Why you should have “simple relationships” with others? 

Why you should have “simple relationships” with others? 

Usually we complicate the relationships with others by holding grudges, hating them, having arguments with them, etc. 
It affects our lives to a great extent but it usually goes unnoticed. Like, when you see X person, you feel like punching him, something negative takes you over. So, cultivate the habit to pursue simple relationships with others:

¬ you will not see most people on daily-basis, so have a simple relationship with them. You will meet them for a very short period of time, so, be nice & helpful to them. 

¬ don’t gossip. It is counter-productive. Not only it wastes your time but also it brings no change in the behaviour of  the other person. So, avoid commenting “negatively” on others behind their back. 

¬ be honest. Honesty is the best policy (*yes still). We don’t trust all, don’t we? And our behaviour is different to people whom we trust, like being more helpful to those we trust. 

¬ usually prefer to behave as a professional “when in doubt”. Replicate what others might be doing at that point of time. 

Strictly avoid:

¬ Holding grudges. 

¬ Making unrealistic promises. 

¬ Giving undue favours (*always spot the deserving). 

¬ Explaining why you did something again and again (*explain just once, it is on others to believe in you or not). 

¬ Finding something called “love”. 

With Great Love, 

Er. Amit Yadav



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