Don’t do anything for “hollow words”. 

Don’t do anything for “hollow words”. 

In a world where the word “love” is used very lightly & never in it’s true sense, avoid falling in the trap of words. 
~ don’t do anything because of hearing the sweet word “Thank You” 

~ don’t do anything to hear “Love You” 

If people love you, it will be reflected in their actions. Actions always speak louder than words. It needs no backing of Sweet-coated words. Sweet-coated words are only used to deceive you. So, be beware of such traps. Flattery is very dangerous. It is futile to waste time to “get in good books of others”. It doesn’t helps. 

Instead, do things because :

~ you love to

~ you are good at it

~ you want to make the best use of your time

~ you want to give “something to the world for no return”

At times, we get accustomed to hearing good about ourselves so much from others that we dare not to offend them. Between right & wrong, we need to choose RIGHT even if it means inviting some criticism. 

With Great Love,
Er. Amit Yadav


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