Rich-mentality is a myth. 

Rich-mentality is a myth.

The fact is that  “most people born into poverty will die into poverty”. Just as most people born into a rich family end up maintaining the status quo. 

There is no thing like “rich-mentality” or a part of wisdom that is unknown to all except the rich people aka a secret known only to few. 

The reasons being:

~ access to opportunities : the job market is shrinking & the level of expertise needed to get a high-paying job itself involves spending huge “resources” aka money. Undoubtedly, access to better education, exposure, links, guidance & mentorship,  etc. is easily available to those with resources. 

~ equality of opportunity : doesn’t works in letter & spirit. Without a solid foundational education, it is very difficult to compete with those who are equipped with better educational facilities.

~ the past: poor & downtrodden don’t have anything to receive in inheritance. Neither material things nor any informational advantage. Moreover, many inherit successful businesses. It is very difficult to create a successful business from zero these days.

It is very difficult to come out from the vicious cycle of poverty without 

~ access to education (it becomes difficult to understand businesses, get a job, innovate something, etc.)

~ access to affordable health care (two-third of the people above the poverty line slip into poverty after encountering single health emergency in their life)

~ access to opportunities (most opportunities are seized by people who have grown in better environment & support & thereby leaving very few opportunities for the common people) 

Hence, very miniscule number of people are able to come out of the viscous cycle of poverty.

PS: we usually don’t come across those people who had toiled hard but still could not come out of the poverty. They couldn’t fulfil their dreams. But surely they deserved. Respect. 

With Great Love, 

Er. Amit Yadav


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