Why you should change things quickly? 

Why you should change things quickly? 

“Life doesn’t go on forever “

Life is short. In fact, very short. So, whatever you don’t like, change it. Never linger on something. Be always decisive in life & put efforts in order to change your for better – what you had dreamed of.

In order to perform incredibly great & enjoy a peaceful life you should change things quickly :

relationships : that are not working well despite many efforts, the pragmatic advice is to move on. 

your job : if you hate it from the core of the heart, the time is to change it. Take some risk in order to live a regret-free life. 

your financial status : if you want to have a better standard of living then work for it. 

your hobbies : to live more, enjoy more. Keep trying new things in your free time. 

your results : if you are not getting desired results then either put more efforts or change your strategy. Don’t compromise with results.

Don’t be a pawn to your external situations, change them & live the way you always wanted.

With Great Love, 

Er. Amit Yadav 



Depiction of ideal life using fb Rosa stickers. 

Depiction of ideal life using fb Rosa stickers. 

Quite recently, I started using Rosa stickers on fb. Soon, I realised that the stickers are full of life & portray “how a good life looks like”. 

A good life entails all the emotions in a balanced state.

You must sometimes:

~ get angry

~ sing loudly & joyfully 

~ weep out loud

~ be excited about life

~ sleep whole day

~ feel annoyed 

~ feel strong love towards near & dear ones

Sometimes you must:

~ act foolishly 

~ eat a lot 

~ give yourself freedom to pursue your hobby

~ feel attracted to opposite sex (strong infatuation) 

~ feel lonely & broken

~ feel dumb

As long as you live, you must enjoy all the colours of life. It must be beautiful. Don’t suppress your emotions. Let them build your personality. Let them make your life full of experience with different shades.

P.S. whenever you are sad, always turn to Art, you will surely find something worth your efforts. 

With Great Love, 

Er. Amit Yadav 


How to grow amidst growing uncertainties? 

How to grow amidst growing uncertainties?

Life is becoming more & more complex with each passing day. Uncertainties are growing in every sphere of life be it relationships, career, business or health. 

The best way to maintain a good lifestyle is by pegging the threshold of your expenses. Beyond that, everything must be put in investments. 

~ whenever you get a promotion or a raise in salary, don’t increase your expenses. Continue to maintain the same standard of living. Save more to invest more.

~ stay away from partying. Party only when you are really very happy. You invest not only money but also your time in partying. Time is an asset especially when you are young. 

~ the money you save & invest will be helpful to you in case you are terminated from the job, when you make a switch to a new industry or when you venture out on your own into something. 

~ maintain a low-profile. Don’t be extravagant in your spendings. Live a normal life. 

~ your should spend well only on food & gaining knowledge. Rest everything is a luxury & not much essential to live a happy & contented life.

You can sail easily through the uncertainties of life if you “live well within your means”. You will surely land up into trouble if you increase your wants.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


Why you shouldn’t be afraid of anything?

Why you shouldn’t be afraid of anything? 

There is one innate quality among all of us that:

we all perform exceptionally well when it is needed”.

So, never be afraid to fail, to hit the rock-bottom. You will surely do good.
There will be a day when your inner voice will take over everything else- you don’t have money, resources or talents. It will no longer matter “what you don’t have”.

What will matter the most would be your goals & dreams.

So, let the things go wrong. Let yourself face the worst. Life will get harder a bit but once you get out of the mess, it would be a bliss. 

~ your tolerance will be exceptional 

~ your focus will improve

~ you will become more determined 

~ you will develop empathy 

~ you will get more nearer to your trueself 

~ you will mould yourself into a more better person (an asset to society) 

There is a limit to your contraction. You must expand your limits constantly. You can only live your life to the fullest by expansion. It involves running the risk of losing. But the risk is always worth the effort.

With Great Love, 

Er. Amit Yadav


How to get what you expect in 3 years in just 6 months?

How to get what you expect in 3 years in just 6 months?

We all are prone to procrastination. Most of the time in life we are not in mission mode to accomplish our goals. We don’t put our best of the best efforts & hence fail to achieve the best results.

Ramdhari Singh “Dinkar”

It is possible to achieve what you could in next 3 years in just 6 months if you “put efforts as if you were in battlefield”.

In words of Ramdhaari “Dinkar”, 

“Yachna Nahi, Ab Rann Hoga,

Jivan Jay- ya Ki Maran Hoga”.

Take up any thing that you believe would take 2-3 years of time, work for it as if you are in war & what is at stake is “life itself”. You will achieve far more than you could possibly think of.

The results obtained will be phenomenal.

× you must work as if your life is at stake for something you truly believe in, possibly in every few years. It will make you strong from within.

× it will be pivotal in achieving your dreams.

× your life will be more adventurous & rewarding.

This technique works because we waste too much time in procrastination & on things that really don’t fall in our list of priorities.

Don’t worry if results don’t show up. Just repeat the process. In battlefield anything can happen. Life itself is a battle. Your last efforts till the end means a lot. So, give your best in the battlefield of life, don’t settle.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


The nature of advice you must give.

The nature of advice you must give.

“2 cents”.

It should be very brief. It could look like:

In my opinion,…………

However, you can look for other options & can also go by what you truly feel.

After that dissociate yourself from giving further advice. Why so:

– a person to whom you render advice is free to accept or reject it

your time is precious. You will meet many “time-wasters” who hide themselves under the coat of seeking advice for ulterior motives. So, take that also into consideration.

– most people are not self-motivated & hence, even if people seeking your advice agree with you will fail in implementation

– you can save your energy & time & can at least “implement what you truly believe in” as there is no confusion over it.

Avoid giving advice to people who come to you without doing their homework. Or you can direct them to read some books & then come back to you, if need be. Is it being harsh? 

No. Surely not if you value your time. You cannot “start from zero until & unless the other person is very special to you”. Coming prepared could be a sign of being special.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


5 Incredible life lessons from “Relationships”.

​5 Incredible life lessons from “Relationships”.

#1 You have to LOSE sometimes.

In any relationship, you cannot be the beneficiary all the times. You have to lose sometimes in order to continue the relationship. Same is also true for life. You have to lose sometimes in order to win eventually.

#2 You have to make SACRIFICES.

A successful life cannot be imagined without sacrifices. Just as relationships require sacrifices to keep on going, in a similar fashion, a successful life also definitely demands it. So, be ready to make sacrifices.

#3 Relationships are based on TRUST.

In relationships, you have to trust others & have to ensure that it is mutual. For an incredible life too trust is indispensable. You have to trust yourself before you really achieve something big in life.

#4 Continuous Efforts.

You have to keep putting efforts in order to sustain relationships in the long term. Isn’t that true for success we achieve? Aren’t we supposed to put our best once we achieve our first success? It is often highlighted that success is easy what is hard is to maintain it.

#5 Love & Passion.

Love & passion are inseparable from enriching & fulfilling relationships. So, wake up each day & do something for your friends, family members & the people you adore.

Be so passionate in relationships that “you become the king of hearts” & a reason for happiness for others.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav