How to get noticed?

You might be doing your work in oblivion.
May be you might be talented & your work might be at par with those who are famous. But still getting noticed for your work is necessary to grow exponentially.
It is when you get noticed- you receive more assignments, your work circle builds up, you get connected to other people making difference out there in the world, etc.

So, getting noticed is vital for your growth.

》Getting noticed

The best way to get noticed is through CONSISTENCY.
No matter if you are a blogger, music composer, artist or any other professional.
Just make sure you keep on practicing your art.
Just be consistent & relentless with your work.
You might be ignored once, twice, thrice but there is a limit.
Soon you will get noticed & your work shall be appreciated.
The good thing about consistency is that “You get noticed” & your art improves as you practice it relentlessly.
PS- Showcase your work. Treat it as an art. Post it on the social media networks & recieve feedbacks from friends. Bring requisite changes & master your art.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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