It’s not what happens but what you do…

“It’s not what happens that decides the quality of your life but what you do”

Life is more or less the same to everybody.
But some are better at handling it.
We all face challenges & obstacles.
Only few face them with grit.
Most of the people are so obsessed with obstacles that what they do with it is “JUST NOTHING “.
And that continues throughout the life.

Till when shall you be afraid to face your fears?
Till when shall you fool yourself that you are not good enough?
How shall the day look like when you shall muster the courage to take charge of your life?

We all are put to same seasons of trials & tribulations.
Some pass them often & are well with it.
Some fail them often & avoid it.

Learn this skill.
Learn to face changes.
Learn to handle changes better.
Because it’s changes that are constant & regular in life.

It’s not what happened in the past.
It’s not how much money you hold.
Success & satisfaction is all about your commitment.

Why it happens that some shall succeed in life without resources & others shall complain for why they couldn’t?
Success is a choice.
Life is very brief.
You need to have a good plan.
( Else what you get shall be beyond your satisfaction ).

$$ Some relations nurture & some add toxicity to our life.
( Just eliminate those that doesn’t empower you.
Let only positive relations find place in your heart ).

$$ You gotta change.

Things don’t change until you do.
The beauty of life is that you can change it the moment you decide.
How can you expect stunning results if your inputs are just the same as of the past?

## Yes, at one-point of my life I believed that people who are at good positions & more influential must do something great for everyone ( and that included me ).
But isn’t that a bad idea to leave everything in the hands of other people, government, your college, your parents, etc.

Wouldn’t you do something about it?

@@ I tell you a secret NO ONE IS/WAS TALENTED…
It’s all a myth.
No one was born genius.
Not even Albert Einstein.

( At another point, I thought IIT’ans must do something great because they are surrounded by great faculty, mentors & positive environment but I realised soon that the above statement is flawed.)

$$ It’s flawed because everyone was born genius.
Everyone was born with a great purpose.
No matter what the situations might be.
Still you can enlighten the world.
Still you can make the incredible impact in the world.
Still you can touch & light the lives of millions.

For those who don’t believe.
( I am writing this because I find most obsessed with IIT’ians ).

— Every year about 9,600 get into IIT’s.
This equates to 9,600 passing out from IIT’s each year.
Are they the most influential persons of India?
No, they aren’t.
Do all who figure in TIME magazine are IIT’ians?
No, because life is a big affair.

You can achieve whatever you want in life- No Matter How Big It May Seem.
Nothing is more important than your commitment.

How to achieve your BIG DREAM’s?
Just increase your self-worth.
Develop your personality.
Improve yourself. Please! that’s a request.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


Why you need to increase your productivity incredibly…

$ You can have more quality time with your family.

$ You have more time to explore the world.

$ You can read more books.

$ You can spend more time with friends.

$ You can inspire other’s to deliver world- class performance.

$ You can learn NEW SKILLS.

$ You can learn a Foreign Language.

$ To have time to learn Sign Language.

$ You can pursue your hobbies.

$ You can do what you love to do in leisure time.

$ You can attend more self-help, motivational & tech seminars.

$ You can achieve good scores in short time.

$ You can write down your goals, mission & to-do list for your life.

$ You can have your own collection of videos that inspire you.

$ You can create your own list of books you want to read.

$ You can create your own list of websites you want to visit regularly.

$ You can subscribe to online courses that you shall like to invest in.

$ Learn New Things in life

$ Have fun!

$ To master Oratory.

$ To learn how to be a leader.

$ To love others.

$ To help others.

$ Volunteering

$ To write a novel.

$ To pen down a book.

$ To create your own blog.

$ To create your own website.

$ To have a pet.

$ To see places you always wished for.
( Travel around the world ).

$ To meditate.

$ To earn more money.

Moreover, you can invest a lot in self-development.
This is the best investment you shall ever make in your life.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺

Why you need to love yourself.

Love yourself.
The great thing about loving oneself is that you shall be able to overcome self-doubt.
You shall develop ample confidence in yourself.
It is important in life because at times following your inner GPS shall be difficult.
Traversing the difficult terrains would be hard if you don’t love yourself like hell.

1- Radical Self-Love.

Love yourself like being crazy.
We often neglect this simple idea that can enhance our confidence levels to great extent.
It can kick-start our life.
To kick-start living a life of one’s dreams, the first & foremost biggest hindrance is one’s lack of confidence.
It can be overcomed gradually by relying on one’s capabilities.

2- Surround yourself with people who perform better than you.

This shall challenge you to improve yourself.
It provides you with ample opportunity to explore, learn & implement.
If you are willing to work-hard then an environment that challenges you is the best for you.
It shall unleash your true potential.
Life full of ups & down is worth living.
Leaving you with a great question to ponder upon:
What worth a life is if it is monotonous?

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺

Live life with OQP…

Surround yourself with OPQ.
Be with OPQ.
Spend most of your time with OPQ.
What’s OPQ?
Only Quality People.
People who are self-motivated & work tirelessly for a cause.
People who aren’t afraid of ‘Risks’.
People who are willing to sacrifice in the name of humanity.
People who are willing to work-harder in the name of humanity.
People who push the human race forward.

## Once I asked most of my friends – “Why should I consider you a good person?”
And to the astonishment many replied-” Because I don’t do any bad to anybody”.

But the irony is that most of them consistently talked about HUMANITY.
So, I resolved myself not to be a person who merely talks.
Few in this world are willing to do great work.
All others are mere talking machines.

Lesson#1 : Be ashamed to recieve help from others in the time of crisis if you haven’t stood up to help anybody.

OQP have the ability to manage crisis very efficiently.
They are unperturbed by the outer circumstances.
They shall stood up with you in devastating situations.
They elevate others.

Lesson #2 : If someone is not making you strong then be sure they are making you weak.

We inadvertently and unconsciously imbibe the habit of others.
It is very pertinent that you are surrounded by OQP else you are becoming weak.
Be sure that surrounding challenges you.
Be sure it makes you strong.

Lesson#3 : Surrounding matters.

If you do not have control over your inner – environment then it’s very important that you surround yourself to OQP.
They can elevate you to new horizons.
Also, OQP become vital if you wanna grow yourself to the optimum level.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺

You don’t get what you want…

“You don’t get what you want, you get what you are.”

True in every aspects of life.
You have the skills & will-power to face the tragedies of life & come out with flying colours.
We attract through what we become.
You won’t get what you wish for until you practice the will-power to do right actions that bridge your aspirations & their realisation.

1- Have a Big Dream.

Most people fail in life because they aim too small.
They achieve little growth & become complacent with it.
So, first of all have a big dream.
“Shoot for moon even if you fail, you land among the stars.”
If you have a big dream then small setbacks won’t disappoint you.

2- Stop going for easy lanes.

Stop taking the path of least resistance.
Till when shall you follow the easiest path?
Shall there be a day when you shall choose what’s risky?
Remember, great success requires great efforts.
Turbulent times are best opportunities to learn from.
You develop when you are put in difficult terrains & you come out from them with your grit.
Life is short.
Don’t always choose the easy road.
Have some fun finding & traversing the path of most resistance.

3- What you become..

What you become in life is what matters the most.
We attract success through our habits & personality traits we have developed over time.
So, begin with developing intrinsic qualities inside yourself that are must for extra – ordinary life.
Get back to sum & substance of life.


Laugh Often.
$ Increase your productivity.
$ Love yourself.
$ Find time to do what you love the most.
( I find time to blog because I love doing it like hell ).
$ Resume your responsibilities.

Life is short to come up with excuses.
Go & live your life to the fullest.
God is always with you.
( Whom you always neglect ).

Stand up for something- may be a dream or else you shall fall for anything!

Go grab a life full of world- class satisfaction.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺

Why facing a rejection in Job is really normal…

I was discussing with a friend about rejections one might face in the job interviews.
And why is it normal.
Why getting rejected for a job role is quite normal.

1- They might be looking for…

If you are a Gold & company visits your college campus in search of Silver then what’s the probability that they will recruit you?
It’s very less.
They might be looking for qualities that may not validate your personality.
If you have traits of a manager then who gonna pick you for desk-work?
What a great revelation!

This simply means that you have to keep learning & improving yourself.

2- Getting a Job Is Easy.

If you are a hard-worker then getting a job in India is not difficult.

As per the government data only 2% of the work force is skilled.
Isn’t that small number?
Few in India are skilled.
So, it’s not difficult to get a job if you are laborious towards life.

If you look to foreign lands, like talk about Korea staggering 96% of the work force is skilled!

Accept that we have to do much in the fields of technology.

Hence, the sum & substance is to keep acquiring skills.
Be skilled.
Be a true professional.
Companies are looking for talents.
The problem is that most grads focus on academics.
Though it’s not a bad thing to do.
But focusing too much on it is dangerous to growth in life.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺

Why I am thankful to internet & why you too should be..

Why I am thankful to internet & why you too should be..
Let me demonstrate to you the importance of internet by citing an example.

For the “The Ultimate Success Summit” Robin Sharma charges about $25,000 ( approx 15 lacs. ) for 4 day long workshop that includes Richard Branson & other celebs too.
Notice $25,000 equates to 15 lacs.
So, even if you get a glimpse of Ultimate Success Summit isn’t that great?
Hence, a video of 3-4 minutes of that summit would be incredibly valuable.
And internet does that.
It makes you accessible to those great video’s. ( Just glimpse of that ).

Internet has provided us the opportunity to have access information haven websites.
Great video’s.
Internet has made the idea of teacher’s obsolete.
But importance of teachers cannot be overshoot at an early age.
( Elementary education solely depends upon them ).
Because today we need mentors more than anything else.
You can have access to knowledge through vblogs, blogs, webinars & many other open-source learning sites.
So, basically to achieve success in life we require mentors to show us the right path.
If you are willing to go ahead on the right path, you shall be successful.
It’s an era of idea’s.
Ideas that can be implemented swiftly.

Another benefit of internet is that it has made automation & outsourcing possible.
One can live anywhere.
Work from anywhere.
What you need is just an internet connection.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺

Next time you buy notice this..

Next time you buy fruits notice that two categories of fruits are available.
First consists of smooth, soft, juicy & fresh fruits. ( Expensive one’s )
Another one’s are stale, half- sunken & rotten.
You may scuff looking at second category that you find.
But the truth is someone buys that too.
Not all can afford fresh & juicy fruits.
So, if you buy them are you willing to perform exceptionally well in your life?
The rationale is that you eat exceptionally well.
So, why are you unwilling to reflect it in your performance in life?

Same goes for the usage of Internet.
Not all can afford it.
So, if you use it- why not judiciously?
The same is true for your luxury of experiences as an engineering grads.
Many say that they shall do great stuff once they have great job & resources.
But I haven’t believed them much because you already have abundance of resources that you are not utilising properly.
You have skills that you have left dormant.
You may realise or not but you are blessed with many things.
Don’t let them go waste.

Try to utilise to the fullest each & every resources/gifts God had endowed you with.
( May be great family, teachers, mentors, college or your love to your work ).

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺

Where does all the toppers go?

Each time 10th/12th results are announced, I am amazed to think where all these toppers go?
Many emerge out as District & Regional toppers.
But where are they lost in the majority after few years?
I have always read about their dreams.
Many dream of becoming Engineers, Doctors and even IAS.
( Though few toppers do well in later life but that’s not true in every case ).
So, what’s the catch?
It’s so because in life PERSEVERANCE matters the most.
Working hard for a year & thinking that it shall change your life forever is a myth.
For long-lasting success, the hard-work needs to be a daily ritual.
Else you have to live with petty achievements.
This is the problem with toppers.
They work-hard & emerge out as best in studies in city/town.
And become complacent with their achievements.
This results into stagnation in life.

What one forgets is that life is a journey.
A process.

Never under – estimate those who inch daily towards their goal.
Those who give their best Each Day.
Those who work-hard Each Day.
Those who improve themselves Each Day.
Those who read great stuffs Each Day.
Those who learn something new Each Day.
For those who think they shall be able to change thier life & the world with a year’s toil.
Probably are in delusion.
Great achievements require time & sacrifice.


With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺

Why am I writing a novel?

Writing a novel can be a great learning experience.
Just as for sprinter the greatest opportunity is running a Marathon.
Similarly for someone who wanna improve writing skills, going for a novel is incredibly fair idea.

“Express yourself in a better way”.

1- A great experience.

It’s a great experience.
I recommend it to everybody.
Not only you learn how to express yourself in a better way but also how to communicate with your audience in meaningful & fruitful way.
It’s a neo feeling to begin.
To overcome the fear of criticism.
It’s a opportunity to be yourself.
To write & let the world know you in a better way.

2- Equivalent to running a Marathon.

Just as for short-runners endeavouring a Marathon is a great learning experience.
Because it teaches about endurance.
It is more about saving energy.
It’s more about directing energy for a great cause.
Where failures just indicate that you have done better.
In the same manner for an article & content writer, working for a novel is like running a Marathon.
At the end, it doesn’t matter if you finish it or not but if you had tried or not.

3- Win-Win situation

Just as you might not be able to complete a Marathon in a single-attempt.
Same goes for the novel.
It may require more time, energy, practice & perseverance.
The experience might turn you into a more disciplined person.

4- Creation is the best form of expression.

I don’t know why people hold themselves back.
It’s the fear of criticism that paralyses them.
But is it fair to convince yourself to do nothing just become people shall be judgemental?
Do nothing so that no one has anything to say about you?
Do everything that you always wanted to go for.
Life is small to focus on what other’s say about you.
The life is meaningful only when you muster the courage to go for your dreams.
Be a doer in life.
See around yourself.
Most of the people just have dreams.
They are just talking about doing things in the future.
How many are taking the requisite steps towards their dreams?
Only few.
Be those few.
Start doing.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺