5 ways to build social capital.

5 ways to build social capital.

□ Be Awesome.

Be awesome to others. Never disrespect genuinely good people. If you did something wrong consciously or unconsciously then do not hesitate to apologise.

It helps in building a good reputation & good-will in the society.

□ Don’t charge.

If you are a professional then you can choose not to charge sometimes. Do so when you feel the other party is genuine & has been the worst-sufferer. It helps in creating a positive vibe in the world & the humanity gets strengthened.

This is very much possible for Doctors, Lawyers, CAs & Engineers (*in limited cases).

You can decide to charge 80% of the time. The left 20%, when you don’t charge will help in building social capital.

Social capital is vital in the long-term because you too will have your ups & downs. It is most likely that those 20% of the people will ensure your smooth passage from crisis to good times.

□ Reciprocity is a reality.

People like to reciprocate. We all feel inclined to give back what we receive. It may not be much visible in metro cities but you can experience it very well in sub-urban & rural areas.

□ Help others at personal-level.

This entails no risk. You can help through your knowledge, expertise & experience. It may just involve your time, efforts & some bucks.

The end result is your profit because in an attempt to help others you gain an invaluable experience. In the process you will meet many people, will learn many hacks to get things done, etc. which will act as an asset for you in life ahead.

□ Be available.

Be within reach. You must always have the time to meet good people. You can ignore crooks deliberately. Be also open to volunteership, charity, etc. Your contribution to society matters a lot once you are successful.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav



From whom should you learn? 

From whom should you learn?

□ From the one who gets benefitted.

> You must learn from those extremely rare but great people who get benefitted out of even adverse situations.

> No matter how unfavourable the situations may be to them, they with their ability (intelligence, patience, hard-work, will-power & determination) score a victory.

> They perform the best under stress & devastating situations.

They possess one very remarkable ability:

In times of crisis, they don’t break. They are elastic  (*very much) & hence bend & once the situations again become favourable, they score a victory with huge margin. Unstoppable, they are!

In Hindi we have a single word for it~ Sikander (सिकंदर).

Recall the famous movie song, 

वो सिकंदर ही दोस्तों कहलाता है,

हारी बाज़ी को जीतना जिसे आता है।

I have been fortunate to have known some people who had this ability to turn even the most unfavourable situations to their advantage.

Being Sikander involves:

@ People’s skill: for which life is a playground. Play hard.

@ Will-power: which comes only through constant resolve & practice.

@ A way out: they are always optimistic & work-hard to find a way out. As we say, “कोई ना कोई रास्ता तो होगा”. The good thing is that~ yes, there is always a way out. You just have to work-hard smartly. 

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


Life lessons: 24 hours credited in your account.

Life lessons: 24 hours credited in your account.

Time is very precious. Yet we waste it as if we are going to live for thousands of years.

We value money very much. We try to save even pennies by limiting our talks over phone. We manage money but usually miss to manage time & in the long run our life.

The best way to remind yourself of the importance of time is by setting a morning alarm with note: 

“24 hours credited in your account”.

We get excited when we receive a message, “…..INR credited to your account” of salary, royalty, services rendered, etc. Can’t we get excited about 24 hours credited each day into our life account? 

If we can be reminded about it each day via a morning alarm or through any other way then we can remain more conscious about our time. Thus, enabling us to be more productive & work-centric.

□ Value time & spend money.

> If you are hard-working, progressive & dynamic then you should spend money to save time. Just make sure that you spend the time saved productively. I think you will because you know you have paid to save your time.

So, what are your plans for next 24 hours that will be credited into your life?

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


How to improve yourself quickly? 

How to improve yourself quickly?

The best way to improve yourself quickly is through constant feedbacks.

We all are not perfect & there is huge scope for improvement in us.

The people near to us can provide us the best feedback. Usually, they may not tell you about your shortcomings owing to belied that it might offend you or might change the fate of friendship.

Feedbacks benefit a lot. See them as an opportunity to improve yourself. Constant improvement in life attracts success. May be success embraces improvements.

□ Ways to get feedback.

×× Ask

Ask for feedbacks. Even if the feedbacks are not encouraging, don’t take them with the wrong spirit. Why don’t you want to see the better version of yourself? Why don’t you want to immerse yourself into the world of possibilities? 

×× Give rewards.

You can announce an offer for a feedback on your fb.

I think it is worth-the-pay. You will get to know about your mistakes. You can also analyse the past events in your life in the new light.

The lessons learned will help you to lead a more valuable life.

PC: developgoodhabits.com

I would like to make a small change in the above quote to make it relevant for the discussion so far.

It is not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent but the most responsive to FEEDBACKS.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


How to quickly stand out from majority in today’s time?

How to quickly stand out from majority in today’s time?

This is the age of Mass Culture i.e. our values & ideas are result of our common exposure to same media, news sources, etc. But you need not to believe “what is being thrown at you”.

You need to discover & wear your own opinion. You need to be different & it will be visible in “the way you think, act & respond”.

It is actually a good news for you.

Most people are reading the WhatsApp forward & Fb posts & are unable to unearth the truth behind it.

It is very easy to stand out from the majority, you just need to:

□ Read from standard & reliable sources.

~ If you want to know & understand Gandhi read his Autobiography, not once but twice. Then search for articles that critically analyse his autobiography. That will help immensely.

~ If you want to understand History, read books by Historians  (at least refer two books on same subject) & not listen to any naysayers.

Besides reading, also try to relate things of the present to past scenario. You may even be able to predict “possible future” then.

□ Travel & Ponder.

Travelling can be a life-changing experience. Ponder over what you see, hear, smell & feel. You will be able to understand the world better.

Every city, its people convey something ~ that’s what you have to understand. Travelling is more about understanding than taking selfies & pics.

It is more about holding conversations with native people than relaxing. 

Only by active interaction you will be able to know the essence of life.

No doubt, people used to take up the difficult task to travel the whole of India in order to “gain true knowledge” which encompassed meeting other highly learned Gurus & experiencing the rich cultural & heritage of India which opened the mind for new ideas.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


Learn these 7 Apps to optimise your performance @ entrepreneurship in just 10 hours.

Learn these 7 Apps to optimise your performance @ entrepreneurship in just 10 hours.

Apps have become very vital to optimise your results as an entrepreneur. You can use them to automate your tasks, organise & manage your work & schedule meetings.

Just download the Apps below & operate it for next 1-1.5 hours. You will get handy with them in no time. Make it a habit to use them often & you will become an expert at them.

#1. Google Docs.

> Use it to create colorful & attractive Business Proposals.

> Share your WIP (Work in Progress) with others. Highly useful for freelancers to share WIP with clients or to invite any other freelancer to modify WIP to give final touch to the project.

#.2. Google Sheets

> Very useful for freelancers

> You can use it to create payments sheets, invoices, etc.

#. 3.  Skype

> Use it to make international calls

> You can also use it for conducting interviews for recruitment purposes

#. 4. Hootsuite

> Useful for Social Media Marketing

> You can use it to schedule your posts on various social media like Twitter, Fb, Insta, etc.

> You can access all your social handles via single App

#. 5. MailChimp

> Very useful for E-mail campaigns for your products/services.

#.6. Google Translate.

> Very useful if you interact with people from other countries. You just need to select the language in which you want to translate the text.

#.7. Truecaller

If net is ON then it helps you to know the unknown caller. Highly recommended if you are related to Customer Service Department or handle the Public/Corporate Relations.

You just need to have functional knowledge about these Apps so that you can use them to make your life easier.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


Don’t manage time.

Don’t manage time.

Usually most time management hacks & tips don’t work in real-life.

The best way to manage your time is by “not managing it”. One should have priorities based on “time required”.

□ 1st Priority.

Stick to your 1st priority for 12 hours every day. It could be:

~ Education

~ Career/Job

~ Money

Or a combination of any of the above

□ 2nd Priority.

Spend 2-3 hours on it. It could be:

~ Relationships

~ Health

~ Self-learning/Re-skiling, etc.

Avoid anything beyond priority 2.

The time left after priority 1 & 2 should be used for recreation, entertainment & long-term goals.

If this approach is followed throughout the life then you will never need to manage your time plus all your goals will be accomplished within the set time limit.
Another thing to note here is that your time is very previous. So, why to waste it on anything unimportant  (beyond priority 2) or on things you don’t like.

With Great Love,
Er. Amit Yadav

Money without hardwork ruins.

​Money without hardwork ruins.

Sometimes family/relatives/friends will offer you money out of their affection & love for you. But once you are adult, you should never accept it.

Always decline such requests politely  by saying, “it is not needed”.

□ No long-term incentives.

You will spend it lavishly without thinking. It will be gone in partying without giving out any future returns to you.

□ No Learning.

When we work-hard for something, it invariably leads to some form of learnings. However, in this case, there is no learning. Hence, not very good idea for future.

□ Money ruins.

One may begin to look for such opportunities in order to fulfill one’s desires. I have seen it getting converted into habit, where one starts demanding it.

It may soon take horrendous form & may also get reflected in other aspects of our lives.

So, beware of such things!

Accept only what you work-hard for, rest decline politely.

Life is big & one bad habit may ruin you completely. We tend to avoid hard-work when we can find ways to earn money easily. But in the long run, it is dangerous.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


What to do if you have no money to invest?

What to do if you have no money to invest?

Even if you don’t have money to invest, you still have a fair chance to achieve BIG SUCCESS in life by:

□ Investing your time.

Invest your time to learn new skills. If you are versatile, no one can stop you from reaching great heights in life. Don’t waste your time. Give adequate time to reading, thinking & strategising.

□ Self-learning.

Gone are the days when academics assured your success. But in dynamic environment like we live in, the path to success involves hell lot of self-learning.

□ Establishing new connections.

It doesn’t requires money to strike a conversation with others & to learn from others. 

By being a little proactive, you can make many new connections. Connections will be highly useful in your life.

Interacting with others also improves one people’s skills. So, all in all, it is one of the best investment one could ever make.

□ Start something.

New ventures take time to establish themselves in market. The best way is to start early. You can begin by making a fb page then a free blog from WordPress & finally moving to a full-fledged website with products & services you offer.

Money is not everything. You also require human resource, skills, knowledge, etc. All of which require time to nurture. So, use your time judiciously.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


How to know if someone is going to succeed in life?

​How to know if someone is going to succeed in life?

○ Self-motivation.

If a person is self-motivated then sooner or later, he/she is going to succeed in life.

No matter what the present situations might be:

□ Financially broke,

□ No Education,

□ No Connections,

□ Unfavourable Background, etc.

will be overcomed by a self-motivated person in due course of time.

○ Progressive Mindset.

Observe the people around you very carefully. If they seem to be conservative then stay away from them. Progressive mindset is very necessary to succeed in life.

You cannot build great structures on regressive ideas. Same is the case with life & success.

If a person carries progressive mindset & is self-motivated then there are very huge chances of him/her to succeed in the coming future. 

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav