The nature of advice you must give.

The nature of advice you must give.

“2 cents”.

It should be very brief. It could look like:

In my opinion,…………

However, you can look for other options & can also go by what you truly feel.

After that dissociate yourself from giving further advice. Why so:

– a person to whom you render advice is free to accept or reject it

your time is precious. You will meet many “time-wasters” who hide themselves under the coat of seeking advice for ulterior motives. So, take that also into consideration.

– most people are not self-motivated & hence, even if people seeking your advice agree with you will fail in implementation

– you can save your energy & time & can at least “implement what you truly believe in” as there is no confusion over it.

Avoid giving advice to people who come to you without doing their homework. Or you can direct them to read some books & then come back to you, if need be. Is it being harsh? 

No. Surely not if you value your time. You cannot “start from zero until & unless the other person is very special to you”. Coming prepared could be a sign of being special.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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