How to grow amidst growing uncertainties? 

How to grow amidst growing uncertainties?

Life is becoming more & more complex with each passing day. Uncertainties are growing in every sphere of life be it relationships, career, business or health. 

The best way to maintain a good lifestyle is by pegging the threshold of your expenses. Beyond that, everything must be put in investments. 

~ whenever you get a promotion or a raise in salary, don’t increase your expenses. Continue to maintain the same standard of living. Save more to invest more.

~ stay away from partying. Party only when you are really very happy. You invest not only money but also your time in partying. Time is an asset especially when you are young. 

~ the money you save & invest will be helpful to you in case you are terminated from the job, when you make a switch to a new industry or when you venture out on your own into something. 

~ maintain a low-profile. Don’t be extravagant in your spendings. Live a normal life. 

~ your should spend well only on food & gaining knowledge. Rest everything is a luxury & not much essential to live a happy & contented life.

You can sail easily through the uncertainties of life if you “live well within your means”. You will surely land up into trouble if you increase your wants.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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