The best advice for content strategists ever. 

The best advice for content strategists ever. 

Write unrealistic articles. Yes, you heard it right. No one wants to read “real stuff”. 

“How to clear an examination in 3 months” will attract more views than a post on how to come up with flying colors in the same examination in 2 years. 

How to get rich in 1 year will attract more attention from the readers community than “getting rich in 10 years”. 

Though in real life such “exceptional things happen” as people do clear exams in very less time or get rich in no time. But that is the case with only 1-2% of the people (*anything can happen on a good day) . Hence, quite unrealistic.

Everyone is trying to find a shortcut, the easier way out. So, unrealistic articles have great appeal among the masses.

¬ that is why “Law of Attraction” has popularity. People want to hear that “miracles do take place”. 

¬ a political leader who says “he can change the shape of economy in few months” will garner more votes than a leader who doesn’t promises tall claims. 

¬ people do not want to read “real stuff”, they want to read stories of “1-2% people who got lucky”. 

What you need to do? 

> write about truth & practicality for 80-90% of the times. 
> In between, put “unrealistic posts”. 

Maintain a balance between realistic & unrealistic posts. 

Unrealistic posts do sometimes uplift people by convincing them that their dreams are possible & ushers them to take the first step. 

With Great Love, 

Er. Amit Yadav


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