Do not expect “happy endings”. 

Do not expect “happy endings”. 

Life is complex & unpredictable. So, never expect it to yield perfect results. Life could be disastrous when it comes to end-results. Reality is in most cases different from the reel-life. It may not have a happy ending. 

Unhappy endings are much more common than happy ones – do not be swayed by the happy ending in your mind. -from 48 laws of power by Robert Greene. 

You may not end up:
~ becoming extremely rich in your life

~ being extremely successful

~ to witness the results of your efforts

~ getting a great life partner 

~ with a satisfactory life

~ with all your wishes & dreams come true

So, what you must do? 


~ with a not so good job

~ a little bit in relationships

~ with life

Life is beautiful when we accept it the way it is. You must make interventions to make it more beautiful but not always. You can never fulfill all what you wish for (because we have too many wishes) so it is better to cut off some of our wishes & desires. 

With Great Love, 

Er. Amit Yadav


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