2 Great lessons I learned in Engineering?

I used to have a long night conversations with my close friend Manoj Rajora. It was in those conversations that I learned 2 great lessons. Since, it happened during the course of my graduation so termed it as “2 great lessons I learned in engineering”:

2 Great lessons I learned in engineering?

1. Everyone is making choices based upon their calculations. 

Put it in another way, everyone is looking for his/her interest. Majority of the people are self-absorbed & self-centered.

Or in the words of my close friend Manoj Rajora, ” सीधा तो कोई भी ना है।”

So, everyone is calculating all-the-time which is the best career for them (no wrong with it), how to excel in life (again no wrong with it) & how to get ahead using others (totally wrong as here human beings are used as means & not dealt with dignity, care & affection).
Observations: 1. you will meet many sweet-takers in life. The common thing is all are rational. The underlying principle is be in good terms with all. No one knows when you will need them. But there is no clause as such for मै भी किसी के काम आ जाऊँ।
2. Since they are rational. So, there is very little possibility that they will stand with you when you take a risk. Unlike your family or few close friend who will stand by you.

3. Since, ” सीधा तो कोई भी ना है।” so refrain from “telling people what to do or not to do” i.e. guidance. Everyone is aware of what’s right or wrong by early 20s.

Be very very selective to guidance as it requires your significant time.

2. No one is weak.

As Manoj Rajora used to put, “कमजोर तो कोई भी ना है” ।

So, do not mess unnecessarily with people. You will only lose something- time, money or relationships.

Even intellectually, when people make choices they consider their thought-of-plan to be the best!

– suggest only to those who would think deeply about it

– draw a boundary. Don’t go close to majority. Be limited to very few close friends as you have limited time.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav



What is wrong with taking too many photos?

What is wrong with taking too many photos?


1. You will look it back!
When you are married to one of the most beautiful girl, you cease to care of how you looked 10, 20 or 30 years back.

But if you keep too many snaps from your past- you will look them often.

What if your past was super-golden period of your life?

You will visit it often & your interest in present will go down which would be a serious development.

Past may serve as an escape for you.

2. Not in the moment. 

If you are too much focused of taking photographs then probably you miss relishing the moment. 

Certainly, you can look back to those photos. What for? They are lifeless as you were not fully enjoying those momts rather you were busy clicking them.

3. Why you want to collect them?

For personal reasons?  Then you don’t need to upload them often on fb. If they are done for the motive of showing off then its a very serious concern. 

Showing off is the most destructive efforts one ever puts in. Why? Because if anyone got impressed then certainly would stand by you in times of crisis. But that barely happens.

So, live your life to the fullest. Feel it. Feel it the way of ancestors used to.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


How I overcome fear & you too can?

Accept it. We all get terrified in our lives from time to time. Fear is not a bad thing in itself. Excess of it is harmful. 

I too face many challenges. In those times I close my eyes & simply wish someone could hold me tight & put me in a better situation than I’m in.

Sometimes, we are fearful to face the realities & other times apprehensions of how the future would look like horrifies us.

Overcome your fears_wiki

》Close your eyes.

– try to visualise the worst-case-scenario

– ask yourself: would it kill me? Or I will come out of it alive?

-if the answer is ALIVE i.e. no threat to your life then go for it if it is in tune with your dreams. 

》Convince yourself to go to EXTREMES.

Its hard to commit yourself to go to the extremes. To work-hard day in & day out. It may take 2-3 days for you to take a hard but right decision for yourself. But it is damn necessary for unrestricted life in future. 

When I took the decision of writing 1K+ blog posts by May, 2016, at first instance, I was afraid. Afraid to work-hard. Terrified to commit. 

But at last, I had to. I had no other option. How long can one prolong one’s dreams?

So, I made it a point to go to the extremes to achieve the goal of 1K+ blog posts.

And I did go to the extremes & the goal materialised as well.

I always wanted that when I look back at my life it must be: & since that decision he never looked back.

So, to remain fearless you have to double or triple the rate of your hard-work. It makes you believe बहुत बड़ा नही तो कुछ तो होगा ।

P. S. 1: I always knew that I may not achieve BIG success but I’ll surely get something.

P.S. 2: I still get terrified. Nothing has changed after so many bold decisions I took in my life. To great extent fear is innate to us. You will experience it each time your life gets CHANGED. Believe me, it will keep changing. 

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


10 time-tested ways to win over your enemies diplomatically?

10 ways to win over your enemies diplomatically?

In life one always has a fair idea of one’s foes. They are the people who are in search of opportunities to knock you down.

Here are few ways to deal with them diplomatically:

Win Over Enemies.

1. Never disclose your intentions.

Keep it exclusively to yourself your next move. Even don’t engage in back-biting your enemies. Let them have no idea of the fact that you know that they are acting against you.

2. Never act spontaneously.

Just as in life every moment we have a choice to take an action immediately, postpone it or even drop the idea of taking the action itself. Same goes with diplomacy. Whatever decision you take it must be a pre-thought action.

The incitements are often part of the diplomacy to incite you & your reaction to it may only harm you.

3. Become Superman.

The best way to beat your enemies is by becoming extremely stronger than them i.e Superman- undisputed winner.

You can achieve the same in the form of alliances or joining and becoming an active part of the influential groups.

Alternatively, you can also focus on becoming stronger individually.

“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting”. – Sun Tzu , The Art of War

You can only make the above quote by Sun Tzu a reality when you are way stronger than your enemies.

So, improve yourself. Become stronger with each passing day. One day you will reach a state where your enemies will discontinue being hostile towards you.

4. Act as if you are unaffected.

When your enemies try to harm you or malign your reputation then act as if you are unaffected by the incident.

Use symbol of power in your favour. Acting as if you don’t care often keeps your enemies at bay.

Acting in dissent or showing displeasure over their actions only motivates them to repeat such acts.

Try to focus on your work. Work-hard with focus for 14 hours each day. It helps you to negate the effects of your enemies acts against you. As long as you keep delivering overwhelming results your enemies stay demoralised.

5. When to attack?

As Guru Chanakya advices, “Till the enemy’s weakness is known, he should be kept on friendly terms”.

So, the best time to attack your enemies is when you are sure of their defeat & you know their weaknesses.

When you finally decide to attack then don’t be lenient in any way. Close the chapter of your enemy once & for all.

6. Be vigilant.

You must keep yourself updated about happenings in your enemies domain. It will be beneficial to you to reduce the damages and losses due to their lethal attack.

7. Use of meditator.

Some people who may come to sympathise you might in reality have a nexus with your enemies. So, be careful of the sympathisers. They are the sweet-poisons.

8. Use 3Ws against enemy.

Almost all men have the weakness of 3Ws i.e. Wine, Wealth & Women.

So, never hesitate to reap the benefits of these instruments to curb an attack on you by your enemies.

9. Never trust anyone blindly.

Often you must cross-check the people you are surrounded with. They live with you most of the times so they inherently have the potential to harm you the most.

Words never reveal true intentions. So, keep an eye on them. Let this process remain in continuation as usage of “wealth” by your enemy may even turn your close friends into conspirators.

10. Interact rarely.

You must avoid your enemies. Do not interact with them. They must never get an idea of how you think & act, your core philosophies, your close acquaintances, etc.

The best habit to inculcate is to talk about others in normal conversations. Try to exclude mentioning anything about yourself. Remember, less information about you means less lethal the attack & greater  possibility of your victory.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


The funny things about facebook.

Here are few funny observations about facebook:


1. People upload everything. 

By looking at posts of the people over fb you can figure out how many times they dine out, where they are travelling to, how they are feeling, etc. My brother even goes to an extent to call Facebook as a spying tool.

2. Humanity @ Facebook.

Humanity finds expression on Facebook because its difficult to be human in real life. Helping someone in real life is a tedious task. 

You can count yourself as a human-being by just being soft & warm in conversations over fb- yes bro, cool bro, highly inspiring, love you so much, thank you, Mr….ji honoured by your kind comment, etc.

Humanity over fb is a cheat. Don’t bet on it!

People love flaunting, chatting, talking about themselves- thanks to Facebook which allows them to fulfill their urge who otherwise would found it difficult to suppress their urges.

3. Myth of social capital. 

No one will stand besides you in hard-times except your true friends. Some consider Facebook as a social currency based on the assumptions of the number of comments & likes they receive on their status.

They forget to take into account the time they spend on fb to make that happen. It’s basically the principle of reciprocity. 

That is the result they obtain in the form of likes & comments is indicative of the likes & comments they did on others status & pics. So, its all virtual. Never get overwhelmed by them.

Usually only people who are doing great in real-life have real-fans following.

Try selling something on Facebook. The realities will hit you hard. 

4. The intellectuals.

Most youngsters feel they are the change sitting in front of computer & killing time on Facebook. Real change happens only when you do some serious work in real-life.

People after consuming misleading information, share & re-share it, reply to all comments on their status in the name of discussion. 

There is no real discussion among ill-informed. 

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


Eliminate mute spectators from your life.

There would be hard-times in your life. Times when you will struggle. Use this time as an opportunity to identify all the parasitic people in your life- the mute spectators & eliminate them.

You don’t need to wage wars against them. Just severe your ties with them over time.

Remember, time is the most valuable asset you have. You can use it to generate income, visit places, spend it with near & dear ones & to relax & rejuvenate yourself. You just need few quality people in your life to make it awesome.

Eliminate mute spectators_wiki

》Decline the requests.

They may request to meet you & may even try to sound more friendlier to you. But decline their requests humbly. Say you are busy working on some projects. Draw a line. Maintain a distance between you & them.
The core idea here is now what for? There should be no place to people in your life who only show up in the times of fortunes.

Have time exclusively only for time-tested friends. Rest your status should be BUSY.

》Avoid formalities.

Attending b’day parties, invitations to marriage ceremonies, etc. should be avoided.

There is no need to make an extra-effort for people for whom you stood by once & still they left you in bad times.

》Avoid making their reference.

Not even in your normal conversations they should find a mention.

It is futile to talk or discuss about them.

P. S. – keep only the men of actions with you who in times of adversities can stand firm & make vital instantaneous decisions as per the situations. 

Mute spectators do no good to you but eat away your asset of time. Be watchful of them!
With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


Why you must bleed at 21?

Possibly we all graduate at 21. It is the time when our eyes are gleaming with hopes & dreams.

It is the time when we just start our journey. Everything is possible for us RIGHT NOW.

It is the time when we are young & have that spark within us which we can utilise to turn impossible into a reality.
“ The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in combat”. –Richard Marcinko , Rogue Warrior

These four years from 21-25 are your training period. Choose voluntarily to bleed.

Few years after your graduation decide your course of life. It is hard to make sudden & big changes into your life after 25. So, you have this 4 year window where you can take most of the risks, work as hard as you want & fight for your dreams. 

The more you bleed in these 4 years, easier your life would be. If you successfully achieve something significant in the direction of your dreams in these years then there is great likelihood of fulfiling your dreams soon despite all the hurdles.

Muhammad Ali_wiki

》Protect your dreams.

Realising one’s dream is no cake walk. It requires hard-work, passion & perseverance. It is hard to protect your dreams, to keep them alive & to continue to fight for them.

P.S.- being young is a luxury. You can wake up early & work until late. You barely have any responsibilities upon you. Never in life you will have such a golden period of time. So, accelerate exponentially. 

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


How to have an extremely happy life?

​How to have an extremely happy life?

The genesis of misery in our life stems from believing that we will get the best of the best outcomes without putting our best efforts.

We often cease to be practical. We begin to believe each time that what was only possible for 1% of the people will happen to us as well.

Build your foundation_wiki

People who achieve extraordinary results undoubtedly have a strong foundation. This strong foundation coupled with hard-work & luck produces overwhelming results.

And how we take it?

We tend to believe it to be possible for us & that too in the shortest period of time. Ignoring the fact that it takes significant time to build foundational base. One can advance exponentially once one has built a sound foundation.

The results?

Hence, we don’t live up to the our expectations which results into prolonged sadness.

》Sometimes think beyond results.

It is better to judge your life with time as a yardstick rather than results.

Results are non-permanent. Your efforts will never yield only positive outcomes. You will have to engulf failures too. Situations will not be always in your favour.

But one thing is always in your control- to continually work on building a strong foundation. 

The results which you will get after you succeed in building a firm base is that results will be more sustained & will last-longer.

They will boost your confidence. This confidence will help you in directing your life towards being meaningful & satisfying. 

It will eventually make happiness an integral part of your life.

P.S. so focus on your foundations, results will follow.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


Review of “Knitted Tales: A collection of emotions” by Rubina Ramesh.

“Knitted Tales: A collection of emotions” by Rubina Ramesh

Review of “Knitted Tales: A collection of emotions” by Rubina Ramesh.

The “Knitted Tales” by Rubina Ramesh is a light read & at times you may feel that you are just flowing spontaneously & uninterrupted in the flow of cascade of events plotted by Rubina Ramesh. 

The stories in “Knitted Tales” are very touching. They deal with deep human emotions. Their endings are unpredictable. Some are shocking, others are painful, relieving & even motivating. 

In real sense stories don’t have an end as they stir up your emotions & therefore they become alive & find expression in your imaginations.
A Secret in Their Closet, Forgive Me, For I Have Sinned & SuvarnaRekha easily penetrate to the core of the heart.

#Funniest Part of the book:

“After a few exchanges of curses like ‘are you blind’, ‘ suver ke bacche’ and, the one which always grated her nerves, ‘behan ke take’, they managed to reach home”, from The Little Godmother.

#Best motivating line in “Knitted Tales”:

“One never knows who in life will teach you a small lesson”, from Chiclets.

The book sums up nearly all the emotions that we experience, may not be due to what’s happening in our lives but by seeing others struggling in their lives. 

The striking thing about the collection of stories is that they don’t seem to be penned by the same person. All stories are diametrically opposite in nature except carrying the essence of human emotions. So, it directly indicates to the great efforts put by Rubina Ramesh on drafting each story.

I rate the book as 4/5.

Grab your copy of “Knitted Tales” from the link below:


P.S. 1: The e-book ends with an announcement or better a good news for those who became a fan of Rubina Ramesh’s writings after reading “Knitted Tales”:

“Finding the Angel” by Rubina Ramesh

P.S. 2: kept 5 star rating reserved for 9th December 🙂

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


How to get respected?

As believed, to get what you want first you have to give it to others. It holds true to good extent in case of “respect” as well. Genuinely respect others & it will automatically come back to you.

》Do great in your profession.
People respect those who are the best of the best in their profession. They serve as an idol to others.

So, one of the best way is to be known for what you do.

(*though many people will be jealous of you as well. But you will also find some genuine admirers & fans too).



Sometimes, you just have to ignore to let people behave in a cordial manner. It may happen many a times that people might take you for granted. You have to ignore them in those situations. Do not reply. Let your performance & results be the only reply. 


If you make yourself available 24×7 you will lose your value. People stop valuing your time.

So, disappear sometimes to do the work that will bring glory to you.

Respect your time & make it understand to others as well.

》Don’t mentor idiots.

Be very careful with people whom you guide. Else they will malign your reputation. Few people are uncomfortable to accept their mistakes. Watch out! you might become the target.

》Have something. 

People who act as a magnet are those who have something. It could be knowledge, wealth, humbleness, happiness, etc.

If you are a happy-make-happy type of person, people will love to flock with you. 

》Be humble.

Never disrespect others. Be humble & to the ground. Don’t show off in terms of knowledge, wealth, beauty or anything else. Nothing could bring more genuine people to your life than being humble. 

》Give back to the society.

Help others to grow. It isn’t an exaggeration when I say, “Helping others is one of the best way to utilise your time”.

We all shall leave the Earth someday or the other but the hearts we touch, the work we do, the service we do to the humanity is immortal. 

With Great Love,
Er. Amit Yadav