How to achieve greatness? 

How to achieve greatness? 

The surest way is by building great habits

The best time is early 20s. Once you have installed great habits, greatness comes automatically to you.

Great habits you should work on developing in you:

~ Listening (always try to understand others perspective as well, most often they are right!) 

~ Hardworking (greatness demands hardwork, 100%, have no doubt about it) 

~ Will-power (to rise again each time you fail, to put efforts for larger than life goals which majority perceive as impossible) 

~ Forgiveness (focus on goals & dreams. Forget about people sometimes, especially, if they do bad to you) 

~ Love (madness is necessary for paramount goals) 

~ Humbleness (be kind & generous to others, especially, as you rise) 

~ Risk (accept that when you work hard, you will get something out of it. Efforts never go waste. Take adequate risks in life. The harder it gets, the better!) 

~ Integrity, etc. 

The list is ENDLESS. Why? 

Because not all are going to achieve greatness. Only RARE FEW will. So, the only way is to compete with your own self. 

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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