Unfair advantage that UPSC aspirants have over others? 

Unfair advantage that UPSC aspirants have over others? 

There is no dearth of opportunities for serious UPSC aspirants. They shall rock wherever they go that’s why used to term “unfair advantage” though there is nothing unfair about it as it is sheer hardwork.

> Post- graduation: going for post-graduation in your optional subject is very useful. It only complements your preparation. If possible, do apply for part-time PG from IGNOU as the syllabus is also similar to as that of UPSC. You can easily crack UGC-NET for lecturership. It opens up new avenues for you as a lecturer/Assistant Professor. 

> Interview: no matter for what post you apply for, it is always possible that “interviewer may ask you questions related to current affairs”. For others it may become problematic/troublesome but for you it will be scoring. 

> RBI Grade B Officer: prelims is just like banking so no advantage to you in prelims. But in mains you can score well in Economics & GA. 

> Technical Exams: many technical exams have 50% non-tech syllabus so even if you are not very good at technical portion, you can still find your name in final list of selected candidates.

> English: you may never study grammar but due to your habit of reading newspaper daily will improve your English greatly. So, you will be able to attempt even questions of English in competitive examinations with 80% or above accuracy. 

> State Services: they follow different pattern than UPSC as most questions are fact & memory based. But still, syllabus is same so “you can score well in State PSC exams as well”.

> Personality: one gets better at reasoning & conter-balancing the arguments. One also gets good at analysis situations, social impact, problem analysis, finding possible solutions, etc. Such ability is highly valuable in life as well. It shapes you personality. Slowly & gradually, your thinking differs from majority. You become more rational, humble & forgiving.

So, all in all, hardwork never goes in vain. It get reflected in our personality & how we look at life at large.

With Great Love, 

Er. Amit Yadav



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