charges now. This is the time to go for 250 – 300 INR/hr. By the end of this 6 months you can reach to the level of approximately doubling your income via Freelancing. 

P.S. if you start Freelancing by continuing with your current job (i.e. as a part-time) then it will get tripled in just 18 months. Whoa!

With Great Love,
Er. Amit Yadav


Why having a Plan- B makes you mediocre?

​Why having a Plan- B makes you mediocre?

Plan- B made me mediocre; PC: wiki

It is good to have a Plan- B in high-risk businesses & industries.

But there are few losses associated with having a plan- B.

## Plan- A: lack of focus.

You may become lax in execution of Plan- A as you know you can always switch from Plan- A to Plan- B. It may seem to you that nothing bad will happen as Plan- B तो है ही। This attitude is disastrous. Most often people settle for Plan- B, C, etc. in life & miss out their dreams. The first sign of mediocrity is the failure to stand up for your dreams.

## Plan- B : execution time.

Even execution of Plan- B requires substantial time. When you switch to Plan- B it takes your 1-2 years of your life. In the end, people get stuck in Plan- B forever. So, many a times going from Plan- A to B is irreversible. So, be very careful if you opt for Plan- B. There is very less probability that you will again be able to switch to Plan- A.

Hence, it might make you mediocre. 

## The Best Way.

Follow the Plan- A religiously. At least in the age bracket of 20-25. If even despite your best of the best efforts you fail to achieve the motives of Plan-A then switch to Plan- B.

If you are passionate about your dreams then you will be able to switch from Plan- B to A. Remain optimistic & hopeful. 

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav