How to get what you expect in 3 years in just 6 months?

How to get what you expect in 3 years in just 6 months?

We all are prone to procrastination. Most of the time in life we are not in mission mode to accomplish our goals. We don’t put our best of the best efforts & hence fail to achieve the best results.

Ramdhari Singh “Dinkar”

It is possible to achieve what you could in next 3 years in just 6 months if you “put efforts as if you were in battlefield”.

In words of Ramdhaari “Dinkar”, 

“Yachna Nahi, Ab Rann Hoga,

Jivan Jay- ya Ki Maran Hoga”.

Take up any thing that you believe would take 2-3 years of time, work for it as if you are in war & what is at stake is “life itself”. You will achieve far more than you could possibly think of.

The results obtained will be phenomenal.

× you must work as if your life is at stake for something you truly believe in, possibly in every few years. It will make you strong from within.

× it will be pivotal in achieving your dreams.

× your life will be more adventurous & rewarding.

This technique works because we waste too much time in procrastination & on things that really don’t fall in our list of priorities.

Don’t worry if results don’t show up. Just repeat the process. In battlefield anything can happen. Life itself is a battle. Your last efforts till the end means a lot. So, give your best in the battlefield of life, don’t settle.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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