What can I learn today?

What can I learn today?

You may know many things but not EVERYTHING.
Wake up each day and ask yourself what new can I learn today?


Learn something new each day. It could be a new quote, technique or a word. Learn each day no matter what.

-Sources of learning

It could be a book, internet or through observation.
There is no scarcity of information in today’s world.
It is almost free and accessible from any part of the world. So, invest wisely into the reliable sources and get yourself acquainted with the info’s of your niche.

-Learning skill-sets

Figure out the skill-sets that you need to acquire in order to achieve your goals.
Keep learning new skills as they enrich your life and bring meaning to your life.

Most-sought-after skills of present times are CODING, BLOGGING, COMMUNICATION SKILLS, PERSONAL BRANDING, ETC.
So, you may choose to develop the above skills this NEW YEAR 2016.


Find out ways to improve your productivity.
There might be some tips available on internet but they may not suit you. So, put some efforts to know what works for you.
If you learn one way to reduce your time and efforts to an activity without compromising with the efficiency and quality of work then by the end of one year you would have increased your productivity at 365 tasks!
By doing so you save your time and thus will have more leisure time to enjoy and rejuvenate yourself.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


You need a friend with whom you can stroll.

You need a friend with whom you can stroll.

Strolling is one of the most healing and pacifying activity I have known so far.
If strolling is accompanied by a loved one or a close-friend then it becomes irreplaceable with any leisure activity.


We all face bad times as well as good times.
In bad times, we need to engage ourselves into stress-bursting activities.
We need to shake off our worries and strolling with a friend is such an activity that helps us to stress-out.

-Building friendships

It is an activity that helps in the bonding process.
When we walk we do share our views and concerns.
One may be in trouble and stressed but after the long walk you may feel light and contended.
That’s the most magical thing about walking.

-Silent Walk

Even silent walk is very effective in easing and de-stressing your life.
It allows you to notice things on your way.
Feel the nature and discover oneself along the way.

So, walking itself is very assuaging and when accompanied by a friend it has mystical healing and energizing effects.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺

You cannot have it all.

You cannot have it all.

You have to be choosy. If you wish to watch movies with friends, enjoy travelling and late night parties along with the fulfillment of your dreams then it is going to be an exhausting experience.
We all have 24 hours. If you wish to enjoy each day and try to schedule many movies, get-togethers or fun-time each day then it either comes out as a sacrifice of sleep or work.
Sacrificing either sleep or work is dangerous.

Instead you can be selective in life.
Why not devote time for the activities that you enjoy the most and ignoring nearing all others?
You can schedule get-togethers and movies at the end of each month.

-Talking on phone with friends

Do not make a call to people whom you meet on day-to-day basis or now and then.
Instead you need to utilize the same time to get in touch with old friends who live in other cities.
This includes interactions via WhatsApp and Social Networking sites.

-Ignore all others

If you like to watch movies then instead of get-togethers at restaurants you can invite friends to watch movies with you.If you jog then you can ask friends to join with you at morning for joggings.
You can even invite friends to accompany with you at workshops and seminars you attend.
So, instead of doing things that you don’t like you can incline get-togethers at things you engage in regularly.
This shall give you more time to engage with friends.
You can also accompany your friends to seminars and workshops they attend to.

So, be very selective. Life is about being choosy. Make better choices and enjoy the life to the fullest by doing and engaging into activities that you love.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺

How to get a government job quickly?

If you go for traditional government jobs like IAS/PCS then it may take significant time to succeed at them as the above examinations involve multiple tiers of testing (prelims, mains and interview).

So, at first attempt you may clear one or more levels of testing.
But likelihood of clearing all the hurdles at first attempt is low.

Instead if you compete for jobs other than civil services then likelihood of succeeding at them is HIGH.

-Why is it so?

》Indian Army, Navy and Airforce

( they do not look for intellectuals or people with exceptional intelligence rather they look for people who are medically fit and can sustain in diverse conditions and are quick to right decision making.)

To qualify in CDS and AFCAT is not a VERY DIFFICULT task.
Rigorous preparation of 3-4 months is sufficient if one has good command over English language and Elementary Mathematics.
The real hurdle is SSB but that could be cleared by appearing for multiple times.

The strategy could be preparing for the SSB through self-mode and supplementing it with YouTube videos.

Qualify for CDS/AFCAT and appear in SSB over and over again.

Each time you appear for SSB be conscious enough to take note of your short-comings.

Work upon your short-comings and after 2-3 serious and well-prepared attempts you shall be able to clear the SSB too.
( Indian Army, Air-force and Navy encourage aspirants to appear for SSB as many times as possible.)

You can appear for them till the age of 23-24 depending upon whether the SSB is for Indian Army, Navy or Air-force.

So, if you are graduating at the age of 21 then

You can appear for at least 12 times in SSB till age 23( 4 times at age 21 ( 2 from CDS & 2 from AFCAT and so forth)

Do not underestimate the jobs in Army, Navy or Air-force.
They carry huge honour, respect and dignity besides the high-salary ( comparable to salaries of engineers in PSU’s )

》State PSU’s

It is easy to crack state psu’s examinations as compared to Central PSU’s.
The reason is that to get into Central PSU’s requires one to score exceptionally well in GATE examination.
While the state psu’s examinations do not follow a regular pattern.
Their examination papers are unpredictable with reference to topics which shall weigh more.


The same is the case with the RRB’s.
RRB ~ Railway Recruitment Board.
The technical vacancies through RRB’s involve examinations which are unpredictable!


As far as traditional competitive examinations are concerned- good books and multitude of books are available on same topics.
Not only this huge no. of coaching institutions are available.
So, there are highly – competitive.

While the case is opposite with unregular vacancies.
Most aspirants don’t take them seriously.
Also, in such examinations Examination Centres are very less ( as in DMRC the centres are New Delhi and neighbouring regions ).

# So, prepare well and do appear for not-so-sought government jobs.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺

Why you should pursue a co-activity that you enjoy?

Lack of time is a myth.
We all get chunks of time each day yet we fail to utilise them as we don’t have any planning for them.

For the utilisation of the same you should pursue two activities {one primary and another secondary  (co-activity)}
Suppose you may be pursuing B.tech but alongwith it you may carry on an activity that enhances your skills and are fun-doing:

::: Blogging  ( improves your writing skills )

::: Book Reviewing  ( enhances your Abstract Writing skills and Creativity )

::: Art & Drawing ( enhances your creativity )

::: Public Speaking ( one of the most sought skills of the time )

::: Presentation Skills ( most job roles in today’s world requires presentation skills as one needs to persuade and convince the investors ).

::: People’s Skills ( get better at interacting and building long-term relationships and leaving a good first impression )

The best and the fastest way to improve the above skills is by starting an enterprise and trying to build it profitably.
Your skills shall develop at a very rapid rate as you will need to take-up multiple job roles.
Besides that your persuasion skills, negotiation skills and leadership skills shall get polished.

Apart from that you shall become an enterprising person as successful ventures require great extent of hard-work and consistency.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺

How to win the rat race?

By not following the rat race!

If you wish to go ahead in life- you need to follow your own race.

It is difficult to beat people who are madly the part of rat race.

Instead compete with yourself.
You may figure out a way to achieve your dreams by putting minimum efforts.


To succeed in today’s world the conventional wisdom doesn’t hold true any longer. No one knows WHAT MAY WORK!
So, have faith in your work and keep improving it.
Work relentlessly to perform at superior levels.

– Fast-changing

The world is changing at a very rapid pace. You may get stuck if you don’t self-learn the new strategies or new technologies.
So, self-learning cannot be ignored in today’s time.

– Be prepared!

Be willing to pay the price that the success requires.
Be willing to go through the obstacles to experience the joy of performing at the finest levels of one’s capability.

So, run your own race. Go where it leads.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺

Chalo Bomb bann jaayein..!

I remember when I was in 10th standard we used clichés like “Chalo Bomb bann jaayein” to convey “to speed up the preparation for examinations”.
A “Bomb” that shall have a blast on results day.
So, would you become a bomb?

I urge everyone to become a bomb this year- 2016.
Let your success be so loud that it diminishes all the criticisms.

Let your success make everything positive around you.

This year become a bomb that is waiting to explode eagerly.

Be a bomb that doesn’t know How to Quit.
Be a bomb that doesn’t know How to Stop.
Be a bomb that works relentlessly to realise one’s dreams.
Be a bomb that is UNSTOPPABLE!

This New Year be a bomb@@

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺

Acche kaam main deri kaisi?

We all tend to put off living and we arrive at a place in life where we feel we haven’t lived life to the fullest.

If you believe anything to be “AUSPICIOUS” then NOW is the right time.

It could be chalking out a plan for your dream and start following it religiously from today.
Why do you need to wait for it till the New Year?
Each day you wake up with infinite possibilities.

See, our life is limited.
And if one keeps looking for auspicious moments to start then it’s sheer waste of time and energy.

When we plan for a movie we wish to implement it as soon as possible.
But for studying, reading and learning we procrastinate.
So, the best way to deal with above situation is by striking a balance.

Work-hard and then ENJOY hard.

Take adequate breaks between long working periods.

They make life more interesting and enjoyable.
Infact funny!

If you wish to study (or if you give importance to studying then start it from today and don’t postpone it till the New Year)

As said, acche kaam main deri kaisi?

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺

Be a good “FILTER”

To be happy and contented in life amidst negative surroundings- one needs to be a good FILTER.
Train your mind to reject everything that is negative.

-Stay away from negativity

Do not read the newspaper in the morning.
It is full of negative stuffs.
So, instead of reading newspapers in the morning read it in evening.

Do not watch negative movies.
Be careful and conscious of what you watch, listen and read.

Do not interact much with people who are negative.

-Speak positive

Speaking positive shifts your focus to positivities in life.

You cannot afford to live with negative people.
Negative things and people are impediments to happiness and growth in life.

So, shake off negativity from your life.

》How to make your life positive?

Read, listen and think positively.
Know that everything is possible with hard-work, will-power and patience.
So, do not dwell on negativity.
Change your core beliefs by forming and replacing new beliefs that are positive.

Constantly try to shift your perspective from negative to positive.
Try to look at every difficult situation and circumstances as a way to your improvement.


People who are wise may not always be the wealthiest but are the happiest.
So, keep learning.
You shall become the happiest person.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺

How to incline yourself to your dreams?

Suppose you are at point A currently and you wish to reach point B which is your dream.
While pursuing your dreams you may realize that the path from A to B is not a straight line.
So, there is no harm in involving a point C, D or more to accomplish your dreams.

What are these points C, D, etc.?

Suppose you wish to be a good public speaker in English.
You may presently not have good command over English language.
It may require some money to get yourself coached at some academy.
At the same time you may be out of requisite money.
So, to see yourself speaking exceptionally at dias you need:

Point C: Get a job or if you have a job then work over-time for few months to save enough money required to get yourself admitted into a coaching.

Point D: Enroll yourself into a coaching and get trained. Work hard till the coaching period ends.

Point E: Besides coaching you may need to put self-efforts by practicing what you have learned in coaching institute.
You may also need to supplement your learning via some online courses and self-learning modules and may need to consult some books on “How to”.

Point F : As the saying goes- you need to do more of what you wish to learn.
If you wish to be a good public speaker then speak a lot on the dias. Never miss any opportunity to represent yourself on the dias.
With time you shall improve and improvements shall be massive and overwhelming.

So, no matter where you are, if you wish to accomplish your dreams then there are many points C, D, E and so on that shall eventually lead you to your dream point.
Just make sure that points C, D, and so forth are inclined towards your dreams.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺