Act foolishly but deliver results. 

Act foolishly but deliver results. 

Most people around you are pleasure-seeking. So, the best way to make them dependent upon you is by “acting foolishly”. The louder they laugh, the better. Entertain them & they will admire you. They will enjoy your company & will do anything to remain in your company.

The story doesn’t ends here. You also need to deliver results (concrete results in career, relationships, health, wealth, etc.).

 Fun & results should go hand in hand. The only time you enjoy should be with others. When alone, work for your goals & deliver exceptional results. 

Some marvelous life-hacks:

~ since you enjoy with others (& not alone) , try to keep your life as simple as possible otherwise (no movie, no music, no net surfing for useless things, no TV, etc.) 

~ when alone think about the ways to escalate yourself to the next-level of success & implement it as soon as possible (you are NEVER TOO SUCCESSFUL TO NOT TO DESIRE ANOTHER SUCCESS!) 

~ you must have “something” that you can do while in the company of friends, travelling, chaos, when you don’t feel good,  etc. (it could be analysing others way of talking, their language, usage of funny words, body-language, extrapolating the conversations in your mind (usually focus on the consequences), re-visiting your past to gain more insights about life, etc. It will help you immensely in life. Everyone around you us telling a story based upon their experiences so learn from them. 

~ above all, have patience & don’t care about the end. Always focus on MEANS (as long as means are right, end will always be exciting & as desired in most cases). 

With Great Love, 

Er. Amit Yadav


How to save your time? 

How to save your time? 

Make commitments based on time & let them known to others. Having a fixed schedule helps you to remain disciplined in your life with respect to time.
Like- you would be going for a morning walk/jogging/exercising at early morning, you don’t go out or receive any phone call after 9 pm in night, you don’t meet anyone on Sunday (it is reserved for family), you don’t attend any function without timely invitation, etc. Sooner or later, people will respect your time-commitments. 

Some suggestions :

~ fix time for usage of social media (as minimal as possible) 

~ avoid chatting with unknown people (in fact, avoid chatting with anyone). Instead why not make a phone call? Real life is always more beautiful than the virtual world.

~ limit your usage of phone & internet (you will be amazed to see how much time you can save & how much more effective & productive you can be!) 

# Save the Date:

Schedule all your meetings, birthday parties, get-togethers, etc. Time is a very scarce resource & spending it without any consideration will deteriorate your career. Just as we manage our money, time management is very crucial for success in life. Relationships are important but you must have unlimited time for limited special people. Rest of the things can wait. 

With Great Love, 

Er. Amit Yadav

Never share your strengths & weaknesses. 

Never share your strengths & weaknesses.

Sharing your strengths can: 

~ make people around you jealous of you (*human nature) 

~ pose you as a threat to “big fish” in your area, so better not to invite such unwarranted troubles

~ always tell the minimised figures of your inherited  property, acquired property, bank balance, income, etc. By doing so you play safe. This allows you to work hard without inviting any criticism like “what’s the need to work hard?” 

~ never tell in detail about all your relationships in public (*some needs to be behind the veil) 

~ keep something for the thin days (unknown to others). It allows you to manage your affairs smoothly in lean days

Sharing your weaknesses : 

~ makes you vulnerable as your weaknesses could easily be used against you

~ you don’t become a laughing stock due to your weaknesses (although don’t mind them, have the strength to face them)

The less information available about you in public domain the better it would be. Your life would be simple & beyond much criticism, scrutiny & danger. The simple the life, better it is.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

How to keep long-term commitments? 

How to keep long-term commitments? 

You need a strong reason (aka strong WHY) to keep a long-term commitment. The incredible thing about life is that with passage of time, fake things will wither away. So, long-term commitment is possible only with real things. 

~ Love: only true love will withstand the test of time. Most relationships wither away with time as they are based on “need”. So, once the needs are fulfilled, there is no “requirement” to keep the relationships intact as they demand your time & resources. 

~ Goals: most people fail to achieve their long-term goals in life. It is not because they lack the talents or abilities but because they “fake” a strong reason to work-hard while they have none. Without a strong urge to succeed, one cannot achieve something big in life.

~ Understanding : one must have “deep understanding” of inner-self. One cannot fight odd battles in life without understanding of one’s true potential. People with only deep faith in one’s capabilities withstand the test of time.

You can fake in relationship to love someone for a week, month or so but it gets difficult after that. It becomes a burden & hence ends abruptly.

You cannot fake for long to stay dedicated for a goal you don’t believe in. 

In this way, life is incredible. Only “real things” pass the test of time. You need not to worry about life. In the end, only “good” is left. So, life acts as a filter, only “real” is going to stay. Hence, life is changing for good. Don’t be fearful of the change!

With Great Love, 

Er. Amit Yadav

Why you should work to protect your “individual goodwill”? 

Why you should work to protect your “individual goodwill”? 

Your goodwill in the society is a SOCIAL CAPITAL. You should always work hard to live up to your goodwill in the society. It takes years to build goodwill in the society but few minutes to destroy it. Your one-mistake could bring you an irreparable loss.

How to? 

~ be apolitical : never use social media to voice your political thoughts about a particular party (in power or opposition) until & unless you wish to join politics. The problem with airing your opinion & views is that you lose “goodwill” among a particular party supporters. Why to suffer such a loss? 

You should be Pro or Anti-party, only when you wish to enter into politics, else, mind your own business.

~ guard your reputation : always defend yourself against defamation. Defamation can do irreparable losses to you. You need not to go for legal remedies (as it will eat your time & resources) but you can use “societal support” in your favour. 

~ hardwork : be hardworking & known for your craft & what you do. Beyond this, you must also work hard to always bridge the gap between “what you say” & “what you do”. 

~ help others : this is the timeless wisdom. The more you help others, the more you increase your goodwill. Remember, social capital helps you in thin days.

Social Capital helps you:

– to borrow money in lean days of your life

– since, people trust you, so, your business will flourish. 

– to get help, when you require

Hence, goodwill acts like a security net (just like banks, insurance, etc.). Therefore, why not invest in it? 

With Great Love, 

Er. Amit Yadav

Don’t do anything for “hollow words”. 

Don’t do anything for “hollow words”. 

In a world where the word “love” is used very lightly & never in it’s true sense, avoid falling in the trap of words. 
~ don’t do anything because of hearing the sweet word “Thank You” 

~ don’t do anything to hear “Love You” 

If people love you, it will be reflected in their actions. Actions always speak louder than words. It needs no backing of Sweet-coated words. Sweet-coated words are only used to deceive you. So, be beware of such traps. Flattery is very dangerous. It is futile to waste time to “get in good books of others”. It doesn’t helps. 

Instead, do things because :

~ you love to

~ you are good at it

~ you want to make the best use of your time

~ you want to give “something to the world for no return”

At times, we get accustomed to hearing good about ourselves so much from others that we dare not to offend them. Between right & wrong, we need to choose RIGHT even if it means inviting some criticism. 

With Great Love,
Er. Amit Yadav

Bad people don’t exist.

Bad people don’t exist.

If you start associating yourself only with good people & distancing yourself from the bad ones, soon you will realise that only good people exist in your life. 

By choosing to associate yourself with people with integrity, you eliminate bad people from your life. Your environment is constructed by people around you. So, if you only allow good people in your life, then, your life will consist of only nice people.

Therefore, bad people don’t exist. It is upon us to choose to whom we wish to surround ourselves with.

#Bad people don’t exist :

~ if you choose to surround yourself with only good people

~ if you befriend only good people

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Do not expect “happy endings”. 

Do not expect “happy endings”. 

Life is complex & unpredictable. So, never expect it to yield perfect results. Life could be disastrous when it comes to end-results. Reality is in most cases different from the reel-life. It may not have a happy ending. 

Unhappy endings are much more common than happy ones – do not be swayed by the happy ending in your mind. -from 48 laws of power by Robert Greene. 

You may not end up:
~ becoming extremely rich in your life

~ being extremely successful

~ to witness the results of your efforts

~ getting a great life partner 

~ with a satisfactory life

~ with all your wishes & dreams come true

So, what you must do? 


~ with a not so good job

~ a little bit in relationships

~ with life

Life is beautiful when we accept it the way it is. You must make interventions to make it more beautiful but not always. You can never fulfill all what you wish for (because we have too many wishes) so it is better to cut off some of our wishes & desires. 

With Great Love, 

Er. Amit Yadav

Why you must have “few dreams & desires”? 

Why you must have “few dreams & desires”? 

No matter who you are & to what level you rise in your life, all your wants, wishes & dreams can never be fulfilled. So, at least keep your life simple by focusing on few most important dreams & desires. 

Make it a habit to eliminate your unnecessary desires & wants.


~ if you have lesser wants, you can rest & enjoy your life in true sense. 

~ you can take care of your close relatives easily

~ you can work continously for “your few dreams” instead of getting swayed away from the right path to adjust simultaneously in two boats 

~ you have more time than others as you need not to work late hours (to make more money in order to have a lavish lifestyle)

~ more freedom to you in terms of availability of choices (as you have more time, less money requirement)

~ you can take greater risk (as you are not afraid to lose money/capital) 

~ discipline is the key to great success in life. Choose to enjoy BIG SUCCESSES in life & sacrifice others in lieu of it. Focus on QUALITY over quantity

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Why you should not employ your friend in your start-up? 

Why you should not employ your friend in your start-up? 

Friends may be good for partnership in business due to better mutual understanding but may not prove to be nice employees for you because:
1. Friends do not offend you: usually friends choose not to offend you so you don’t get to see their true nature. This is also the reason why you don’t get “genuine feedbacks” from them. They will always be positive when they offer you feedback.

But when you employ friends, slowly & gradually you get to see their true nature. In the long-term, it friendship will fade away.

2. Deserving : always choose the deserving when you have to employ anyone in your start-up. Friendship should never be the criteria for employment. Not only it lowers the efficiency & productivity of your start-up but also hampers growth & innovation.

3. Keep friends for friendship: and look for the most competent & talented people for business & other purposes. Let friends be for friendship (who can help you in your lean days & vice-versa).

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav