Do you love your life?

How to know if you love your life?
Some signs to know it:

1- You are enthusiastic about tomorrow- about what may happen in your family, at workplace, etc.

2- If you have plans for the following days.
When you wake up you have a list of things you want to do.

3- You feel satisfied with life.

4- You try to be more kind.

5- You love and adore every creation of God.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


Try Investing In Yourself…!!

At times we wish to fulfil multitudes of need and expectations of family and society.
At other times we may feel overloaded with them.
What one wonders is: if my potential were twice as it is now I could have served the society and managed things more elegantly.
So, what’s the solution?
Try investing in yourself.

1- Polish your skills- that may save plenty of time to invest on other things.

2- Learn basics of Time Management Skills.
It is not the time you devote to a work at hand is important but how much attention you give to it.

3- Become Energy Bundle.
Be a source of Positive Energy. Large amount of energy is drained through negative thoughts. So, focus on positive and ignore everything else.

4- Do a little research.
Try to figure out ideas that have worked in your life and adopt them in day to day life.
And for those didn’t- dig a little deeper to find if their improved version might work out.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

We all need motivators….all-around

We need motivators all around…!!
Whether you are a mother, wife , sister or a professional , we all at times in life need to support our near and dear one’s with kind and inspiring words. In times of crisis they work as nectar.
Even we need to be internally motivated to sail smooth in life. With competition becoming fierce with each passing day, it is essential to create a positive and conducive environment.
And for that coach and motivators are needed.
Once motivators and life coach were considered to be part of corporate world but now they need to be a part of our day to day life. The last decade has seen boom for demand of Relationship Experts, Career Counselor, Health Experts, Nutritionist , Body-trainers, etc But won’t it be great if we could get charged with positive energies and boost the environment with positive energy where ever we go? Won’t it be great if we could become a source of inspiration to someone? It is widely recommended to opt for Life Skills- Just read some self-help and inspirational books.
It shall improve your belief system and your perspective.
With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Pet- owner’s……..Life Lessons…

What you do being a pet-owner……….Life Lessons……!!!!!!

What you do to your pet-your love, care, concern, etc. is nothing but great lessons to parenting.
Your pet at times may get infuriated due to something.
But you still love it, adore it and try to figure out “what’s wrong”. That’s a great lesson to life.
I have a pet- Rabbit.
I love it. So, that’s me who gonna clean its excreta- just like mother. At times, your pet may wake you up in the middle of night. Lick you. You bring some food for it to eat. That’s how it makes you responsible. You go to college and at times may be reminded- Oh! Left so little food for it today- it might be insufficient.
It may have become hungry by the time.
As the college bell rings, you rush to home.
If your pet goes unwell, you pray to God for its wellness.
You always try to spend more time to love it, adore it.
The moments when your pet may destroy something- you try to keep that thing from it’s out of reach.
You may spend your pocket-money on its wellness.
That’s all you do because you love it a lot.
And that’s how our parents do things for ourselves.
This life is small to repay all the debts that we owe to our parents for their UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, SUPPORT & BLESSINGS.
With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

If we all could understand this…!!

If we all could understand this…..!!!

Firstly, we all are aware that our presence on this world is for limited time. Yet we tend to waste our time on “small” or “petty” things in life. We tend to indulge in blaming others, fighting, etc.
If we all could focus on doing “worthy” in our life this world would transcend to heaven.
We have just one life to fulfill our purpose on this earth.
We all have dreams yet we tend to distract again and again from the right path. This shows our lack of commitment to our dreams.
Simply put it-if your eye’s have envisioned a dream then it is you and only you who gonna have the onus to realize it.
Don’t expect other’s to help you out always.
Walk the path alone at times.
Be happy and enlighten the lives of other.
Secondly, never complain in life about anything.
Life’s realities are harsh.
People suffer all through the life- some due to their actions & some can’t be accounted for the same.
Before complaining about anybody do recall that “all the opportunities you might have had in life, others might not have had.”
And at last, complaining is not the solution to any problem. Being negative is not an option.
It doesn’t serve any good to the world.
Be always positive and confident.
If you ever wish to pass anything to the world, it’s always
positivity-the power that cherishes each and every living being on this earth.
With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

The “Same” Mistakes….

The “SAME” Mistakes…..!!!

People often repeat same mistakes throughout life.
And instead of accepting blunders and rectifying them, complain about situations.
Remember, failure only points to one thing that there is some error. People who succeed in life are no smarter but are always willing to learn and correct themselves.
People who are successful prove themselves in every situation that comes across them.
They go on making stumbling blocks into stepping stones.
The only difference is that once they find a weakness in themselves, they “fix” it quickly through their perseverance and hard work. Iteration of mistakes in life points to our lack of awareness. Put aside everything today and think about the “bad” choices you made in life. In life, we go on repeating same mistakes often and that culminate in failures. Have faith in yourself and go on improving yourself each day.
And do guard your choices because ultimately at the end WE ARE ALL CHOICES….!!!! Leaving you with a great thought…
“It’s alright to do things the way you want. There is no map to life, no blueprint to survival; you can create your world day by day if you have a Clear vision and unwillingness to give up.”
-John O’Callaghan

With Great Love,
Er. Amit Yadav

Choices- Formula to success…..!!

Choices- formula to success….!!
What would you do if someone betrays you?
Truly, what you decide to do in the above situation is a choice. Let’s take another.
A friend calls you at 2:30 am and asks for a help.
It’s a choice whether you will help your pal out or will give some excuse. You see the clock, it points that time is 1:00 am, and it’s another choice to go to sleep or to complete pending work.
Above choices are momentarily but do affect our lives to great extent. Surprised?
Let’s ponder a little more.
It’s a choice if you decide to work for 12- hours and follow it as a rule throughout life.
It’s a choice to be a life-long learner.
Building a plan for healthy life and following it, being kind to people, trying always to be happy, being thankful to God, being a part of solution, etc. are all choices and decide the course of our lives. Remember, in the end what we become are “merely” choices.
So, next time you have to make a choice- be aware that it will have an impact on your life…….!!!!!
With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Know your potential….!!

You may in life never know how much is your capability is until you try. Merely thinking and pondering won’t work. Some are lucky and get to know about their potential through circumstances. But that doesn’t happen to all. So, you need to be alert and conscious to unlock your latent potential.
Once you do that- you shall always be positive about life and imbibe an attitude- I CAN DO IT.
To quote from my life-
1- When I did my preparation for IIT- JEE at times, to crack it seemed pretty impossible.
Now, I realise if I would have focused on positive and would have worked till the last moment. I could have made it.

2- I started preparation for 3rd semester exams on December 7th, 2013 and papers were starting from 15th Dec. but at that time situations were like – I have to score good at that time. It was atmosphere that I hadn’t created- something God has designed.
I have bought 7 rough registers and I don’t know how but they were all filled at the end of exams with numericals, questions and derivations. And guess what?
When results came on February 21st, 2014, I was the highest external marks scorer from my branch- EC at FGIET, Rae Bareli. It was something unprecedented at my college. “External Topper” was a new term added to the dictionary.
It drew me more towards understanding “How much is really a Human Potential “. For the time being- It is unmeasurable – infinite.
Also when we work with whole heart- invisible forces that surround us try to help us out to fulfil our purpose. God is always supporting and nurturing us- what we need is to TRY HARD FOR SOMETHING.

So, the lesson is: Never mind failures, abuses, set backs, pains, hurts, unwelcomeness or any any any negative thing that you are confronted with. Just ignore and move on learning some life lessons. Life is much bigger than we can think and visualize. Responding back all the time is not a good option.
Be focused for your purpose in life…….For what you wanna leave behind when you die….!!

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

What had Amazed me…

It took about 3 years for me to realise that what needs to be appreciated is the Human Potential.
I’m amazed and startled to it.
Never ever in life underestimate yourself.
From my own experiences I can endorse that there is a fine line between those who succeed and the ones who fail.
Better stated as the winners are conscious enough to improve and curtail their mistakes.
So, Success is more about improving your mistakes.
Over years of pondering if I were to offer you something it is : YOU ARE DIVINE. All were born with abilities- some polished it and in some it’s latent- untapped.
It is good to learn from outside but also find time to introspect. Try to understand yourself. And that will enable you to understand others better.
1- Andrew Carnegie’s personal journal revealed his purpose to life: To accumulate wealth till half of my life and then spend it for the other half. And he did the same.

So, have a purpose for your life that keeps you going when going gets tough.

2- Why you feel insecure?
It emanates when you think resources are limited.
But that’s not truth. There is abundance wealth for everyone. Wealth of Mother Nature is infinite. You just have to figure out a way to it.

3- Fill the void.
If you find something missing- try filling it.
By doing so what you do is- IMPROVING.
Improve constantly yourself and surrounding.

4- Make two Promises to yourself.
First is : I Shall Always Try To Be Part Of Solution.
Secondly, I shall work hard till the last moment of my life.

Guess where you shall reach by implementing above tips?

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Appreciate Yourself….!!@

At times in life we fail to appreciate ourself. We often neglect our creations saying that it’s not masterpiece, not so beautiful. But what we forget on the other side is that even the best creation’s initially were primitive. Great creations are achieved by honing skills. So, what is really important is that if you like something you must continue pursuing it. Not only one day it shall be appreciated but also be a source of happiness to you.
Instead of wasting time on petty things do pursue your hobbies. Isn’t it feels good when you check time and find that you were so engrossed in your hobby that the clock has hit 3 a.m?
It is really an awesome feeling.
But now a days people don’t pursue their hobbies owing to lack of time and fierce competition.
Facebook and other social networking sites have taken the place of leisure activity.
Hardly there is room for get-togethers and hangouts.
Even we miss to appreciate ourselves.
We fail to reflect all good thing we did at each day. We don’t provide ourselves with enough “quiet moments” to introspect.
Thus, we fail to develop insights to look situations multi-dimensionally. With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav