Why you must believe in love? 

Why you must believe in love? 

Niccolo Machiavelli emphasised on understanding the empirical reality of human behaviour. Man is essentially self-interested & self-regarding. But it is true only for people in normal circumstances. 

In case of passions~ love or hatred, the behaviour of people is different. As Brian R. Nelson put it:

“Hatred transports people outside of themselves & causes them not to calculate their self-interest. People who hate are willing to sacrifice even their lives to gain revenge”.

The same applies to a person motivated by love. 

¬ He may not be self-centred & may not always look for profits or gains. 

¬ He would display the quality of sacrifice for the people he loves. 

¬ He will go to any length to secure comfort of loved one’s. 

¬ He may, in general, ne helpful to all. 

¬ He may accept undergoing “pain” for the good of the society. 

But such “good people” may go back to what Machiavelli called “human behaviour”- self-interest, because it is hard to not to except anything in return when you make so many sacrifices for others. One feels what’s the point in being so good when people don’t give a damn to it & continue to be evil towards you?
But for a short-time, when people act in love, it is Heaven on Earth for that period of time.

With Great Love, 

Er. Amit Yadav


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