Why you must have “few dreams & desires”? 

Why you must have “few dreams & desires”? 

No matter who you are & to what level you rise in your life, all your wants, wishes & dreams can never be fulfilled. So, at least keep your life simple by focusing on few most important dreams & desires. 

Make it a habit to eliminate your unnecessary desires & wants.


~ if you have lesser wants, you can rest & enjoy your life in true sense. 

~ you can take care of your close relatives easily

~ you can work continously for “your few dreams” instead of getting swayed away from the right path to adjust simultaneously in two boats 

~ you have more time than others as you need not to work late hours (to make more money in order to have a lavish lifestyle)

~ more freedom to you in terms of availability of choices (as you have more time, less money requirement)

~ you can take greater risk (as you are not afraid to lose money/capital) 

~ discipline is the key to great success in life. Choose to enjoy BIG SUCCESSES in life & sacrifice others in lieu of it. Focus on QUALITY over quantity

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav



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