Why now is the right time to plan year 2018?

Why now is the right time to plan year 2018? 

We are approximately in mid of the year 2017. After 6 months, New Year 2018 will begin. While it may seem far off from now but we’ll be there very soon. So, we must have a plan to make our year 2018 a rockstar year. Here are few tips:

¬ Goals: Right down your goals for year 2018. Integrate it with your current plans so that you have a smooth transition to new year. 

¬ Income: You have 6+12 months i.e. 18 months. So, at least aim to “double your income” or “create a source of passive income” in next 18 months. It is all possible. You just have to LEARN MASSIVELY. 

¬  New Connections: 100+

Connections play a vital role in our lives. At least meet 100+ new like minded people by the end of 2018.

¬ Take a freelance project: now matter how busy you might be, take at least 1 freelance project to make the best use of your weekends. 

¬ Subscribe to an online course: learn something that you find interesting. If you find political science close to your heart then do read about Western Political Thoughts. It will be highly beneficial in coming days.

Be in motion for next 18 months, even if in the end everything cancels out. Who said you have to reach somewhere in life? Be always in transition phase. From one point to another.

With Great Love, 

Er. Amit Yadav



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