Why every hardworker succeeds in the long run? 

Why every hardworker succeeds in the long run? 

Because “all labels/tags” lose their value with time. The reason is simple, surely graduating from a reputed & well-known college helps you a lot in your career but:

¬ if you cleared CAT it means that you are good at Quant, Reasoning, English, etc. but except English other things might not be very essential in real life until you decide to open a coaching centre for CAT preparation (*also Hindi, Tamil, Telugu…. speaking people who have minimal knowledge of English do come up with extraordinary results in life). 

¬ if you cleared IIT-JEE it means that you are good in sciences (esp. PCM) & it will not be very beneficial to you in your life ahead until you decide to stick with science & technology ahead i.e. going for M. Tech /MS/Ph.D

Hence, with time we usually “use little of what we learn” as we change industries or careers. 

So, why hardworkers succeed :

¬ no one is sleeping: people who are in TIER-III colleges also work hard. In life, there is a place for everyone to succeed & not just for engineers or management guys; writers, journalists, film-makers, entrepreneurs, bloggers, thought-leaders, historians, social workers, sportsperson, lawyers, etc. also succeed massively. 

¬ everything can be learned : from coding to communication skills, so, even if one learns the needful in later stage of life, success is inevitable for him/her. 
¬ everyone has an edge: while an engineer might be good at coding, lawyer is at advantageous position when it comes to law of the land. So, in the long run, edge factor balances out if not mastered. 

¬ life is BIG: while someone might have grabbed the opportunities very early in life but some catch them later. 

So, a hardworker who is willing to learn & shows strong determination will succeed irrespective of the circumstances that surround him.

With Great Love, 

Er. Amit Yadav



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