Why you should work to protect your “individual goodwill”? 

Why you should work to protect your “individual goodwill”? 

Your goodwill in the society is a SOCIAL CAPITAL. You should always work hard to live up to your goodwill in the society. It takes years to build goodwill in the society but few minutes to destroy it. Your one-mistake could bring you an irreparable loss.

How to? 

~ be apolitical : never use social media to voice your political thoughts about a particular party (in power or opposition) until & unless you wish to join politics. The problem with airing your opinion & views is that you lose “goodwill” among a particular party supporters. Why to suffer such a loss? 

You should be Pro or Anti-party, only when you wish to enter into politics, else, mind your own business.

~ guard your reputation : always defend yourself against defamation. Defamation can do irreparable losses to you. You need not to go for legal remedies (as it will eat your time & resources) but you can use “societal support” in your favour. 

~ hardwork : be hardworking & known for your craft & what you do. Beyond this, you must also work hard to always bridge the gap between “what you say” & “what you do”. 

~ help others : this is the timeless wisdom. The more you help others, the more you increase your goodwill. Remember, social capital helps you in thin days.

Social Capital helps you:

– to borrow money in lean days of your life

– since, people trust you, so, your business will flourish. 

– to get help, when you require

Hence, goodwill acts like a security net (just like banks, insurance, etc.). Therefore, why not invest in it? 

With Great Love, 

Er. Amit Yadav



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